Dec 18, 2013

Thursday 12.19.13

1) Strength
15 minutes to establish a 1RM Squat Clean

For time (25 min cap):
9-6-3 of:
   Clean & Jerk (80% of 1RM)
Then, 3 rounds of:
   20 Wallballs (20/14)
   10 Pistols

3) Skill
Handstand Walks: Accumulate 1 length of the Bubble (~30m)

4) Accessory
4 x 6 GHD Hamstring Curls

Post loads and results to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to start Strength work at these times)

REMINDER -- Snatch Clinic at 1130-1300 Thursday!

Strength.  For those of you who competed in the Iron Major competition I want you to go out and beat the weight you successfully completed at that event. We are going to be doing lots of heavy C&Js so pull your squat clean barbell on the floor next to the rigs to save time.

METCON.  This workout consists of two parts that immediately follow each other. First, perform a 9-6-3 rep scheme of C&J and muscle-ups.  Everyone’s barbell will be loaded differently for this first part.  Then, after finishing the last 3x MU, immediately move on to 3 rounds of 20 Wallballs & 10 Pistols.

Scaling.  For the first part, standard sub of 2:1 pullups and dips for MU.  Scale further if needed by reducing the overall rep scheme.  Options for pistols in the second part below, if you need more help with pistol (or any) scaling options grab a Level 1:
  • Scale option 1: Pistols on top of a box. 
  • Scale option 2: Pistols grabbing a bar/band. 
  • Scale option 3: Rolling up into a pistol. 
Deconflict Heat 1 by available ring/pullup stations.  Subsequent heats can start the METCON as soon as the previous heat is finished with their C&J/MU portion. C&Js are meant to be heavy. You may not be able to touch-and-go repetitions and that is completely fine and intended. The first portion of this workout will take much longer than the second portion. 

Skill. Yes, of course handstand walks will be in a future METCON next week! Let’s get to practicing these so next week you’ll be more comfortable. 

Accessory. Grab a heavier bumper plate than you used last Tuesday. The repetitions are lowered so you can add weight. Grab a 10#, 15#, or 25# if you’re feeling squirrelly. 

Today’s KPPs
  • Fast Elbows! The key to catching the barbell in a good squat position is having fast elbows. Once the barbell is caught, don’t let your elbows drop coming out of the hole. Keep them high. 
  • Don’t shorten your 2nd pull in an effort to catch the barbell in a squat. Take advantage of the FULL 2nd pull. This will allow you to load the barbell and PR.


Sam Friend said...

23:32 Rx at 155.
I finally Rx'd a MU workout. I did it one at a time with good rest in between, but still Rx. Sadly ripped both wrists on the set of 3. I need to learn to do them without the false grip.
200 is still out of reach on my cleans. It has to be mental, because I get it on the rack seemingly easy enough.
5-6 feet is roughly the max I got on handstand walks. I keep telling myself it's just like a press overhead... Core tight, active shoulders...
Good WOD!

Jacob Heppner said...

Congrats to Sam on those lovely MU! Also welcome to Judson, Pitt State student with us for Christmas Break.

24.51 Rx at 275#. Time Cap was like the Jaws soundtrack trying to catch me.

Sam, come grab me one morning and we will work on MU w/o a false grip. Requires a more violent kip, but it shouldn't be to much of an issue for you.

Ross said...


Squat Cleans 1x @ 135, 155, 175, 185, 195, 205, 215, 215, 215

performed with
C&J @ 185
Bar MU
Scaled Pistols using 12 in bench
Time 14:21

Jimmy Chen said...

Alright, Sam!! Excellent job on the MUs.

For us "travel WOD" folks, I did a relatively modest 5'47" finish. Nothing like a 10! WOD to get you ready for the day!

Allan Jackman said...

Travel WOD at 5:44 after running about 2.8 miles.

Roger Wang said...

21:00 Rx
I finally finished one of Jacob's workouts as Rx!

Scott S said...

Congrats Roger, that really is awesome, especially since this one eluded me as Pistols are still not in my bag of tricks.

The 9-6-3 also took me longer than planned, did it with 185 as Rick was doing it too. I was hoping to chase him for my pacing....then he reminded me that he is Rick and I am Scott as he sailed away rd after rd and I watched...

Pistols for me are lowering down until I fall onto my butt, then roll back thinking why does this always happen, roll forward to stand into pistol and then repeat. Dammit, another GOAT to figure out.

Snatch clinic was great. Mark - thanks for the guidance on the 3 position pause and the other warm-ups. I'm going to try to integrate them into my daily warm-up in the hopes of becoming better. Don't know if I have your paitence for 'Mastery of the Barbell' but will try.

Scott S said...

Ah, to you as well Sam! I watched your pistols and thought they seemed painful, well done, you rock!

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Squat Clean 1RM = 185lb (new PR for squat clean!)

WOD: (executed at Globo...)
22:54 @ 165lb (C&J 1RM ~205lb)
*subbed 1:1 burpee pullups ILO MUs
**scaled pistols with TRX @ 10x ea.

Recovery then Cub Scots!

Noah said...

After two weeks in the land of the morning calm it was good to see the Bubble again (and the new rowers!).
18:15 with 125# C&J and band assist on the pistols. Legs were just shot by the time the pistols came around.

Noah said...

Oh, and 180 on the cleans. Don't think I've ever worked a 1RM of squat cleans, good to knock that out. Failed at 190 twice, got stuck in the hole and couldn't get out of it.

Andy said...

Welcome back, Noah! Thanks Mark -- good clinic today. Lots of new stuff to work into warmup and skill work.

Hatch 3/2
HBBS 10x155-175, 8x185-195
FS 5x135-145-155-155

Followup from the opinions on transfer (or lack of) of OHS to snatch, 2 articles here: