Dec 15, 2013

Get Ready...

January is a time of new goals and resolutions.  Join us in January for a "clean up your fuel" challenge.  Whether you choose to participate in a Whole30, Zone Diet, Paleo, or 'Get Out The Sugar' personal challenge, now is the time to research why you should take this step, how to prepare your pantry, and what recipes you want to try.  

A great place to start is the Whole30 challenge introduction page.  Additionally, join the Fort Leavenworth Whole30 page on Facebook.  The group includes members from the IMCF and RESULTS communities, and we share recipes, give recommendations on where to buy unique pantry items, ask questions and more.  

Some people will start on January 1st, while others may need to wait until January 6th after Block Leave.  Either way, NOW is the time to get yourself prepared.  We'll plan a Whole30 community potluck the weekend of January 24th to menu swap and encourage everyone through the final stretch.  

If you're looking for ideas for the holidays, check out this holiday prep guide.  If you're going to commit to a Whole30 or another clean eating challenge in the New Year, comment here so we know who we are working with!

(Thanks to Meg & Steph for leading the charge!)


EJ Gust said...

Leigh also has a blog with lots of Paleo recipes at

I have personally tried all the recipes and they are awesome!

Tina Kracke said...

Idea for us Paleo folks: I order Bison and great coconut oil from Tropical Traditions - or

I have contacted them to request the opportunity for a discount with this:
Our CrossFit group, Iron Major CrossFit at Fort Leavenworth, KS, is starting a healthy diet challenge. We have a decent sized group of mostly active-duty Military personnel. We often make purchases as group to get bulk-purchase benefits (jump ropes, fitness clothing, etc). If we order items in bulk, can we obtain a discount (we are mostly military, too)? We would be mostly interested in quart-sized coconut oil, olive oil, shredded coconut, and ground bison.

We could put in a group order if they are amenable. I would be happy to assist or take the lead if you wish. I have several great recipes, too.
-Tina (I do the 0545 most days)