Nov 6, 2013

Thursday 11.07.13

Get Set to Get Wet!

Main WOD
4 rounds for time of:
50 yards with kickboard
10 crunches
50 yards with pull-buoy between knees
10 air squats
50 yards freestyle
10 hand release pushups

Skill Work
Swim 50 yards focusing on controlled breathing. Take a breath after every 3-4 strokes.

Optional Strength Work (aka shallow water blackout work)
Walk dive belt across the pool twice.

Post swim time to comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to "3, 2, 1...Go" at these times)

Main WOD
Remember when you were a kid and you begged your mom to take you to the pool because swimming was so much FUN?! Channel that inner child and make it to the pool today. The Harney pool is surprisingly warm, and you will feel invigorated after a nice swim. 
Before entering the pool, grab a kickboard and a pull-bouy from the pool deck. Swim 50 yards (down and back) with the kickboard, using just your legs. Hop out of the pool and do 10 crunches. Conveniently, you can do the crunches on the kickboard to save your spine. Then, jump back into the pool with the pull-bouy. Place it between your knees, and swim 50 yards using just your arms. Hop back out and do 10 air squats. Finally, swim 50 yards freestyle and do 10 hand release push-ups on the pool deck. Do this circuit 4 times.

Skill Work
If you are inclined, swim an extra lap practicing breath control. Consider these tips to improve your breathing pattern.

Optional Strength Work
Once you are in the pool, you will be having so much fun you won't want to get out. To finish things off, grab one of the dive belts brought in by Jared or Scott and carry it down and back across the pool. When needed, drop the dive belt and come up for air!


Russ Ames said...

Remember...if you can dream it, you can DO it!

The meme you used reminded me of Blades of Glory...


I am gonna swim with a 35 lbs plate to decrease intensity.

Russell Gibson said...

19:02 according to the wall clock. Always nice to mix it up with a pool workout!

Sam Friend said...

28:46... Coincidentally, that is also the new world record for man to hold his breath under water.

Meghan Smith said...

17:44...water felt great but I was 4 times reminded how I've allowed my push ups to become a goat. Looks like I can't deny it anymore!

Susan Friend said...

I finished the main WOD in 20-ish minutes and then worked with Rick & Andy walking the dive belt and other weighted objects across the pool. That did not work out as well as planned.

Jared said...

16:59 this morning. Always eager to get in the pool. Had to get home so did not do any of the additional work.

IronJake78 said...

"I am gonna swim with a 35 lbs plate to decrease intensity"

Bwhaa ha ha ha!!!!

Iron Jake Today:


Those felt strong! It was 0630 by the time I was done, so I'll have to do some assistance work at the house later. Will likely swim tomorrow because swimming is fun when you are a lump of iron!


Noah said...

21:21 in the water. The pull buoy laps were the worst for me. Breath control is always erratic as well which slows me down. Good WOD though.

Jodie Kunkel said...

37:24, scaled (lots of buoyant props to help with the swim). This is the first time I've been back in the pool the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge last spring and nope, still don't enjoy swimming. Maybe one day this rock will float.

Andy said...

24:25ish. Probably spent 20 of those minutes on the kickboard kicking hard and going nowhere. Always fun, always humbling.

Russ Ames said...

35 min and change....need better kicking technique. Too much time on those. But definitely loosened up the kinks from last 3 days.

No worries Jodi, I'm there with you. Quote from Plebe swimming instructor:

"I have full confidence in you Mr. Ames, just stay close to the wall."

Allan Jackman said...

8:42 (including cooking time)...I PR'd how quickly I could eat 3 Beglain waffles!!! I did not prepare for a pool WOD. Maybe this weekend, who wants to join me?

Ricky C said...

20-ish min. Great job Susan going the distance on one breath!