Dec 22, 2013

Monday 12.23.13

1) Strength
7x5 Back Squat (85% of 1RM)

5 rounds (2:00 each) of:
     Row 400 m
     Max effort Muscle-ups in remaining time
Rest 1 minute between rounds

3) Skill
     a.  2 x 30m, Overhead Barbell Walking Lunges (135/95)
     b.  Accumulate 30 m HS walking

Post loads and results to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to start Strength work at these times)

Last week of 2013.  Let's go out with a bang!

METCON.  Pretty simple workout.  For every two minute round, row 400 meters then with the time remaining knock out as many MU as possible.  Two choices on scaling based on your setup: A) sub 2x Pullups and 2x Dips for MU, on rings if possible or B) do burpee pullups.  B may allow you to work more efficiently in the 30-40s available.  Reposition rowers over by the rig to cut down on transition time!

Skill. Overhead barbell walking lunges will may be new to most of us. If this is the case, start with the barbell and work up to 135/95. HS walking will be utilized in tomorrow’s METCON so make sure to practice a little today.  If you're not there, focus on getting a little better at your HS holds, kickups, or freestanding holds.

Today’s KPPs:
  • Squats - another good article here on little tweaks to  hone your technique.  Today, take a look at 7 & 8 and focus on controlling your descent, maintaining tension at the turnaround, and driving hard out of the hole.
  • On lunges, make sure the knee GENTLY kisses the ground.  Don’t slam it or you will regret it later. The overhead grip might be easier if it’s slightly closer than a snatch grip. This will be easier on your shoulders in the overhead position.
  • HS walks.  Tight body, hollow position.  Avoid the scorpion hunch, and focus on keeping feet together, glutes tight, and head as neutral as possible...kinda like this.


    Jared said...

    For those that around this week, plan on a single 0615 start. There may also be a 0800 crew starting.

    scottnkelly9901 said...

    IMCF Hohenfels:

    Squat (1RM ~300lb)
    7x5 @ 255lb

    Score = 11
    *subbed 2:1 burpees ILO MUs - Globo folks tend to frown when I move kit around, much less take up the lone squat rack for an hour
    **score = total

    3x10 O/H BB walking lung @ 95lb
    2x5 HSPU (kipping)

    Ross said...


    I spent all day Saturday judging the XMAS Throwdown, at CF Beo in Sioux City, it was a lot of fun, and just all around great time. Was happy to have a number of athletes and spectators come up and compliment me on my judging.

    Spent all day yesterday in bed with chills and upset stomach, was not sure how today would go, but woke up refreshed and got a great workout in today.

    BS 7x5 @315

    METCON Using Bar MU - 16

    Overhead walking Lunges did them at 95 lbs. Anyone who moved these @135 is a beast...

    Worked some HS Walk progressions but no where near 30m

    Adam Thompson said...

    20 MUs

    Went 3x9 on the squats. 5 reps at 85% is a little much, so I did a couple of extra reps.

    Handstand walking is defiantly a goat. Need to spend extra time on those.

    Scott S said...

    got there late this morning @ 628 and 615 group was on round 5 of the METCON...which means they really got it going quick! What happened to lazy holidays?

    BSQTs at 245.

    Lucked out and partnered with Rick for the METCON, who smoked it of course and did nothing for my self-esteem. I made 1 MU for rds 2-5, missed the first one for rd 1. I keep not warming up the shoulders well enough and the first one hurts, but the later ones feel better. Did a few extra after to make myself feel better.

    HS walk progressing, still not more than 8-10 ft, but better than none.

    Will be there around 615 tomorrow.

    ROBERT KINNEY said...

    Working out with Crossfit Richardson in Dallas, TX this week.

    Strength : 5x3 front squat w/ 3sec hold in bottom

    WOD: 10 min AMRAP. Ascending ladder of C&J (135) and OTB burpees.

    Skill: L-sits. 3 min cumulative

    Jacob Heppner said...

    Lazy, slept in and did the workout during lunch.

    Mike Minchew: 19x MU
    Me: 23x MU
    Josh Ammel: 7x MU

    That 400 meters seemed like an eternity compared to that short 1 minute rest.

    Ricky C said...

    I thought showing up at 0630 would make me one of the earliest to arrive, but was surprised to see 6 or 7 finishing up the workout. Relax people! It's the holidays!

    BS @ 245


    Walked around on the hands a little.

    Quick shoutout to the programming (Jacob) this month. I've gone from a 225# Clean PR last month all the way to an new PR of 245 in less than 30 days. As much as it hurts the pride to not finish a workout (and there have been more than a couple!), it's obviously working for me. Coming from a guy who basically worked out solo for the last 5 years, I think my recent improvements make a great case for the benefit of "unbiased" programming and a great group of athletes that support it. Really the kudos goes to each of you with double bonus kudos to those who put in the time and effort to program and coach. Much appreciated!

    I too plan on being there around 0615 tomorrow.

    Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

    Hatch 4/1:
    HBBS 8 x 175-185, 6 x 205-220
    FS 5 X 155-165-175-185

    Got lunges in with some light weight, and did my first pull/pushing in a while with some ring pullups and pushups. Yay.