Nov 20, 2013

Thursday 11.21.13

Main WOD
12 minute AMRAP of:
     1 strict press (115/75)
     1 push press
     1 jerk
     200m run

Add 1 rep to the barbell movements each subsequent round, e.g. round 2 is 2-2-2. Perform 15 sit ups every time the barbell touches the floor except after the last rep of the round. Sit ups must be done immediately and do not count toward the score.

Skill Work
Wall Climbs and Wall Balls 1:00/0:40/0:20

Optional Strength Work
EMOM for 5 minutes: 2 Hang Squat Cleans at 70%

Post number of rounds to comments and the whiteboard.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to "3, 2, 1...Go" at these times)

Main WOD
This WOD builds stamina with the barbell by rewarding you for working in unbroken sets. Take a deep breath before starting each round and try not to drop the barbell until you are done with the round. If you must drop the barbell, perform 15 sit ups and then resume the round. Scale this workout by selecting a weight with which you can perform 5 to 7 strict presses.

Skill Work
Wall Climbs are a great way to become more comfortable with the handstand pushup, as well as a creative way to work out in a hotel room. Do 1 minute, 40 second, and 20 second sets of wall climbs and wall balls, alternating sets.

Optional Strength Work
Every minute on the minute for 5 minutes, perform two hang squat cleans at 70% of your max clean weight.




Looks like fun

Jared said...

Will do a shoulder mobility and warm up pre brief about 0610 for those around. Should serve well for both wod and wall walks.

Sam Friend said...

You forget how heavy that bar can get when you're not allowed to use your legs. I failed 3 times on the last set of strict presses. I actually liked the sit-ups for the rest they gave my shoulders.

Susan Friend said...

6 Rounds (65 lbs)

In Round 5, I realized that I was not doing the Rx weight. I added 10 more pounds for the last round, and ended up splitting the strict presses into 3 sets! I would have gone a LOT slower if I had done this WOD with the Rx weight.

A big thanks to Jared for demonstrating shoulder mobility exercises pre-WOD. I learned some new ones.

5 min EMOM of 2 Hang Cleans at 125-125-115-115-115

I started with 125 lbs and had horrible form--my knees were collapsing all over the place. I knew that I should drop weight, but I didn't want to! Rob told me that I was going to get a gimp leg from my movements, so I dropped 10-lbs. It is a lot easier to give advice on weightlifting than to take it. When I see someone with bad form, I advise them to drop weight. When I have bad form, I think, "I've got this, just give me one more chance!"

Ad Godinez said...


I appreciate your comment. It is somehow harder for me to find my faults and fix them - because I keep trying to go faster and only throw my form out the window. Those first sets of DLs this weekend were a perfect example of shame and ego!

Thanks for the insight. Rob, I hope you're around when I'm working out!

Adam Thompson said...

Shoulders are smoked. Can barely type.

6 Rounds Rx

I had to drop the weight twice on round of 6. Read the board wrong. For some reason I though that there was a 25 rep push up penalty. Oh well more shoulder work.


Hang Squat Cleans

Dan R. said...

6+16 @95. If I would have went Rx I think I would have had a great ab workout instead of a shoulder workout.

Hang squat cleans @ 115.

Scott S said...

6rds + 6 Strict Press @ 95#.

Shoulder still feeling sore from Sat, still have to scale.

Wall climbs 7, 4, 3.
WB 26, 18, 12.

No time for cleans today.

Jimmy Chen said...

Felt the beginnings of shin splints and sore hips since two days ago and it hasn't gone away this morning, so I had to take this day off for some rest, ice, and Motrin...sorry!

Looking at the WOD and the comments from everyone, though, it's bittersweet that I couldn't make it in this morning.

If recovery goes well, I'll be in tomorrow morning for the group WODs. Hope to see everyone there!

Andy said...

DL 3 x 315-335-345-315-315

Modified today's main WOD to "Death by Press Sequence": EMOM 1(+1) of press/PP/PJ (95). Got 5 rds and hit the wall. Finished with GHD/hip exts.

Tina Kracke said...

Ouch! Hurt my upper back somehow & cannot turn my head on my neck. Chiro after work tomorrow. Don't know if it was the WOD or the cleans. Having a hard time with the shrugs. Tough teaching day tomorrow, so will skip the WOD. Great progress for APFT weigh in & dropped 13 pounds from my groin / surgery scary weight. Never officially close to scale weight!!! APFT run only next WED. Haven't been running much so I can see how x-fit alone bears upon my time. Think I may see my first non-max on my run. Hope to be back on Monday.

Susan Friend said...


I think you'll be surprised by your APFT run. Last winter I ran ZERO times between December and March. It is too cold in South Dakota for that nonsense. However, I did CrossFit every day. In early April, I ran 1 mile in a WOD. It was the fastest mile I've ever run. CrossFit works. It builds your aerobic capacity without sacrificing strength. You'll do great on your run!