Dec 3, 2013

BUBBLE CLOSED Until Further Notice

As you may have heard via e-mail or the FMWR site, the Bubble is temporarily closed for structural repairs. Sounds like some of the duct work has become detached from the frame, posing a safety hazard. Work is supposed to begin immediately, and we *hope* down time will be minimal.  Will pass along info from MWR as it becomes available.  So...what now?
  • We will continue to post the scheduled WODs. If you have the ability to get after it (at the home gym, Gruber, off-post gym, or say South Dakota/Germany) it.  However, Gruber does not have the space or equipment to support large group starts for the WODs as written.  
  • Jake and Co. are spinning out some alternate WODs that we can execute as a group with minimal equipment requirements.  Details in the normal WOD posts at 1800.  Expect group work to be very monostructural cardio and bodyweight/gymnastic centric.  And outdoors (brr).  Strongly recommend you continue to follow strength and Oly work by squeezing it in at Gruber later in the day.

If your schedule allows, Elizabeth has provided another great option.  She will be opening her fully equipped CrossFit gym at the Riverfront Community Center (home of Absolute Body & Mind) from 4:30-7:00 pm today through Friday with a nominal $2.00 user fee.

Be flexible and stay tuned for updates!

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