Dec 15, 2013

Monday 12.13.13

Week 3 Day 1….Open workout!

1) Strength
4 x 9 Back Squat (75% of 1RM)

"Open WOD 13.1"
40 Burpees
30 Snatches (75/45)
30 Burpees
30 Snatches (135/75)
20 Burpees
30 Snatches (165/100)
10 Burpees
AMRAP Snatches (210/120)

3) Skill
3 x 25 GHD SU

Post loads and results to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to start Strength work at these times)

Strength. Squats, enough said. Go get them. Get together with a group of approximately your strength and roll through this in waves.

METCON. Compare to 03.07.13.  Check out the Games WOD description video for a review of the workout and movement standards. Remember, you perform your own weight changes on the bar and the clock keeps rolling. We'll relax the requirement of the burpee target at 6" for logistics purposes, but keep it in mind. No zombie lurches at the top of your burpees.

Recall what you did during the Open last year and go out and beat it. Or, pick a target based on your snatch capacity. Pace those burpees so you are not fully exhausted when it comes time for the technical work.  Check out this link for more strategy tips from the Outlaw camp.

SCALING: If you are not well acquainted with the snatch or have never snatched more than (135/75), DO NOT go Rx. Remember the oft quoted phrase of "check your ego at the door" and exercise it...trainers help enforce.  Greatly reduce the load (suggestions here) and work on near-perfect technique every rep. You'll transform the WOD from a strength/technique focus into more of a lung burner. Don't fight through 30-60 snatches with crappy form -- you'll learn bad habits and open the door for injury.

Skill. Here is a good video demo of the proper way to perform a GHD Sit Up. Important: have the knees unlocked on the way down, then snap them for pulling yourself up. DO NOT use your back as a tool to pull yourself up. 

Today’s KPPs.
  • Five simple Oly lifting cues from Diane Fu. Read through 'em, and visualize what they mean.  Then pick one to focus on tomorrow and try to nail that principle every WOD rep.
  • Keep a solid pace on the burpees, don’t go too fast so that you are exhausted when you get to the snatches. 15-20 burpees a minute is a great pace.
  • Snap those knees on your way up for GHDSU. 


Scott S said...

Can a WOD cause PTSD? I just had a flashback and it wasn't pretty.

Thanks Jacob. I wish you a merry Christmas as well!

Sam Friend said...

153 (scaled 65/85/105)
It was good to see Allan again. If you are not grateful for his contribution to the IMCF community, you haven't come to a single WOD or event. It has been great to workout with him and get humbled by him every day!

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Back Squat (1RM ~300lb)
4x9 @ 225lb

110 reps
*scaled to 65lb and 115lb
**scaled first round of snatch to "hanging" snatch b/c 10lb hex-plates at Globo are just not conducive to good form.

100x ABMAT situps

Ricky C said...

ooooh man this one was a good punch in the face from reality!

120 rx

Scott S said...

Score of 152, significantly scaled second and third sets of snatches. 75#, 95#, 115#.

Open in March, Scored 116 Rx. 16 reps at 135 was shear misery with a dependable shoulder.

Anxious to hear how Susan, Rob, Rick, Adam and Josh ended up, had to leave before you guys were through, but looked like you were smoking it!

Jimmy Chen said...

150-something. I can't remember since I was suffering from oxygen deprivation. Of course, another WOD that I scaled the beejezus out of, at 45/75/75.

I was going for form, if anything. My hat's off to Charles and Scott for doing these heavy. Beast!

Adam Thompson said...

157 Rx

156 when I did this for the Open

Did step out method for the burpees and I think it helped keeping my heart rate down. I did the same thing last week with 100 burpee WOD.

245 Back Squat

Susan Friend said...

158 Rx

I'll admit--the weights in this WOD favor the women, but I'll take my victories where I can. I was fortunate to workout next to Adam, who was moving at a steady pace and kept me from slowing down. I scored 7 more reps than the last time I did this workout, so I was happy.

I will be sad to see Allan leave. He was the first person I met with IMCF and has been a good friend ever since.

Andy said...

Ah, memories... Smart scaling approaches this AM, good to see.

Hatch 3/1:
HBBS 8x175-185, 6x205-225
FS 5x135-155-165-175
GHDs and some DU afterward.

Ross said...


BS 4x9@275

Then 13.1 RX 141 Reps compared to 130 last spring. Snatches felt weak today but got through them. Could string any @135 after the first couple had to drop and reset every rep.

Sadr City King said...

190 scaled 75, 95, 115
Scott and I decided reps vs weight was a little bit more important than our egos. 75, 95, 115 and 10 burpees leading into AMRAP Snatches. Good to see everyone pushing each other. I learned the walkout burpees from Adam this morning, interesting concept and will implement them into a high rep burpee workout. Jimmy do not worry about weight, you'll ge there buddy. Interesting article on coaching vs judging based on a conversation with a little birdie on Friday.

Scott S said...

So, I wanted to start a dialogue with everyone, particulary trainers and programmers about all the Snatches we've been doing. (stop reading if you don't want to discuss or if you get weird about lots of the comment section)

First off, let me start by saying that I know I SUCK at Snatches and have been tentative due to a reoccuring injury in my shoulder. But since we are doing them quite often now and is something we should train for as part of our programming, I wanted to share my thoughts and solict feedback.

