Dec 18, 2013

Snatch Session - Thursday

Pack a lunch and join us Thursday from warmed up and ready to go. Mark and others will be running a clinic on the Snatch.  Here's a prime opportunity to understand the fundamentals of the lift and give yourself a solid foundation for continued development. There are few of us that will not benefit from attending -- make the most of it!

From Scott, if you missed it in the comment section:
Tentative plan is to go over Key Points of Performance for trainers to cue and then analyze each other under the watchful eye of some of IMCF's immense Oly lifting resources. 
This is open to anyone wanting learn how to cue/teach the basics of it, and also for newbies. It's amazing how much you learn just as a fly on the wall seeing interaction and discussions from the coaching/trainers. 
I know some of our big lifters with beautiful technique will be there so you can see how it should look in person as well as plenty of us that will give much ammunition for corrections... 
Trainers -- spot the gross fault.


IronJake78 said...

I'll try to be there, but I'm going during lunch so I won't be in "work-out" ready. I'd just love to see what the PoPs are now and how you teach them.

Adam Thompson said...

Top 8 Snatch Mistakes


I think the fault is "lack of hook grip"

Adam Thompson said...

Those that went today at lunch, Mark was referencing Justin Thacker.

Here is his website. He also has a pretty good YouTube channel