Nov 12, 2013

Wednesday 11.13.13

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Main WOD
5 RFT of:
   8 Knees to Elbows
 12 Kettle Bell Swings (2 pood/1.5 pood)
 24 Double Unders

Skill Work
Max effort Butterfly Pull Ups in 3 attempts

Optional Strength Work
Overhead Squats 3-3-3 at 85%, 2-2 at 90%, 1 at 95%

Post time to the whiteboard and to comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to "3, 2, 1...Go" at these times)

Main WOD
With low repetitions of each movement, this is a great WOD to strive for unbroken sets. Take a deep breath before starting each exercise and commit to finishing the entire set before taking your next break.

Fight for accuracy on the knees to elbows; resist the urge to convert this movement into "knees to arm pits." Scale the movement by hanging from the bar and raising your knees as high as possible. The kettle bell will be heavy. That's okay. There are only a handful of reps. You can do it. Maintain good posture through the swings--chest and shoulders up--to prevent injury to the lower back. Similarly, the double unders are low rep. Commit to doing them, even if you have to throw in a few singles between your doubles to make it happen. If you absolutely must perform singles, substitute 72 singles in each round for the 24 doubles.

Skill Work
Compared to the kipping pull up, the butterfly pull up cuts down on half the swing cycle, resulting in much faster reps. If you are comfortable with the kipping pull up, take some time today to work on the butterfly pull up with this tutorial.
If you are already a pro at the butterfly pull up, test your stamina with three max effort sets.
If you are still working on your kipping pull-up, try this progression.

Optional Strength Work
According to Greg Glassman, the overhead squat is the "ultimate core exercise, the heart of the snatch, and peerless in developing effective athletic movement." Work 3 sets of 3 reps at 85%, 2 sets of 2 reps at 90%, and then 1 rep at 95%. Your snatch will thank you.


Susan Friend said...

Dear Scott,

I miss you.

Your Dive Belt

P.S. Susan is tired of carrying me around in her gym bag.

Scott S said...

Back in tomorrow!!

Allan Jackman said...

8:17 Rx
Taxing on the grip and forearms.

Followed by butterfly PUs... didn't work on max reps.

OHS - 45-85-98-115 (felt like I could do more!). If you ever watch me to squat snatch, make sure I am looking straight ahead at the horizon and not at the ground (thanks Sam).

Jimmy Chen said...

Managed to eek out a sub-seven minute time this morning. Have to agree with Allan, though - my forearms were SMOKED!

Skipped the skill work in favor of strength work. OHS's with weight gave me some learning points, particularly the importance of keeping your core tight to stabilize yourself on the ascent/descent. Was faltering until I exhaled and tightened my abs. After that, it wasn't too bad.

Sam Friend said...

7:28 Rx
I love KTEs. I complained to Susan about the heavy KBS last night. She was not very sympathetic. Even though I almost dropped it on my head twice, it was good to push myself with that weight.

Susan Friend said...

8:44 Rx

This was definitely a forearm smoker. You know you're in trouble when double unders are difficult because you can't grip the handles of the rope!

I saw some strong sets of KTE this morning--Jared, Jimmy, Scott, Rick, Andy. Unfortunately, my KTEs stalled out after the first set. I've got to have Sam teach me how to string these things together better.

I redeemed myself with some OHS work afterward. I did sets at 125-145-155. Good observation on the OHS, Jimmy. If you take a deep breath before you descend into the squat, it keeps your core solid. Don't exhale until you stand back up.

I also worked butterfly pull-ups with Allan briefly. He is a great resource for learning this movement!

Scott S said...

Good to be back in it. Man you don't realize how much you miss the bubble! Huge group for 545, Allan and Sam look like PL and PSG breifing an Op.

7:58 Rx. Felt good, but as stated, grip was gone. Felt like I'd been to a climbing wall or something. Stayed unbroken on all sets...except the last round of KBS when I almost dropped it on my head on the 11th rep.

Worked OHS prior with Jay. Up to 115 for 3 and felt good. Working back to a 2 year ago PR of 175. Shoulder felt good, watching Andy and Susan almost inspired me to push it, but decided to stay safe. (Although might have to turn in my man-card watching Susan do a triple @ 135 and Andy with 205!) Nice job both of you badasses!

Butterfly still not smooth. Able to do sets of 4-5 before rythm is off, but getting better. Good to practice.

Scott S said...

So, just noticed I posted after Susan. I obviously left while she was still working on OHS....working up, to 155! You can have my man-card until I redeem myself.

Andy said...

8:21 Rx on the METCON. KBS slowed me down, split 6/6 on last 3 rds. And a little leisurely on transitions, that's what I get for not being ready to go with the group at 0630. Lots of good times this AM, great job all.

3 x 95-135-165
2 x 185-185
1 x 205-210 (PR)
Wobbly at the top on both singles, but got control.

Second Scott's thoughts. Thanks to all the regulars that are taking initiative and coralling groups for WOD briefs. It's awesome to see, and invaluable for new folks just getting started.

Dan R. said...

6:48 Rx

Worked butterfly pull-ups. Actually, butterfly movement with not much pull-up since my head never got to or above the bar.

OHS 85-95-115.

Ross said...


7:43 with a 75 lb DB vice KB for the KBS.

Yeah Butterfly rhythm was not in me today.. Tried and tried, couldn't the the motion down. So I did a couple sets of strict pull ups for 10.

3x3 @ 155
1x2 @ 165
1x2 @175
1x1 @185 felt really good, had to end there due to time.

Adam Thompson said...

CONGRATS on the PR Andy!

6:54 Rx

I thought that my forearms were going to explode after this one. Holy grip strength Batman.

72 pullups. Want to try this again.


Andy said...

Thanks, Adam...and congrats to you on just being freakishly strong.

Noah said...

OHS 95-125-125, 135-135, 145-155. I think 155 ties my 1RM.

Then the METCON at 6:32 Rxd with Mike D in hot pursuit. Swinging that wrecking ball sux.

IronJake78 said...

Wow and here I was somewhat impressed with myself at a 8:35 time on the WOD (I also had about 30 seconds of - oh crap I can't jump rope here!)

Sets were all unbroken, and my transitions weren't bad. Apparently I need to speed up gravity on my Kettle Bell swings!


EJ Gust said...

6:25 Rx'd
Worked up to 135 lbs on OHS...strength is coming back slowly but surely!

Ricky C said...

Really tried to get under 7, but time waits for no man! (despite my significant mental effort to will time to pause every time I missed a DU)

Awesome PR Andy!

Good to see you again Scott. I too must turn my man card in to Susan until I am able to OS more than my body weight.