Dec 12, 2013

Friday 12.13.13

1) Conditioning
Morning Team Scores

Team "Fight Gone Bad!"
In 3-4 person teams, on a continuously running clock...

Perform 3 max effort rounds with a 1:00 break between rounds. Each round is 5:00 in duration, with 1:00 of work at each of five stations:
  1. Wall-ball (20/14), 10' target
  2. Sumo deadlift high-pull (75/55)
  3. Box jump, 20" box
  4. Push-press (75/55)
  5. Row (Calories)
The clock does not reset or stop between exercises.  On the call of "rotate", athletes must move to next station immediately for best score.  One point is given for each rep, except on the rower where each calorie is one point.  Team score is the sum of individual scores; compare 3 and 4 person team scores by mean score.

2) Strength (Individual)
10 x 3 Back Squats (85% of 1RM)

Post individual/team scores and loads to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard Friday mass start at 0600, warm up prior and be ready for a WOD brief and setup at 0545)

Friends Go Bye = Fight Gone Bad!  Last hurrah for ILE grads.  
Be there on time so we can recognize people leaving and take some pics.

Team Fight Gone Bad.  Compare to...I have no idea.  Pretty sure we did one in Sep 12?  FGB used to be CF's primary fundraising mechanism.  How have we gone over a year without one?  Legal battles, that's how (if truly interested, see here).  Damn lawyers...

Regardless, what a perfect Friday the 13th sendoff for our winter crew.  FGB was designed to simulate the time domain of a mixed martial arts bout, with multiple rounds of five minutes of hard work followed by one minute of rest.  None of the individual movements are overly taxing or complex, but mix them all together and it's a religious experience...and a stellar benchmark for your overall conditioning level.

Details in the WOD Brief, but concept is to split the group in half for 2 heats (working/counting).  Each heat will organize into 3-4 person teams based on number of people that show and rower throughput, and we'll kick off 2-3 teams every minute for Heat 1.  Athletes will start with wall balls and proceed through the stations with their team.  So every time you want to stop and rest, your teammates will be right beside you keeping you energized.  Heat 2 follows along counting and recording reps (you can't do it yourself) and helping enforce movement standards.  Seventeen short minutes later, you're done.  Quick reset and switch roles with Heat 2 working, Heat 1 counting.

Scaling.  This WOD tends to be self-scaling.  Most people can handle the prescribed weights...your reps will just be limited by the size of your metabolic engine.  HOWEVER, if you have never done FGB, have some injury limitations, or are still learning most fundamental movements, consider: WB (14/10), SDHP & PP (55/35), BJ step up or soft box.  Be mechanically sound on every rep!

Strength.  Whole bunch of sets of triples at relatively high intensity (85%).  You will likely not be completing these pre- or post- WOD.  Try to plan for a separate session later in the day or Sat if needed.  If that can't happen, recover and get some squats in; reduce volume or load as required.  Quick focus area for this session is Breathing.  Plays a huge role in creating intra-abdominal pressure and stabilizing the spine under heavy load.  Quick review here, think about it as you go through the motions.


    Jacob Heppner said...

    Team Jason, Matt, Jacob

    Total: 903
    Average: 301

    Ross said...

    IMCF SD Det

    Two workouts on wed and a good one yesterday left me sore and full of excuses today....

    I just did. the 10x3 of BS@ 315

    Try to do a solo FGB later today of this weekend...

    Jimmy Chen said...

    Team Justin, Kwame, and Jimmy finished with a total of 803.

    This was my first Fight Gone Bad and, with most named WODs done for the first time, left me in much pain.

    My only defense (read: excuse) for a weak personal score is the lack of a good bar; doing SDHPs and push presses with the EX curl bar was different, since I was spending more time thinking about hand/grip placement than actually doing the exercise.

    Andy said...

    Team scores are up on the main post, some pretty tight scores! Only 2 reps separating the top 2 teams, and a one rep difference put Mac & Co in 3rd.

    Great turnout, thanks for all the help in setup and execution! Apologies for the SNAFU on timing that made the heat 1 groups fight for barbells. Jimmy, I have no idea how the system failed you but way to persevere on the 80# EZ-Curl bar. Beast mode?

    Good luck to departing grads, keep after it wherever you're headed.

    ROBERT KINNEY said...

    Good showing for a great WOD this morning. December Grads will be missed..

    Take care and hopefully you can go out get BIG ARMY into the mix as well.

    Jimmy Chen said...


    Ha! I don't know if it's beast mode. It's more like a lame duck trying to fly with a broken wing mode.

    But, as Josh reminded me today, constantly varied (re: random) is a tenet of the CrossFit philosophy, so I guess that's a good thing.

    Scott S said...

    Team Scott, Mark and Sabrina worked out well with a first inductee to FGB by Sabrina.

    Team total of 819 median score of 273.

    Personally I had a better showing than last years (Sept 12 maybe?) MIssed a PR by a few, but might have been from EICF that I used to have a problem with back in the day. Feel better about this one than others. Had only 2 x 1 minute exercises where I didn't keep consistent, BxJmp in Rd 2 and SDLHP in Rd 3. So feel good about it over all. Mark again held the team up with his reps.

    Sorry to lose Jay, Jodie, John P and Allan. Great fellow CFer's and friends. Please update with news on the CF community wherever you go and how your journey goes as well.

    scottnkelly9901 said...

    IMCF Hohenfels:

    "Freelance Friday"

    Snatch-grip Deadlift (DL 1RM ~365lb)
    7-7-5-5-3-3 @ 185/185/205/205/225/225

    EMOM (Max rounds = 8rds)
    1x Thruster (95lb)
    5x Pull-ups
    +1x Thruster each minute

    8rds + 9x Thrusters + 3x pull-ups

    100x push-ups (not for time)