Dec 26, 2013

Friday 12.27.13

My Final Friday!!! No better way to end my month than a Team Regional Event. No squatting today, unless you want to, Jared has us starting a heavy squat cycle on Monday. Take the day off Superhero.

(In the spirit of) 2013 Regional Team WOD 6
In 2-person teams, for time:
100 Double-unders (total)
50 HSPU while partner holds HS
50 Toes-to-bar while partner hangs from bar
50 Shoulder to Overhead (155/95) while partner holds another barbell in front rack
90' Walking lunge - barbell (155/95) in front rack, both partners work at same time

Post times and results to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard Friday team WOD start time of 0600, warm up prior and be ready to help set up and do a WOD brief beforehand...any desire for a delayed start, post to comments!)

REMINDER -- IMCF planning session immediately following.  All are welcome to participate.

Team WOD. Reps can be partitioned any way between the the 2 members of the team. If there is an odd number and there is a team of three then add 25x to each movement, excluding the 90ft walking lunge (everyone gets to do that one). During HSPU, the non-working athlete must hold a HS against a wall for the partner’s reps to count. This also applies to T2B (other partner hanging from the pull-up bar) and also to S2O, where the other partner has his/her barbell loaded in the front rack position. Each partner will complete the 90 foot walking lunge start to finish (basically one length of the Bubble).

Quick Month’s Re-cap:
  • ~500 Wallballs
  • ~300 Burpees (probably should’ve done more right?)
  • ~200 Thrusters
  • ~200 HSPU
New Skills Learned:
  • “Drown Proofing” (Susan)
  • Triple Unders
  • HS Walks
  • OH Walking Lunges


Susan Friend said...

Lesson learned from this month's swim WOD: "Do not strap on a heavy jacket and launch yourself into the deep end of a pool just to "see what you can do."

Carlos Zayas said...

If any one is going after 1300 let me know please

Jacob Heppner said...

Fun time this morning! Got to team up with Scott.

13.30 on the workout.

Deadlifts are a terrible cave-man lift.

Andy said...

Teamed with Jud this morning, HSPU animal. 15:47 with mods. Pike/box for HSPU and a big 65# on STO, partner went 135 STO and 115? lunges. Simple fun format for a partner WOD.

Adam Thompson said...

Teamed with Charles this morning. 16:03 had to scale the weight for S2O. 155# got really heavy really fast.

Looking forward to next month's programming.

Scott S said...

Nice jab Jacob, caveman, I'll take it and volley back....without even mentioning Event 5...opps.

TEAM WOD - I like to think I tried to hold up my end of being partnered with Jacob, did my share of DU (50), a whopping 15 or 13? HSPU as he repped out massive sets and patiently waited for me to be able to continue, then my 25 TTB sloppily, then I split jerked the STO 155 in big sets of 5 while he pressed it for sets of 10 (holy jeez, maybe we should test him?), then did the lunges at 135, motivated to get done so he could stop watching/waiting on me.

OK Deadlifts, for those spectating. I love them, Jacob does not, fun conversation this morning.

From a few reputable sources.

"To the detriment of millions, the deadlift is infrequently used and seldom seen either by most of the exercising public and/or, believe it or not, by athletes.

The deadlift, being no more than picking a thing off the ground, keeps company with standing, running, jumping, and throwing for functionality but imparts quick and prominent athletic advantage like no other exercise.

Fear of the deadlift abounds, but like fear of the squat, it is groundless. No exercise or regimen will protect the back from the potential injuries of sport and life or the certain ravages of time like the deadlift." - Coach Greg Glassman

And just to ensure all bases are covered, some extras.

Mark Rippetoe says the first pull in the Olympic lifts should basically be identical to the conventional deadlift that he describes in great detail in his books.

Dave Tate/Louie Simmons both promote a different "lean-back" style of deadlift, where the shoulders are actually behind the bar and you "teeter-totter" back to help you in the lift.

Coach Bergener article from Mikesgym with too many quotes to put in about DL's importance.

Boom, Your move.


@ Crossfit Richardson today.

WOD: For time. Alternating Thrusters (25-20-15-10-5) & double Unders (50-40-40-20-10)

Strength: bent barbell rows 5x5, dumbbell bench press 5xmax reps

Accessory: sit ups 6x15 (odd sets are weighted)

Andy said...

Just to whack the bee's nest a bit, a fun read.

Do I take Rudy's stuff as gospel, no...but man he puts a lot of thought and theory into his methods. (Some) evidence that regardless of your position on the DL, programming a bunch of DLs is not the only/best way to train 'em.

Scott S said...

Good article Andy, consumed much of my Sat morning off and on with research.

Anecdotally, I saw huge gains when I followed the CF Strong Medicine (Strength Bias) Journal plan, which is sort of a 5/3/1 6-8 week cycle with short, heavy METCONs. Also the majority of IMCF followers last year saw gains when we ran that program in Nov-Dec 2012, followed by gains in CF Benchmarks Fran and Grace. Now it's likely because of the population of relative newbies to CF, and any method would have made gains since exposure to lifting weights (as long as done safely) will produce a progressive gain for a short stretch, until the body adapts.

I like that Outlaw article a lot and could see how implementing a new cycle breaks the plateau and they saw gains. I personally did plateau after following a 5/3/1 cycle for 3-4 months, infact I might have regressed on my DL and BSQT due to not deloading enough.

I love that here I've had time to focus on fitness and interact with everyone on all these different theories and methods, I know I'll miss them soon. Good future discussion material. I really want to hear more about how your Hatch Squat program goes and what you learn from that.

Jimmy Chen said...

Whoops! This is a REALLY late post - did the travel WOD on Saturday since we had family commitments all day Friday. Ran a little under a mile and 3/4 and got back to SP around the 9'45" mark. Good deceptively-easy WOD.

Andy said...

Scott -- yeah, I think there are a lot of different ways to get after it that. I know the strength bias program is effective, and Jake has been riding a linear progression for a long time and seeing gains. Found it very interesting that working pulls (largely Oly) at reduced load but high speed yielded big gains in DL PRs. Very similar to Westside dynamic strength days, and (hopefully) a side benefit of Hatch...where I feel I am working suboptimal weights. Need to focus on driving hard/fast out of the hole and seeing what it does for me. Fun stuff.