Nov 15, 2013

IMCF Hoodie Teaser

You feel that nip in the air?  It's autumn, folks...and winter is right around the corner.  Gone are the days when a t-shirt will get you by.  Time to get serious.  Time to get yourself an IMCF hoodie.  And don't stop there, you selfish son of a...  Hoodies make the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday shopping list!

Here's your sneak peek at the awesome options Jay has lined up for us.*  First things first -- need to decide on the best front logo.  Feel free to post to comments and we'll also discuss at the IMCF Challenge on Saturday.  Once that's settled, it's on.  You will be able to custom build with your choice of style and base color.  Dark colors get white logos, light colors get dark logos.  Planned pricing is (L to R): hoodie - $18, zip hoodie - $22, and track jacket - $28.

Additional details on timeline, payment options, etc. to follow.  Thanks again to Jay for pulling this all together so quickly.  See you at the Challenge in the AM!!!

*Disclaimer -- your genetics and Army grooming regulations will prevent you from looking 100% as sexy as the models depicted below.  But, the apparel will get you most of the way there.  If you're not completely satisfied, just use your dissatisfaction for motivation the next time you lift heavy weights. Win-win.


Jimmy Chen said...

I vote for the U.S. flag front design.

Anyone else?

Adam Thompson said...

I am with Jimmy. I like the flag design the best.