Dec 4, 2013

Thursday 12.05.13

It's not THAT cold.
Group WOD (see notes):

1) Conditioning.
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of:
   Tuck jumps
50m Shuttle run between rounds

Individual work:

2) Strength.
5x7 Back Squat (75% of 1RM)

3) Accessory Work
3 x 10 Good Mornings (or 5 x 10 Supermans)

Post times and loads to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes.

Single start time at 0600 today.  Linkup in the library/Eisenhower Hall parking lot, next to the pond.  We'll hop out of cars at 0550, do a quick explanation, a warmup lap and get right to it.

We know this Bubble closure is rocking your world.  Let's circle the wagons and do a single mass start tomorrow for a quick hitting, keep-you-moving type METCON.  YUP, GONNA BE A BIT COLD.  Dress warm and in layers you can shed.  If you have a sleeping mat or something similar for V-ups, but they are not hard on your lower back.

WOD is "for time, sort of."  Goal is to work hard with no rest, with perfect reps of tuck jumps (knees to chest) and V-ups (controlled raise, hard contraction at the top).  Don't flop through them just to get it done.  Quick starts and changes of direction on the shuttles.  Work your agility and acceleration, we don't do it enough.

Strength and Accessory work is on your own.  Duck in to Gruber if you have time right afterward, or sneak it in later.
  • Strength. Same as Monday, but  more sets, less reps at a slightly higher load.  These are straight sets at 75%, gauge off of Monday's work and adjust as needed -- especially if your 1RM estimate was a little squishy.  
  • Accessory Work.  Reminder, T/R we are targeting the posterior chain with some additional exercises that will transfer over to our squat and Oly work.  If you're not familiar with good mornings, start with a warmup set on an empty bar to feel things out. Then, three progressive sets adding weight in small increments for working sets.  Check out the video demonstration here.  If you can't get to a gym, sub supermans at home.  Slow and deliberate, pause at the top.

HEADS UP -- we have Gruber gym b-ball court reserved tomorrow 0545-0630 for Team WOD.  See you there, where it's toasty and warm.


Tina Kracke said...

Couldn't make it in this morning (and can't do jump throughs yet) so did the following from
10 Front squat (45#)
20 Situps
30 H/S P/U (sub P/U)
40 KB Swing (30#)
50 P/U (sub 5 x 1min plank)
10 Front Squat
Can't remember my time, but I was tired and had a hard time with the P/U. Glad I have full set of weights at home.

IronJake78 said...

So yeah... lots of Iron in Gruber, unfortunately very few racks and platforms - as in 3 total - for the whole gym.

Let's put it this way - I'm glad I come in early.




Ross said...


worked the Tuck Jumps, V-Ups and Shuttle Runs, have to say my VUps, are really ugly.. Glad I found a dark corner to do them in....

Back Squats 5x7 @275.

Susan Friend said...

I've discovered a new way to celebrate the first snowfall: 1. Jump in the snow. 2. Lay down in the snow--while you're down there, do some V-Ups. 3. Run backward---you appreciate fresh tracks more when you can see them. 4. Do it with a group of people so you don't look like some random crazy person. 5. Capture it with a camera, and you've made a memory!

Thanks for sharing the snow with me this morning Andy, Charles, Kwame and Roger!

Adam Thompson said...

Went to Gruber this morning

245 1RM Bear Complex

2x3 Split Jerk @ 205, because those were nasty on my bear complex.

1K row, because my legs are still crazy sore from Monday and Tuesday.

Andy said...

Fun in the snow! Really wasn't bad once we got moving, though we might need to chip in and buy Charles some long pants for the winter. Crazy mofo. Thanks to all for showing!

Tweaked the WOD on arrival so that the shuttle run was more like a 15m/25m suicide with a backward run out & sprint back, kind of like a DB backpedal and break drill. ~8 mins, got the heart rate up.

Hatch 1/2 after:
HBBS 10x155, 8x175-185-195
FS 5x135-145-155-155
& light post chain work.

Scott S said...

Dammit, I was totally hoping I'd post before Adam and his beastly lifts...

So, inspired by seeing and talking to Adam this morning, Jay and I did the original Dec programming as well.

1RM Bear complex up to 195. Felt good, but lowering onto the back is what held any further progression, still not confident in my shoulder and didn't want to drop it.

'Grizzly Grace' 30 x single Bear complexes @ 115 (60% 1RM) = 12:41.

Had planned on trying to do big sets, ala true Bear Complex at 7 reps for at least a few, but after the first 5 knowing I had 25 more, I broke them into smaller sets and singles. Good to have Jay there to keep me going.

Glad the bubble is back open, the bars at Gruber have knurling dead center and it kept sanding my skin on neck front and back.

Love to watch the video Susan, even with friends, you guys likely looked like crazy people!

Jared said...

10x10 DL @ 185 this morning. Then a few power cleans.

EJ Gust said...
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EJ Gust said...

3x7 back squat @ 275 lbs
2x7 back squat @ 265 lbs

4 RFT:
50m bear crawl
25 pushups
50m burpee broad jumps
35 double unders
11:35 Rx'd

This was one of those WODs that seemed pretty easy on paper, then I started doing it and was humbled.
My legs are toast!