As a gym without actually dedicated 'trainers' who run the class and monitor people's ability and progressions, I wanted to suggest that maybe we meet up over the break when we have more time during the day and have some focused time on this movement and especially developmental progressions to help suggest scaling or replacement movements for those not ready for it.

I know I am guilty of getting too excited to try something new and went heavier than I should have last month, reinjurying an old nagging shoulder issue. And I know I'm not the only one of us now carrying an injury, so probably worth our time to discuss.

Not all of us have the luxury of being early 20's with a desk job, here in the IMCF population in particular, the average athlete is generally mid-late 30's, and has had 10+ years of military wear and tear on their bodies.

To help start (and to answer the weird looks of doubt I got this morning) I'm posting some videos by Coach Burgener and Josh Everett about the Split Snatch and it's use for people with mobility issues or for people who are developing the ability to snatch, but need a safer 'bridge' to get there. If these guys don't have cred, then you can keep doubting me.

If any of the new L1 trainers have CF journal access, then I'd love and appreciate it if you could download the articles on the split snatches as well. There's 1 on 'Who should Split' in particular that I'd love to read.

Good article Charles. I saw that one on mainsite and liked it as well, goes hand in hand with this discussion. I want us to be able to give more 'coaching' on these movements to keep us safe and developing.

Andy said...

Psst. Journal subscriptions are free now. Pass it on...

Just need to have a free login account, power to the people!!!

Scott S said...

Dammit Andy!! Are you kidding me? I just logged on, shit.

I attended my Level 1 in 2008 and we got a 1 year subscription for free, but then it cost to renew, so I've just scoured the internet for free ones, or got from other people. Dam, am I an idiot - don't answer that.

Ok, so now that's over with, please read everything in my post BUT that part and respond. (and point out my stupidness in a text or e-mail next time...)

Sam Friend said...

Scott, good comment. I agree that a session with the trainers getting smarter on this complicated movement would be great. YouTube is not enough. That's why I get all my information from USAW coaches... You know, the experts.
I really feel that a back to basics approach is important. I understand the ego involved in trying to do heavy snatches, even during the WOD. However, those that are not proficient in this lift at lower weight can seriously hurt themselves. Even those that are proficient can hurt themselves when they are pushing it with a high rep, high weight scheme.
What I am trying to say, I guess... This lift scares me when I see high weight involved and really new athletes. If someone is having an issue with snatching in a WOD, I've even scaled them back to an accessory, like snatch high pulls, etc. Give them something that builds the skill, but is safe.
It would be nice to learn better how to instruct the snatch better.

Adam Thompson said...

I would agree that ALL of the oly lifts need a solid start with the foundations.

Though I would argue that this is the purpose for an Open WOD. Starting off with a weight that most people can do and then building form there. Similar to the Open WOD 13.3 where most people can throw a 20# med ball to a 10' target, but not as many can do muscle-ups.

I would be careful about programming progressions though in a WOD. The purpose of a oly progressions is so that your body gets use to placing the bar were it needs to go.

Programming heavy snatch pulls can be just as dangerous a full snatch when done incorrectly.

The video below with my old oly coach has Christy Adkins (multiple time games athlete) refining her technique.

technique--> consistency--> intensity

Matt B. said...

118 reps, scaled at 75#/95# snatch. Big win just getting in the bubble after several weeks of "excuses."

monroe said...

Timely subject. Today was a snatch day in my programming. There is so much to learn about this lift. It's always new, that's why I love it. Lately I've been focusing on a lot of hang and pause moves before going to the floor. I'm looking forward to Onaga on the 27th. After that I'll focus on the Open. Any time anyone (Scott) wants to set a time (except tomorrow AM) I'm available. We all need a coaches eye. Lunch time works well, no crowd, easier to focus.

EJ Gust said...

I had a brain fart and only did 20 snatches during the second set.

40 burpee
30 snatch @75lbs
30 burpee
20 snatch @95lbs
20 burpee
10 snatch @135lbs

150 total

Sam Friend said...

Adam, please don't misunderstand me. I am definitely not advocating a change to the programming. I also was not talking about the reasoning behind the Open or any other competition.
I am thinking about the brand new athletes (ie. no CrossFit or Oly background) that will show up at the first of the year (often without going to the on ramp) to get a great workout. We, trainers, need to have methods to help them scale while helping them learn the skill in a WOD. I just submit that an accessory or progression to an Oly lift might do that. I look forward to learning other ways in a forum like Scott suggested.

Jared said...

6x6 at 240 HBBS. Still rehabbing the shoulder so not going overhead with any weights. I am all in for snatch clinic and will be around all Christmas break.

Allan Jackman said...

Back squats at 165

13.1 with 114 reps Rx, previous attempt was 100 reps.

Skill - 3x25 GHD SUs

Good times this yeast at IMCF. I eared everything tonight, so outta here early in the morning. I like this months programming, hope I can find ways to do them. The challenge is that I am carrying the following items:
20lb med ball
Jump rope
Ab mat

Jodie Kunkel said...

This was my first ever CrossFit Competition event and it was nice to see how much I have improved. Back in the Open I scored a mere 102 and felt like I was dying afterwards. After completing it this morning, I found I have improved to 129 and didn't feel like I was going to pop a lung doing burpees. Hooray for gains! Thanks to the Beast Mode crowd for a year of hard work and pushing me beyond my comfort zone. I will miss you!