Nov 6, 2013

Veteran's Day WOD for Warriors

IMCFers!  The 5 W's below on next Monday's holiday WOD:

WHO:  All members of the Ft Leavenworth community
WHAT:  Veteran's Day WOD for Warriors - "Armistice"
WHEN:  Monday, 11 November 2013 at 0800
WHERE:  PT track (Cody and Biddle), inclement weather location is the Bubble
WHY:  Build camaraderie, have fun, and sweat a bit as we honor the contributions of our nation's Veterans

Come join us as we partner with Team RWB Leavenworth for an invigorating start to the holiday. The workout combines some very basic gymnastic movements with short sprints, and is scalable for EVERYONE. So, bring your family out to join in or use it as an opportunity to introduce a friend to IMCF, RWB, and functional fitness. More details on the WOD, the RWB organization, and donation opportunites at the WOD for Warriors page.

Extended weather forecast looks dry, keep your fingers crossed. We'll confirm location and start time here and on the RWB facebook page this weekend based on weather! Post any questions to comments...

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I'm in. Got my shirt too, pretty cool