Nov 17, 2013

IMCF Hoodie Update - ORDER NOW!

The people have spoken -- the American Flag won the vote for the front logo.  Individuals can order any of the three items (hoodie, zip hoodie, and track jacket) in any color desired.  All will have the flag on the front and the IMCF logo on the back.  See the previous post for more info on style and color options.

First order will be taken TOMORROW (Monday, 18 Nov) with a planned pick up on 26 Nov.  To place an order, track down Jay at one of the following times:
  • Bubble - 0600 to 0700
  • Lewis and Clark building cafeteria - 1220 to 1320
  • Back at the Bubble - 1600 to 1700.
Reminder on pricing:  hoodie - $18, zip hoodie - $22, and track jacket - $28.  Payments are required upfront via cash or check.  Please make checks payable to Big Frog. 

A second order window will take place from 2-4 Dec, expected delivery around 11-12 Dec.  We'll post details on time and place as it approaches.

Contact Jay at with any questions or to arrange alternate payment or pickup times!

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