Nov 18, 2013

2013 IMCF Challenge Results

What a day on Saturday!  There was an electric atmosphere in the Bubble and huge turnout for the IMCF Challenge.  Thanks to everyone that came out...athletes, volunteers, and supporters.  It was an awesome event for the entire Ft Leavenworth functional fitness community.  There is something special going on when an all-volunteer organization can marshal its resources and pull off something like this.  Group photo below...stay tuned for an event photo album, coming soon.

Great work by everyone that nugged it out from start to finish, and of course a special congratulations to those whose efforts placed them on the podium.  Keep up the hard work -- only 4 months until the Open...

Results / Division Winners


Men's Open Division
1. Adam Thompson
2. Mike Minchew
3. James Turner

Women's Open Division 
1. Susan Friend
2. Nicole Tennant
3. Leigh Gust

Men's Rx Division
1. Ryan Kroells
2. Marken Orsen
3. Ad Godinez

Women's Rx Division 
1. Tara Kinney
2. Jodie Kunkel
3. Angelica Martinez


Mike D said...


Is there a way to post all the results so we can see where we were? Thanks!


Congrats to everyone and especially those who placed...

Rematch in May?