Nov 25, 2013

Tuesday 11.26.13

Main WOD
Row 50 calories, then
   -Strict Pull Ups
   -Handstand Pushups

Skill Work
Turkish Get Up, 5 minutes, work up to heaviest weight possible

Optional Skill Work
Hang Snatch, 2 reps at 80% EMOM for 5 minutes (do not repeat missed reps)

Post time to the whiteboard and to comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to "3, 2, 1...Go" at these times)

*** If you ordered a hoodie, it will be available for pickup from 0600-0800***

Main WOD
Begin the WOD by rowing 50 calories.  HINT: Put the damper on "10" and you'll finish faster. Then, perform alternating sets of strict pull ups and handstand pushups. The handstand pushups do not have to be strict. Scale the pull ups by kipping, using a band, or doing jumping pull ups, in that order. Scale the HSPU by using multiple ab-mats or performing pike push-ups with a box.

Skill Work
Turkish Get Ups strengthen your core and increase your prospects of becoming a circus performer. Practice them with a kettle bell, dumbbell or barbell if you are daring.

Optional Skill Work
Execute two snatches starting from the above-knee hang position every minute on the minute for five minutes. Do not repeat missed reps.


Jimmy Chen said...

Whew! No sooner than I felt recovered from shin splints that I came down with a bug over the weekend. I feel recovered enough to come back tomorrow to do this WOD.

Can't wait!!

Allan Jackman said...

21:04 Rx
Strict pull-ups done by the onesies. 63 HSPUs is a lot, couldn't have completed these without kipping. When kipping HSPUs, bring the knees deep into your chest and explode up and slightly towards the wall. The kip should excel your body about 3/4 of the way to full arm extension.

TGUs up to 70lbs. Important to keep the arm holding the KB incredibly stiff and locked out above your center of mass, which is usually your face.

Hang Squat Snatch at 95lbs, about each minute 5 times

Sam Friend said...

27:15 Rx
Felt like I was on a great pace until I went into a handstand during the round of 9 and saw Allan staring at me disappointedly after he had finished. I'll do better for you next time.
It's always fun to do snatch work after you destroy your shoulders!

Jimmy Chen said...

Finished *just* under 23 minutes. Did everything strict, but marveled at some of the folks' ability to do kipping HSPUs. One day, I'll get there...

Susan Friend said...


I love this WOD because it delivers a solid shoulder workout using just your body weight. It is a perfect pre-Thanksgiving workout. As I'm indulging this week, I'll remember how heavy I felt on the pull-up bar and try not to compound the situation.

My pull-ups were "strict-ish." I didn't kip, jump or use a band, but there was definitely some kicking and shoulder flexion involved. Allan, thanks for the tips on the HSPU!

The Turkish Get Up . . . this old-school strongman movement has always fascinated me. It is the embodiment of masculinity. I saw some impressive Turkish get-ups this morning--Sam, John, Ken. I even saw a couple of barbell TGUs--Adam and Rick. Nice work guys!

Ross said...


21:10, I used kipping HSPU and screwed up and forgot my ROW at the beginning so I rowed at the end..

Hang Snatches @ 135, but did 2 EMOTM for 10 Min, after 5 min I realized I had gone a little light do to some stiffness and didn't really settle into the snatches until about min 3 so I extended it for 10 min.

Finished off with 3x10 OHS @135, and some light TGU 10 per side.

IronJake78 said...

With this being a short week for me I have completely deviated from the scheduled programming.

Yesterday morning did:
5 rounds of
20 Wall Balls @20lbs
50 Double Unders
10 Pull Ups
Did it in 13:57 which isn't too shabby, but not all pro or anything.

In the P.M. I did 5/3/1 program on squats ended up at 305lbs for 5 reps.

Then I got a little crazy and decided to conduct an experiment.

So High Bar Back Squats have been hailed by the Olympic Lifting Community as the "ultimate" squat for their sport. Sound enough and I'm sure there is some biased study out there that they all point towards. I've argued that low bar or high bar doesn't matter - just do some dang squats.

But I can't actually say that with any degree of certainty because I haven't done them myself since highschool. So after my low bar squats, I stripped the weight and went high bar expecting catastrophic failure. Well after doing sets up five up 225 I have to say they are very transferable to olympic lifts, however because you literally can bounce off the bottom you aren't getting as much strength work out of them as testing your own elasticity. I'll continue this experiment tomorrow.

Today did 10 sets of 2 bench press at 50% with 60 seconds rest between sets, then 5 rounds of 3 foward rolls 25 double unders and 5 burpees. Did it is 5:17.


Andy said...

27:05 Rx, kipping HSPU. Humbled. Got off the rower quick but bogged down on PU right away. Slow-go through HSPU, may have overdone it on the shoulder but felt OK enough to keep chipping away. A few reps ended with a Kool Moe Dee style worm when I failed to lock out all the way. Abmats taste good.

Who was that gymnastics ninja finishing in 12:00?

Dan R. said...

24:30-scaled HSPU to pike off box in middle of 12 rep set.

Worked Turkish get ups to #53.

started with PVC pipe, then #45 bar, then #65 for 5 minutes with snatch with a bunch of good pointers from Jared.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Hanging Snatch 2x EMOM 5-min @ 105lb
(Snatch 1RM ~135lb)
Missed 2x reps

22:27 scaled w/ blue-green band on HSPU rds 15 thru 3


Susan Friend said...

IMCF Hohenfels--

How do you scale a HSPU with a band? Seriously. I'm trying to visualize this modification.

Joe Marine said...

Banded HSPU:
-wrap one band as you would around a pullup bar for pullups
-Lay a second band across the pullup band where your foot usually goes.
-stick your arms through the "loops" of the second band where they come across the front of your shoulders.
-Flip into the HSPU position and the 2 bands will reduce some weight for you. Twisting one foot into the upper band can help with balance.