Nov 11, 2013

Tuesday 11.12.13

Main WOD
"Bring Sally Up"
Back Squats (135/95) to the hit song Bring Sally Up

Ten intervals of Row 30 seconds, Rest 30 seconds
Score = shortest distance rowed in any 30 sec interval

Skill Work
3 min max effort of Muscle Ups

Optional Strength Work
Clean Pull 2-2-2-2 at 110% of 1RM Clean
Then, 2 Hang Squat Clean (70%) EMOM for 5 minutes

Post how much you love Bring Sally Up and your row distance to comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to "3, 2, 1...Go" at these times)

Main WOD
This is what we'll be doing. If Jason Kalipa can do it, we'll have no problem, right? From experience, I can tell you that Sally feels like a ton of bricks by rep 10. There are two ways to scale this WOD: (1) Go lighter. Pick a weight that you can sustain through at least 10 reps. (2) Stay "up" for a couple of reps and then resume. Dropping the barbell is not recommended. Positioning the barbell in the back squat rack position is time consuming, and this WOD is not long enough to mess around with extra barbell movements.

If you are performing this WOD on your own, you can access the song here or perform 30 back squats in a single set.

After you've recovered from Sally, head over to the rowers and test your rowing consistency. Try to keep the intervals even, as your score will be the least distance rowed in any interval.

Skill Work
If you have solid ring muscle-ups, test your stamina with 3 minutes of max effort muscle ups. If you are still learning the ring muscle up, try this progression, which works the transition.

Optional Strength Work
The first part of a clean is getting that heavy barbell off the ground and high enough to pull yourself under it. So today, practice clean pulls with a barbell that is heavier than your 1 rep max clean. Think of it as an exuberant deadlift. Like the snatch pulls that we performed last week, keep your arms straight through the shrug to rid yourself of the nasty "early arm bend" habit.

Following the clean pulls, strip the barbell down to 70% of your 1 rep max and perform two hang squat cleans every minute for 5 minutes. Focus on keeping the arms straight through the shrug to maximize power.



Rowing tip: Avoid the math. Press "menu back" and "just row" after every interval so that you have a fresh distance count each time. Use the big red clock for starts and the little clock on the display will count up for you.

Shoot for 200m each time!

Jimmy Chen said...

As I've said this before to various folks this morning after the workout, "that Sally is a cruel mistress!" Didn't go the full 115 since I got in late, but managed to find some 15-pounders for the bar. Even then, at 75 lbs, it was hard!

Couldn't break the 160-m mark on the rower. Hit my plateau around the 7th round.

MUs were...interesting. I timed the 3-minutes off of the "Bring Sally Up" song and did a measly 6 reps.

On the plus side, I did build some confidence with the clean pulls, though.

Adam Thompson said...

135 for Sally. Really good WOD. I like constantly varidness of this month's programming.

Tried of hover under a 1:50 pace on the rower. Fell off a little in the later rounds.

Going 110% on the clean pulls made the Hang Cleans feel that much easier, but I am sure that was the point.

I quick coaching cue on the clean pulls. Make sure that you are finishing "up" when hitting triple extension and not pulling "back." Pulling back gets you in a bad habit of kicking the bar too far away from your body and then having to chase the bar to get under on the third pull.

Ross said...


Warmed up with some BJ work some hand stand walk progressions and three sets of 5 Bar MU.

Second time doing Sally (about 6 weeks ago first attempt) - last time I failed @135 and restarted at 95 and did the whole song. Definitely a mental hurdle once you gone through it the second time is completely different it looses a little of its pain but still a good workout.

Today I was able to get through the entire song @ 135 - Very excited.

Rows - Rob - I know I am a bad rower, but there is no way I was ever going to hit 200m in 30 sec. I hit 160m consistently until the 7 th rd, then it was 155, 150, and my lowest 145, finished with 152

so 145 for my score on that.

Clean Pulls - I used 225, not 110% of 1RM, but still heavy - tried to mimic the video but felt like an oaf - wasn't sure I was doing them completely right.

Finished with
2x Hang Squat Cleans EMOTM for 5 Min @185

Then did 3 more sets of 5 Bar MU and was working with another guy in the gym on his MU Progressions.


I do not like Sally. She spends too much time in the DOWN position. She is lazy and it hurts.

Regardless, did it 95 at lbs...ouch

Lowest row was a 151. Good training.

Andy said...

Sally at 115, missed a few reps along the way. Now I have a new answer when someone asks "how can I improve my squat ROM?"

Random musical note. "Flower" is now my 2nd favorite workout song by Moby. "Machete" is a top 3 go-fast running song. The ramp up at 1:40 is like a nitrous shot to the heart.

Row was 144m, preceded by 14 MU. Got 10 UB, then bonked and couldn't recover. Probably could have come up with a smarter approach to that one. Whole lot of pulling today,. saving clean work for lunch/PM. Good pull tip, Adam.

Allan Jackman said...

Scaled to 95lbs and still missed 5-6 reps.

Followed with the rowing intervals, staying around 1:37-1:45 pace.

MU - worked on normal grip MUs, good cues by Adam, definitely something I want to improve.

Finally, hit a few clean pulls at 135lbs.

Dan R. said...

Tried Sally @ #115-missed 5-6 at that weight.

Kept rowing in 1:35-1:39 Pace

Worked MU and ended up with 0.

Did clean pulls @ #135.

Bought the Moby song on itunes and the alblum cover reminds me of Jared doing box jumps.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:


"Bring Sally Up"
Back squat 30x @ 135lb - 2:23
*unable to download the tune on gov't computer - probably would have not been able to keep pace anyway

Row @ 141m (max @ 147m)
*there is an interval workout 30:/30r that does all the math for just have to stop at 10x intervals

Clean pulls
5-5-5-5 @ 225lb

Susan Friend said...

Excellent point, Adam. Pulling the shoulders back instead of shrugging up forces you to jump forward to land the lift. Save the broad jumps for the track!

I like Andy's observation, too--Sally is a great fix for an immature squat. It is almost impossible to sustain this squat sequence if you don't have the flexibility to sit "cheeks to heels" with a barbell. That said, I missed my fair share of reps! I used 95-lbs, and it was agonizing. I didn't feel like the weight was too heavy; I felt like my legs filled up with so much lactic acid that standing up was painful!

The row helped move some of the lactic acid out of my legs. Unfortunately, I spent too much of my row time chatting and ended up with 105m as my shortest interval.

Michael Rivers said...

Hello everyone, my name is Michael and I am currently in Korea. I'm PCSing to Fort Leavenworth in January so I have been following your programming for a little while now. I did the deadlift/burpee WOD the other day and I decided to do this one as well.

This was my 3rd time doing bring sally up... used 115lb and still missed a few reps... 4 or 5 I believe.

The hang squat cleans are awesome... love that movement. Did 2 emom for 5 min at 205lb.

Clean pulls were... heavy. Very heavy. I've never done clean pulls so I bumped it down to 90%.

Concept 2 and I don't get along... I went way to fast out of the gate... lowest score was 152.

Didn't know how long to rest before the MU so I went 5 min after the rowing... got 18 MU.

Looking forward to working out with all of you!