Dec 1, 2013

Monday 12.02.13

Week 1, Day 1!!!!  There is absolutely no better way to ring in the Holidays, Monday, and the first day back from eating large amounts of food than to celebrate with FRAN!
Workout #1:
4x9 Back Squat @ 70% of 1RM
Workout #2:
“Holy Quads…Batman!”
21-15-9 repetitions of:
Thrusters (95/65)
E2MOM - 20 x Alternating lunges (total)
*Time Cap: 15 minutes

Workout #3:
3 x Maximal Effort (ME) sets of HSPU

Post loads / results to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to start the Strength WOD at these times)

METCON.  This is FRAN with a little twist.  Every second minute (including 0:00) you will immediately stop what you are doing and perform 20 x alternating lunges (10 x each leg). This E2MOM penalty will continue until you finally finish up the last set (9) of pull-ups.
The Time Cap for this workout is 15 minutes.  For the blog and board purposes, your final score will either be the time it took to finish up the workout, or the number of reps you had left over when the 15 minute time cap hit.
Skill.  Your overhead position should be adequately warmed up from the thrusters. “3x ME (Maximal Effort) sets” implies I want you to perform three separate sets of as many HSPU as you can possible due at one time.  Rest adequately between attempts (~3 minutes) and try to keep your repetitions as close as possible.  If you have strict HSPU down then work on Kipping HSPU or vice versa.  If you have both down then attack some deficit HSPU (parallettes).  See here for ideas on  HSPU variations and scaling methods...focus on maintaining sound hand and body positions.  
Today’s Key Points of Performance (KPPs):
  • Link up with some folks who will be back squatting within close proximity, weight-wise. This will allow for less bars/weights to be used and generally speed up the process. Let’s focus on using no more than 20 minutes to knock out this portion. 
  • Lunges -- knee will “kiss” the ground gently, don’t slam it in an effort to speed up, you’ll regret it later. If you wish to turn this into a jumping lunge be my guest. 
  • Remember, “Every second minute on the minute (E2MOM)” entails that when every multiple of two (0:00, 2:00, 4:00, etc.) hits the clock you will immediately perform the penalty, in this case 20 x alternating lunges.  After performing the E2MOM portion, pick up FRAN exactly where you left off.  This concept and format of workout will be used heavily this month. 


Russ Ames said...

Holy quads....wait, someone already said that one.

11:23 Rx.

Jimmy Chen said...

7:37 with 65 lbs. That was one of the worst Fran workouts I've done in a long time. It's almost like feeling Fran's wrath after you broke up with her, got back together again shortly after, then dumped her again on Valentine's Day, (or on her birthday, whichever comes first). Yikes!

Appreciated Charles' pointers on butterfly pull-ups this morning. That'll be my goat-of-the-month!

Jacob Heppner said...

Jimmy, Butterfly/Kipping PUs will be a skill we will be working on soon!

Sam Friend said...

7:56 Rx
So, how do you make a difficult WOD like Fran even tougher? Just do 36 back squats first then put 20 lunges every 2 minutes... Just to make it hurt a little more... Why not? I rolled around on the ground for only 5 min or so until I could walk again.
Ended with some deficit HSPUs working on explosive hips in the kip.
Great initiation to the month, Jacob.

Ross said...


Squats @255

WOD RX @ 7:24

Andy said...

Hatch Wk 1/1:
HBBS 10x155, 8x180, 6x195, 4x205
FS 5x130, 3x5x155

Loads based on 90% 1RM of 315/235, with another 10% off for HBBS. Deceivingly easy first day -- fighting the urge to bump it up a little, sure I'd regret it in a few weeks.

Jared said...

Still nursing a hurt wing so nothing overhead for a while. 6x6 BS @ 210 then 10 x (10 box jump, 20 sit ups, 30 DU).

Adam Thompson said...

Squats: 225

Franken-Fran: 9:00 Rx

Got done with the set of 9 thrusters 5 seconds before 8:00. Should have worked harder to finish the pull-ups.

Liked the concept. Though, it made an already hard workout...harder.

Allan Jackman said...

8:51 rx
Thank you Jacob for the process of giving me a sexy butt.
Preceded with front squats at 165.

No time for HSPUs.

Large crowd this morning, but we were able to get through the first two WODs organized.

IronJake78 said...

So it's been a few years since I've done Fran. Primarily because of a shoulder issue, but excuses excuses.

My last Fran was in 2011 and it was over 10 minutes.

Today I just did Fran didn't do the other work.

Got 7:31 that's personal best for me.

Next time she comes around I'll try to push it closer to the 5 minute mark.


EJ Gust said...

235 lbs for the 4x9 sqts
8:51 Rx'd for the mod. Fran

Sick workout...thanks!

Susan Friend said...

6:45 Rx

This WOD was not as horrible as I expected. I anticipated it turning into a 15 minute AMRAP of lunges, so I was pleasantly surprised. I would do this one again . . . maybe.