Nov 20, 2013

Random Stuff...

Just a few housekeeping notes... 
  • Should be tons of people strutting around here in some new garb!  Great support for the initial hoodie order.  If you missed Monday's order, no worries.  Placing another one on 01-02 Dec.
  • Bubble is CLOSED next Thursday for Thanksgiving, training holiday hours (0500-1700) on Friday. Plan on a holiday WOD you can do from home and normal Team WOD Friday at 0600.
  • Speaking of Turkey Day, check out this compilation of Paleo-friendly holiday recipes from Steph. Forget good for you, some of them look flat out good.  Experiment with some new menu items, or upgrade an old standard with a Paleo twist this Thanksgiving.
  • Looking for photos from last Saturday?  There are 1000+ photos posted to the IMCF facebook page in a few different albums.  Some awesome clean ladder sequences in there.  While you're at it, go ahead and "friend" us on there...just another way to share info and stay connected.  Many thanks to Maddy and Meg D. for posting pics!
And last, because so many have standings for the IMCF Challenge below.

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