Nov 18, 2013

Tuesday 11.19.13

Main WOD
For time:
25 sit ups
25 box jumps (24/20)
25 pull ups
25 deficit pushups (45/25)
500m row
Then reverse (row performed once)

Skill Work
ME Double Unders in 3 attempts OR
5 min ME Double Unders

Optional Strength Work
"One and a Quarter" Front Squats, heaviest possible, 1-1-1-1-1

Post time to comments and the whiteboard.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to "3, 2, 1...Go" at these times)

Main WOD
For this WOD, grab an abmat, a box, and two bumper plates. Begin with the sit ups; remember to touch your toes or the floor in front of you as you sit up. Move to the box and perform 25 "Games Standard" box jumps, i.e. open up your hip on top of the box before stepping or jumping off. Next, perform 25 pulls ups. Then, do deficit pushups, using the two bumper plates to create a deficit between your hands and the floor. Touch your chest to the floor between the bumper plates (45-lb plates for men/25-lb plates for women). Then, row 500m. Finish by reversing the movements--25 deficit pushups, 25 pull ups, 25 box jumps, and 25 sit ups.

Skill Work
How many double unders can you do in three attempts? 30? 40? 200? Post your awesomeness to the comments. If you are still working double unders, commit 5 minutes to becoming better at them. Tomorrow, you'll be glad you did.

Optional Strength Work
Have you ever pulled yourself under the barbell in a heavy clean and then couldn't stand it up? If so, you'll appreciate this movement. Start with the barbell in the front rack position. Descend to the bottom of the squat. Stand up one-quarter of the way and then drop back into the bottom of the squat. Now, stand all the way up. Yeah, it's as painful as it sounds. It might help you save your next heavy clean, though. For a visual demonstration, watch this video.


Jimmy Chen said...

After much Motrin, pigging out, and sleep these last 48 hours, I'm finally ready to CF again!

Looking forward to it!!

Andy said...

"Have you ever pulled yourself under the barbell in a heavy clean and then couldn't stand it up?" Ha ha...hope no one has any footage from Saturday.

Sam Friend said...

That's just mean Andy... But I'd really like to see that footage.
10:36 Rx
Was not getting the groove of the DUs this morning. I hope I can get the groove back for tomorrow.
Ended with a tougher than expected set of one and a quarter front squats at 155 and 175.

Jared said...

The METCON was really painful. 12:35 as RX. Spent a little time waiting on a rower but not enough to matter. DU was okay at 32, 27, 24. The front squats felt great. Worked up to 215 and still able to keep speed out of the bottom.

Andy said...

Sam -- I was referring to myself! I got pinned at 245 on the ladder.

Stayed the course today, some good stretching followed by GWOD work. Backward roll to candlesticks, skin-the-cats, and a few sets of strict TTB.

Sam Friend said...

You weren't the only one, Andy. It is only funny when no one gets hurt.

Adam Thompson said...

9:29 Rx

Worked on some ring L-sits that came up on the main site yesterday.

1.25 front squats

IronJake78 said...

God's of Iron smiled today!

Back Squat
285x10 new rep PR!!!!

Bench Press

Finished out with 5x10 of bench press at 95. Will do some light Deadlifts later today.



11:22 RX. Nice to get some gymnastics work in the mix.

Oh Double Unders!!! Why have you forsaken me... I need help, I have lost my way.

Dan R. said...

9:33 Rx
5 sets of DU's that averaged 40's-60's.
Worked front squats at 135-175.

Allan Jackman said...

12:49 Rx, these push-ups are getting to me.

I left my rope at home, so I went straight into the 1.25 squat, finished at 205, failed at 215.

Allan Jackman said...

Andy, ditto.

Jimmy Chen said...

10'07", I think. I'm great with METCON stuff until you add weight, as was painfully obvious this last weekend...

For DUs, I topped out at 43, with the other two attempts being 23 and 30.

Worked the front squats to get used to it. Much thanks for Jared for pointing out the balance piece of the equation! I didn't realize until this morning that there's a LOT more technical stuff involved with Oly lifts.

Learn something new every day!!

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

"One and a Quarter" (FS 1RM ~205lb)
1-1-1-1-1-1-1 @ 185lb

*subbed/scaled 100x DU ILO row
**subbed 15lb DB ILO 45lb plates

Kipping practice

Susan Friend said...


It was defeating watching people who started 3 minutes after me pass me up. Great speed on this one, Jimmy!

Jared gave a great mini-course on the "one and a quarters" after the WOD.

I worked up to 155 on the "One and a Quarters." I got 2 successful reps and a 3rd rep with assistance. (Andy was just roaming around the gym. I needed to give him something to do.) I'm going to count that last rep as a "one and an eighth."

Russ Ames said...

19 ish...75# and single unders