Dec 11, 2013

Thursday 12.12.13

1) Strength
15 minutes to establish a OHS 3 RM

For time (20 min cap):
100 Burpees
E2MOM perform 2 x SQT CLN
(choose one of the following weight tiers)
     A: 275/185  
     B: 225/155
     C: 185/135
     D: 135/95
3) Skill
3 x ME sets of T2B

4) Accessory
3 x 10 Good mornings (add 10-30 lbs to last week's)
Post loads / results to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to start Strength work at these times)

Strength.  The easiest way to get the barbell to the overhead position, in a snatch grip, is to….go figure...snatch.  Now I realize that this may not be possible, everyone may not be able to snatch their 3RM OHS weight.  I am one of them.  The next best way is to take the barbell from a squat rack onto your back in a snatch grip (bar will be ~6” above your head), then perform a snatch push press.  Don’t Rush This!  Here is an example of a Snatch Push Press.  Additional notes:
  • Keep the chest and head tight and look forward on the way down and up.  Don’t fall in the trap of looking down on your way down, you’ll find that your barbell will not travel in a straight line and you’ll lose it in front of you.  Focus on a point slightly above your line of sight. 
  • Stabilize in the hole. Don’t rush out of the bottom too quickly. This will minimize the possibility of losing the bar.
METCON.  Simple workout with only two movements: burpees and squat cleans. Every two minutes, including the 0:00 minute, athletes will perform two repetitions of heavy squat cleans at the specified weight.  Squat clean implies you must catch the weight below parallel (hip crease below the knee).  If this is not possible, perform a power clean followed by a front squat.  Following completion of two cleans, athletes then perform as many burpees as possible until the next 2-minute mark. The goal is to complete 100 total burpees as quickly as possible.  Pay attention:
  • Because we have such a wide range of athletes, there are four recommended weight options.  Choose one, stick with it, and when you post results to the board/blog specify the load used.   
  • How to choose a weight class?  You should be UNABLE to accomplish two consecutive squat clean reps.  The load should be heavy enough to require a squat clean, reset, squat clean.  A good point of reference is choosing a load closest to 85% of your 1RM Clean.  
Skill.  Hip flexors will probably be very tight after this METCON due to being opened and closed quickly for burpees and explosively for squat cleans. Stretch and roll as necessary before starting these three maximal effort sets.  Rest as needed between sets, ~2 minutes.   Review the video for a good refresher on toes to bar.

Accessory.  Last time we supposedly did good mornings was the 5th, though the Bubble was closed and most of us migrated to Gruber.  This time, add some weight on the barbell: 5’s, 10’s, or both.   I’ve lowered the reps some with this in mind.  Don’t loosen your lower back when performing this movement.  Keep the back tight and lower yourself until you cannot go any further without sacrificing form.  Your “hammies” should be flexed at this point.  Revisit last week's demo here.
Today’s KPPs:
  • Adequately warm up the OH postion beforehand.  Get warm/loose, then lots of PVC and squat stretching.
  • “Press into the bar” – as you descend into the OHS keep pressing into the bar, keeping the elbows locked out and the bar locked out overhead.  Think about constantly lifting/pushing the weight, never just holding it.
  • Recall Tuesday’s METCON. The key here is Pace.  Go in with a plan, a set number of burpees you can accomplish each round to successfully knock this out.  Don’t underestimate yourself!  Shoot for at least 15-20 reps in the remaining time after your cleans.


Sam Friend said...

I happen to have done both 1 and 2 earlier this week due to dumb luck and knowing I would miss Thursday for an appointment. Maybe you can learn from my struggles... or just laugh.
I worked my OHS on Monday up to a new 1RM of 170, but did 3 at 155 just before that.
On Wednesday, I did the 100 Burpee Challenge, but didn't know about the different weight schemes for Sqt Cleans. I started with 165 at Go. At the 2 min mark failed a couple cleans then regrouped and got them. Jim noticed my struggles and offered to unload my bar to 135 while I continued my Burpees. Thank you! I finished with a time of 7:56.
I was surprised at the toll those Burpees took on my ability to Squat Clean. With Susan's coaching, I have worked long sessions of squat cleans at 80 to 95% of my max and thought 8 reps would be well within my ability at a moderate weight like 165. It got heavy really fast. My legs were on fire!

