Dec 19, 2013

Friday 12.20.13


In 2-person teams, on a continuously running clock...
Every 3:00 for 18 mins (6 total rounds):
     Person A - 250 meter row
     Person B - AMRAP Thrusters (45/33/15) in time remaining when “A” finishes
Partners switch roles each round (every 3:00)

Team score is the total number of thrusters.

2) Strength (Individual workout) 
5 x 7 Back Squat (80% of 1RM)

Post team scores and loads to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard Friday mass start at 0600, warm up prior and be ready for a WOD brief at 0550)

(This one was supposed to be a run WOD. Based on expected weather conditions, revising to a row.  If it works better for you, sub a 200m sprint for the rows.)

Team WOD.  Set a continuously running clock that will be counting to 18 minutes. At the start, group “A” will row 250 meters. When they finish, they hop off and and tag their partner, then “B” will perform as many thrusters as possible with whatever time is remaining in the three minute round. When 3:00 hits the clock, athletes switch roles.  “B” (who just finished thrusters) will row 250 meters with “A” waiting for their turn at AMRAP thrusters. Each partner will do each portion (row / thrusters) three times each for a total of six rounds. The faster the 250 meter row is accomplished the more time the other partner has the opportunity to score. 

For thrusters...full ROM, even though (especially because) we are working with a light weight.  Full extension overhead at the top, full depth below parallel at the bottom.  Stable midline throught the movement, connect the bar in a front rack on the way down -- treat every rep like it was a heavy mamma-jamma.

The team with the highest number of combined thrusters wins. Giddyup!

Strength.  You're old pros at this by now, go get it! Technique focus area for today is hand and elbow position.  First, check what you're doing with your hands. Lots of opinions on this, but a narrow grip (as close to shoulder-width as possible) recruits all the supporting muscles for stabilization and creates a better bar resting position.  Then, tighten up by pulling your elbows in and forward toward your lats.  Doing so helps to promote a more upright, optimal position whereas pushing them back and up will cause your torso to incline forward.  Big difference, and applicable to both high and low bar variations.  Read more here for other interesting observations from a recent powerlifting training seminar.


Ross said...


Solo Friday

BS 5x7@295


Attacked this solo, think I broke it up right, basically started with ROW then marked the time remaining when I finished the ROW then waited in the next rd until that time was remaining and did my thrusters then jumped right back into the row, so basically I had a break after every ROW and then did thrusters and row back to back.
RD 1 Row -58 sec/202 remaining
RD 2 Thrusters @45 lbs 65 in 2:02
RD 3 1;15/1:45 remaining
RD 4 60 reps in 1:45
RD 5 1:06/1:54 remaining
RD 6 65 reps in 1:54
Total solo reps 190.

Allan Jackman said...

Travel WOD 9:17

Did my best to keep the 100M intervals going strong.

Definitely missing the strength work.

monroe said...

Week 2 of Hatch squat program, KB work, 55 T2B done in a progressive ladder.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

"Freelance Friday"

Deadlift (1RM ~365lb)
5x7 @ 275lb

For distance, row 18:00

T2B 3x10

Sam Friend said...

Active recovery day for me... Drove 10 hours... AMRAP sitting on couch clicking channel button on remote... Better pace myself.