Dec 5, 2013

Friday 12.06.13

It's Friday!!!!  Get pumped and start your day off right with a catchy song that you will regret listening to. I guarantee she didn’t get up early and knock out a workout.  Back in the Bubble:

1) "Tag Team Adversaries"
In 2 person team vs. 2 person team format:

Stations 1 & 2.  Each team completes one part of the couplet, then switch. The object is to perform "A" exercises quickly so that your opponents have less time to perform the "B" exercises.

1.  A:  50 Snatches (115/75) - 1 person working at a time
     B:  AMRAP Hand Release Push-ups

2.  A:  100 Back Squats (115/75) - 1 person working at a time
           *5 Burpee team penalty every time the bar hits the floor
     B:  AMRAP Abmat Sit-ups

Station 3.  Both teams work simultaneously, only 1 person from each team at a time:
3.  AMRAP 4 minutes of Handstand Push-ups

Team score = the total number of AMRAP exercises performed (HRPU, SU, HSPU).

2) Strength.
15 mins of progressive 2-position Cleans (high-low)
OR makeup yesterday's...
5x7 Back Squat (75% of 1RM)

Post team scores and loads to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday mass start at 0600, warm up prior and be ready for a 0550 WOD brief)

Team WOD.  This is basically an expanded version of the “Adversaries” Friday workout we did a few weeks back.  In this case however, it is a 2 person team working against another 2 person team.  Shoot for balance between teams...get someone on your team you don’t know!!! 

Station 1. Team #1 performs 50 snatches as fast as possible with only one teammate working at a time.  While Team #1 snatches, Team #2 performs as many reps of HRPU as possible. After Team #1 finishes snatches, the teams switch movements.  Rest 3 minutes, then:

Station 2.  Team #2 goes first on the pacing exercise (BS).  Same team does 100 back squats while the other team does as many abmat sit-ups (AMSU) as possible.  One catch, though -- anytime the barbell is dropped during the back squats. the team on the barbell must complete 5x burpees each before continuing.  Passing the bar between partners without touching the floor is okay, actually its encouraged.  Rest 3 minutes, then:

Station 3.  Both teams go head-to-head on a four minute AMRAP of HSPU.  Only one person from each team can work at a time, both teams work simultaneously. Try to use similar scaling methods if needed.

Final score is the combination of AMRAP HRPU, AMRAP AMSU, and AMRAP HSPU for both teammates combined.

Strength.  Priority to getting your squats in if you didn't yesterday.  Granted, that might be tough with 40-60 weighted BS programmed in the Team WOD.  Fit them in in the afternoon if needed.  Otherwise, play around with 2-position cleans...similar to the 2-position snatches we did earlier this week, but switch the order.  One from the hang, then one from 2" off the floor.  Video demo here.  Work heavy, but not the best day to find your 1RM.



Feels right...

Adam Thompson said...

Looks like a fun workout. Sorry I missed it this morning. Had to come in early to give an APFT.

Scott S said...

Good times. I liked the forced randomization of teammates as well.

Mark killed it as my partner this morning. Our team ended with 466.

I was fed up with Abmat S/Us but he kept going, and as I cranked out massive kipping sets of 2-4 HSPU he would do sets of 10 strict.

Jared said...

8x4 BS @ 240 and mobility work.

Russ Ames said...

Dustin carried me through snatches, but what a great WOD.

Snatches scaled to 95, squats at 115. Kipping HSPU for me, and Pike him.

HRPUS: 55 Russ & 69 Dustin
Abmats: 133 & 160+
HSPU: 20 & 60+??

Catch y'all Monday.

Ross said...


I was, of course, solo today for this so I modified a bit.

RD 1 did 25 Snatches @115 for a time of 3:45 (not my best effort). Then did AMRAP of HRPU for 3:45 - 75 Reps.

RD 2 did 50 BS @115, no penalties was able to crank out all 50 in 1:45 - then did my AMRAP of ABMAT situps 66 reps in 1:45.

RD 3 did 2 min of HSPU, for 11 Reps (I know pitiful).

Then started the 15 MIN 2 pos Clean work - made it up to 205 (115, 135, 155, 175, 185, 195, 205) in 8 min, and have to say these were probably my best cleans I have done ever - felt good, smooth, great form. Did 205 with ease but decided to stop there even though I had time left cause a voice in my head told me to just not push it today..

Glad to hear you are all back in the bubble..

Susan Friend said...


I was lucky to get teamed up with Josh. He executed our plan perfectly, even when I was unable to do so.

I'm glad to see that other people struggled with the HSPU. I'm usually able to do a set of 15 to 20 on my first attempt. Today I got 3. My subsequent attempts weren't much better. I don't know if my shoulders were smoked from the pushups or from other work this week, but they were uncooperative today!

Great WOD, Jacob. We expected big things from you, and you are delivering.

Adam Thompson said...

Got back in after work to tackle the workout. Went solo so I modified it as a chipper.

30 Snatches @115
60 HRPUs
50 Back Squat @115
60 Sit-ups
30 HSPUs


Not dropping the bar on the BSs was a testing in mental toughness. That was the hardest part.

5x7 - 245

Ricky C said...

Great work out today! Big props to Erin (if you're out there listening) for pushing through the work outs. We only came up ten short of two studly dudes so that's gotta count for something!

Great work stringing 50 BS together Adam, that's beastly.

Also, if someone is missing a black, "Gapfit" shirt...I hung it up on the hangers.

Jared said...

Saturday morning 10x3 BS @ 255. Week one base mesocycle smolov complete.