Dec 8, 2013

Monday 12.09.13

1) Strength
7x5 Back Squat (80% of 1RM)

For time (cap of 20 mins):
Row 800m
30 Burpee MU for time
Run 800m

3) Skill
3x10 Shoulder Touches (HS)

Post loads and time to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to start Strength work at these times)

Strength. Another great day to squat! Jump in there early and work in with a group of about four people. Roll through these seven sets quickly. Spend at maximum 20 minutes in this strength portion.

METCON. Due to the small number of rowers let’s roll through this workout in waves. As soon as a rower opens up (and assuming a spot on the rings/pullup-rig is available) then start the row. We’ll keep a continuous clock running, just remember what time you started. Make sure to stagger folks who will be attempting Burpee MU. At most we can only send four guys/gals through who will be doing this Rx. Burpee MU are a newer “combination of movements.” These were largely introduced this year for the first time at Regionals, with a small glimpse in the 2012 Games. Here is a video of some Central East gents knocking out 30 Burpee MU for time. Some guy named “Rich Froning” did very well at them. Who knew?  To scale, sub 60 x Burpee Pullups (2:1 ratio) for the Burpee MU.  Been a while since we've seen the 800m run turnaround.  Make sure you know where you're going before you start!

Skill. Watch this video for a tutorial on how to perform shoulder touches. This skill will hone your ability to transfer weight from side to side. This weight transfer will carry over to your ability to HS walk. Of course we will be HS walking in a METCON in the future!!!

Today’s KPPs:
  • Make sure to send the butt back during squatting as opposed to bending at your lower back in an effort to attain squat depth.
  • If your hip flexors are tight after warming up then roll them out. If you need some explanation on how to roll them out, grab a Level 1 for clarification.
  • If and when your MU give out and you are unable to accomplish any more then immediately switch to Burpee PU, remember the ratio is 2:1. Respect the time cap!
  • For the shoulder touches, make sure to shift your weight when leaning against the wall. Your hand will touch the shoulder on the same side, not the opposite shoulder. Attempt to accomplish all 3x10 as unbroken as possible, preferably in just three sets.


Scott S said...

Question for you Jacob.

Time permitting - you envision these squats at 80% across all 7 of the sets, or progressing to the 80% for the last set or few?

Allan Jackman said...

Back squats 135-185-205-205-205-205-205

I broke time, 23:08 Rx
Started the 800M run at 18:15, it was cold this morning, hard to breathe. Overall, I was happy with myself, considering that it took about 3 mins for the 800M row, it took about 15 minutes for 30 burpee MUs. A few months earlier, it took about 25 mins for 30 MUs for time.

Finsihed with 3x10 shoulder touches

Sam Friend said...

Who programs a run in the middle of winter?
So, I decided to row twice and subbed burpee bar MUs, then burpee pull-ups at the 2 to 1 rate. My hat's off to those that Rx'd it... WOW!
17:10 with the substitutions.
The shoulder touches were new to me. I like them. Did them facing the wall first, then tried the advance move of facing away from the wall... Sporty. I think I'll try the advance move more in the future.

Jimmy Chen said...

Sorry, had to break time because of the run. Yes, the middle-of-winter, numbness-in-calves, ashy-legs type of run. Ended up with 22'26" after crying my way through burpee MUs and burpee PUs.

Good workout, although I have mad respect for folks with sub 19 times.

Ross said...


Ha ha, had I not read Sam's post I would have thought I did the workout correctly...

Back Squats 7x5@295

METCON -read it wrong or didn't read it so I did
800m Row
30Bar MU
800m Row

Time 17:18

Shoulder touches, never did those before, and they were ugly, ended up doing them piked so I could do more than two without falling over

Jared said...

6x6 BS @230 then DU and some box jumps.

Andy said...

Scott -- sorry for the late response, but yes on sets across. Warmup then working sets at the prescribed weight/percentage. Back off if you can't maintain form.

Scott S said...

Thanks Andy, although, tough to make 7 sets at 80% in the timecap, I planned to do the last 2-3, but it felt heavier than it should have and was taking too much time.

Went over time and still only got 6 sets and none actually at the 80%. 225, 245, 265, 275, 275, 275.

METCON 27:40, Rx. Took my time on the row and told myself if I missed 2 MU in row, I'd go to PU. Luckily only missed 1, but had to take good rest time between attempts for the last 12-14. Run outside was awful, felt like I got brainfreeze since I had sweat freezing on my forehead and cheeks!

Skill work was good. 2nd and 3rd sets got the rythm down. Attempted a HS walk after and got about 10 ft, which is great since I've never HS walked.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

"Manic Monday"

Squat (1RM ~300lb)
7x5 @ 225lb

"G.I. Jane"
100x Burpee Pullups @ 29:23


*First WOD in a while between rotation, T-day travel, and a crappy cold. Scaled and subbed today to "ease" back into it. That and the Globogym isn't conducive to multi-stage WODs. It was evident today that I am not fully recovered, but it was good to WOD again.

Adam Thompson said...

BS - 265 for all 7 sets

15:26 Rx

The run wasn't that terrible, but I did do the WOD at 0800. The hardest part about the MUs was not letting the rings fly everywhere.

Good workout.

Susan Friend said...


800m row
30 Bar MU
800m row

I have huge respect for anyone who Rx'd this WOD. Someday I will be awesome enough to do 30 MU in a WOD, but not today!

It was inspiring to see Rick and Rob on the rings pushing out muscle ups like they were mere ring dips.

In the PM, I did some OHS with Sam. He PR'd his OHS at 170 lbs. It was beautiful!

EJ Gust said...

7x5 BS @ 280lbs

800m Row
60 Burpee PU
800m Run

I was freezing my butt off at 2pm for the 800m run so my hat is off to those who did it in the morning!

Andy said...

Hatch 2/1
HBBS 10x155, 8x175, 6x185-205-205
FS 5x135-155-165-165

And 12:10 on a greatly modified WOD:
800m run
30 L-arm DB snatch (50)
800m run

Ran barefoot in a speedo, snow angels every 50m.