Nov 21, 2013

Friday 11.22.13

Main WOD

Each partner completes one part of the couplet, and then switches. The object is to perform "A" exercises quickly so that your partner has less time to perform the "B" exercises.

1. A: 500m row
    B: Hang Power Clean (135/95)

2. A: 50 Box Jumps (24/20)
    B: Kettle Bell Swings (70/55)

3. A: 50 Wall Balls (20/14)
    B: Burpees

Your score is the total reps of B exercises.

Skill Work
Blocked Pull-Ups 3 sets of 10

Optional Strength Work
Deadlift (up to 75% of 1RM) 5-5-5-5-5

Coach's Notes. (standard Friday times of 0545 WOD brief and 0600 go, warm up prior!  IF you need an earlier start, post to comments to coordinate)

Main WOD
Thank Andy for this gem of a WOD. It might be the most exciting team workout . . . ever. Unlike the typical team WOD where you work together to accomplish a task, this WOD pits partners against each other. One partner performs task "A" while the other partner performs task "B." The partner completing task "B" counts his reps. The partner completing task "A" attempts to finish as quickly as possible so that his partner has less time to complete repetitions of the "B" exercise. Then, partners switch. The workout is scored individually, with the score equal to the total repetitions of "B" exercises completed in all three couplets.

NOTE: Resist the urge to partner with the weakest, slowest person you can find. Pair up with someone of equal capabilities and push each other to work hard for each rep.

Skill Work
Is your wild and crazy kip slowing down your pull ups? If so, practice some blocked pull ups to tighten up your range of motion. Watch this video for a good demonstration.

Optional Strength Work
Execute 5 sets of 5 deadlifts, working up to 75% of your 1RM. Maintain good posture through the lifts to avoid back injury.  A very common movement error is to 'break' the neck by looking up or straight ahead.  Spinal alignment needs to run from the base of your head all the way down to your coccyx.  Point your head to a point on the floor about six feet in front of the bar.  Then keep your head, shoulders and torso in alignment throughout the movement up and down.


Jimmy Chen said...

Wow, this is a different concept! Looking forward to it!!

Jimmy Chen said...

Somehow managed an 82. Paired up with Susan as my adversary, which is already a challenge (and an honor, might I add)! I was left in the dust, but the challenge to keep up with Susan kept me going.

Now for some Neosporin and some shin-splint relief this weekend...

Adam Thompson said...

Paired with Jacob
Burpees 29
KB 26
HCL 20
Total 75
He definitely pushed me no to put the bar down. I sear that dude rowed 1:30 500m.

Susan Friend said...

Thanks for being my partner, Jimmy. I could tell the box jumps were killing your legs, but you never slowed down. You're a fighter!

We had a big turn out this morning, and I saw some impressive work. Adam and Jacob raced through the workout with lightening speed. Dan and Allan battled it out in style. Jared helped coach my neighbors, Sabrina and Mark, who are both strong and will be assets to our group.

After the WOD, I worked muscle ups with Scott, Carlos and Jodie. Scott taught me some techniques for doing a muscle up without the false grip. Scott's muscle ups are phenomenal. I tried to copy them, but my attempts amounted to just a bunch of swinging on the rings.

Jacob Heppner said...

Got to pair up with Adam Thompson!!! AKA Gymnastics Ninja.

Burpees: 48x
KB: 50x
H.P.CLN: 30x
Total: 128

Then proceeded to have a "Row-Off" with Charles.

Kudos to Andy for coming up with this awesome format and Susan including it in her programming....maybe I can implement an Team, 2v2, Adversaries workout somehow....

Also congrats to Dan "The Man" on his 2nd MU of his life and the scars to show it.

Scott S said...

Partnered with Charles, who even with 1 arm smoked it!
We started with burpees and WB because burpees are so awesome....

Score as I think I remember it.
BRP - 29
KB - 38
HPCLN - 22

DL after with Adam, Charles, Ken, and Jodie.
5 x 5 @ 275#.

Susan inspired me to work a few muscle-ups, but don't let her fool you, she was pulling slow strict MU, which is unbelievably hard. I was just trying to show her the easier/cheater way of using a big kip (which is the only way I can, since I can't do strict!)

Dan R. said...

Partnered with Allan and had a good workout.

Thanks to Jared for the help with hang power cleans. Identifed some of my energy leaks. (Landing with weight on balls of my feet, limited mobility in ankles, not opening hips, incorrect width on grip, not curling bar with shrug, not keeping elbows locked, elbows not facing out, pushing bar away from my body, shrugging shoulders before opening my hip, etc....) But other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

Did get MU #2 today. Nice view from atop the rings. I don't make it up there often.

Dave Harlan said...

19/45/24 = 88 Rx, solo.

Timed the first leg of each and then used a countdown timer to do the second.

Andy said...

Makeup strength work at COB. FS 5 x 205-210-215-210-210. Press 5 x 95-115-115-115(4) and had to cut it short. Sounds like I missed a fun one this AM...thank the internets for that WOD!

Cedric Burden said...

Great WOD...the 50 wall balls were a crusher...I was pretty satisfied with my performance after recovering all week from Saturday...
PC- 18 (95#)
KBS- 46 (55#)
Burpees- 45