Allan Jackman said...

2RM OHS at 145, felt like I could go heavier, but working on the balance. Congrats to John, his PR went from 95 to 145.

METCON: 11:38 at 185lbs. Had about 2 or 3 failed reps, after the burpees. Definitely agree with Sam on how the burpees affect the leg's during the sqt clns.

T2B 20-20

Jacob Heppner said...

3 RM OHS 245#

METCON: 9.30 @ 275#. Back and legs did not enjoy this workout.

I will now sit at my desk in absolute "sore-ness"

Ross said...


Woke up late and had to hurry through today...

3RM OHS 185

MetCon @ 185, time 7:45
Thought 185 was going to be too light, but knew 225 was too heavy, glad I stuck too 185 and didn't try anything heavier, it was plenty heavy, hell it was very heavy after the first Rd of burpees...

Scott S said...

So I really debated the weight on this WOD. Not doing OHS for my shoulders safety, I thought I should go heavier. 85% would be 210ish, so 225 might be too heavy, but 185 likely too light. So like any good male CFer, I thought, heck I should go heavy and just deal with it, won't be that bad (you'd think after 5 years you'd start to realize that it's always that bad).

And not heeding Sams warnings or advice from fellow athletes, I went with 225...for round 1 and then failed twice on rd 2 and dropped to 185. Wish I would have just set up at 205-210 from the get go, although 185 I felt great on the movement, and it did get heavy.

On the positive, I like how this WOD made me think so much about the cleans that somehow 100 burpees just happened and as I was on my last set I was surprised to be wiping away my last marks on the white board to complete it. I kept a slow steady pace though, I think I did 25 first round, then sets of 15-20, with my big break changing weights during rd 2.

Sad to see all the winter class athletes go. I have to say that this years group has been great, I really enjoy all the regulars in the morning. I would pay to attend this gym with this group if this were at another location. Truly a great military CF community.

Adam Thompson said...

OHS 210
225 failed on the third rep.

9:51 @ 225

Watch a really good podcast yesterday on pacing that helped a lot with today's workout.

Ran out of time for the skill work. I am really liking these penalty style WODs. Makes you think about your plan and push hard when needed.

Dan R. said...

2 RM OHS at 115. Trying to really focus on good form with weights.

METCON was 8:00 @ #135. Again, did not want to do heavier weight with bad form.

3x8 good mornings @ #75.

My quads still feel terrible from Tuesday. Did some light rowing afterward to work on soreness.

Andy said...

Hatch 2/2
HBBS 10x155, 8x175-185-195
FS 5x135-145-155-155

Felt easy today, wanted to add plates but working within the system. Then again, I did so much yapping this AM it took me almost 45 mins to complete.

Missed skill/accessory. Save it for later.

Russ Ames said...

OHS at 105. Could have gone heavier, but patience is a virtue.

WOD = 9:19 at 135#....max Clean is 165... no reason to fool myself that I'm squat cleaning that, let alone with Burpees in there.

Susan Friend said...

3RM OHS at 155

I probably could have done a set of 3 at 165, but after nearly crushing the guys behind me with a bad jerk, I decided to save beast mode for another day.

11:29 on the WOD using 135 lbs. I was surprised by how much the burpees affected my ability to clean the weight. My form went south pretty quickly.

I agree with Scott that we've got a pretty awesome group right now. I will be sad to see the winter class leave.

EJ Gust said...

I tweaked my elbow while doing OHS yesterday with 135 lbs and decided not to push it. It was feeling good enough today to complete the METCON.

7:46 w/185#

Have a great weekend everyone!