Nov 14, 2013

Friday 11.15.13


Main WOD
Hoover Ball   (Relax, read below.)

Skill Work
Bar Muscle Ups & Box Jumps 1:00/0:40/0:20

Optional Strength Work
3-3-3-3-3 Bench Press, working up to 90%

Post any trash talking or proposed team names to comments.  Points may be awarded for most 'functional' uniform.

Coach's Notes.

Main WOD
Hoover Ball is a game of catch played with a medicine ball over a volleyball net with tennis rules. To facilitate quick games and maximum participation, we will use these simplified rules:
1. Serve the ball from anywhere behind the back line. The ball cannot touch the net on service.
2. The ball may be passed twice (3 total touches) per side before it must be passed over the net.
3. Any method of throwing or passing is allowed.
4. The ball must either be caught or allowed to go out of bounds by the receiving side.
5. Points can be scored by either team regardless of who served:
    1 point for the ball hitting the ground/on the line on the receiving side of the net.
    1 point for the receiving side if the ball lands out of bounds without being touched.
    1 point for the opposite side if there is a 4th touch on the ball.
6. After a point is scored, the team closest to the ball (not necessarily the scoring team) picks up the ball and serves.
7. First team to 13 points wins.

Skill Work
If you are still working on bar muscle ups, try this progression.  Otherwise, complete three timed sets of bar muscle ups and box jumps, alternating exercises. First perform 1 minute of bar muscle ups, then 1 minute of box jumps. Then perform 40 seconds and 20 seconds sets of each exercise.

Optional Strength Work
Work with a partner on the bench press. This exercise does not have a pleasant exit strategy.


Nurse Murse said...

I propose Car RamRod as a team name

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

I've wanted to play Hoover Ball for some time. Never had/took the opportunity to do so with the staff. Hopefully, someone will describe how it went.

Next is push-ball, right?

Susan Friend said...

We had a great turn out for Hoover Ball this morning--about 20 people. We used 6-lb balls and two nets and played with 4-5 people teams. We started keeping score but quickly lost count!

Highlights included Dan raining down balls on Dustin, Charles repeatedly spiking the ball (the net was way too low for him!), and Bill and Brent risking all to save the ball.

Susan Friend said...

Push Ball? Sounds awesome. :)

Adam Thompson said...

Did a lot of mobility work today to get ready for tomorrow. Sad I missed Hover Ball.

For those that are competing tomorrow it is going to be a long day. Make sure that you bring plenty of food for tomorrow. Many of us (myself included) are not use to working out 3-4 times a day. You are going to need to refuel your body after each workout. Even if you don't want to. Stay hydrated after each workout. I recommend coconut water.

Also, who is bringing the beer for after the competition?

Ross said...


Hoverball by yourself really goes fast, like the other team wasn't even there - probably should have opposed the wall in a wallball death match but didn't fell like it.

Did bar MU until ripped some nice blood blisters into my hands, then did some light snatch 5x5 @95, snactch Balance 3x5 @95, and OHS 3x10 @95 work. finished with just 5x3 of 225 on bench could have gone higher, just not a big bench guy anymore..

Ross said...

good luck tomorrow to all the competitors. Looks like a good time.

Sadr City King said...

Adam, I will bring the "refreshments" post workout. Charles

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

"Freelance Friday"

Bench Press (1RM ~205lb)
3-3-3-3-3 @ 185lb

100x hang power clean @ 95lb
o scaled - 115lb Rx'd (WOD Shop)
o bar doesn't touch ground; rest in hip crease, front rack, etc.
o factored a 10x burpee penalty but made it through without touching ground

10x10 "Variety Pack" pushups

scottnkelly9901 said...

About push-ball:

The first address is to a magazine article that describes the game (1905)
National Magazine (1905)

Below is the address to a short video of some Marines playing
USMC Video

Recommend having referees and adding a few extra rules (beyond "no clipping") to mitigate risk.