Oct 15, 2013

Wednesday 10.16.13

Main WOD
3 RFT:
5 Squat Clean Thruster (135/95)
10 Bar Facing Burpee
15 Chest to bar Pull-ups

Skill/Accessory work

3 max rep timed sets: 1 min, 40 sec, 20 sec
Wall Ball Shots (20/14)
10 Ring Push-ups after each WB set

Post Main WOD time to comments and whiteboard.

Optional Strength WOD
Strict Press 3-3-3-3-3 (ascending to 80% of 1RM)
Push Press 3-3-3 (use same load as last press)

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to "3, 2, 1...Go" at these times)

Main WOD.  This is a taxing WOD, all the movements are hard and you will have to push yourself to complete the exercises without taking breaks. Here you balance your capacity to execute without going over the 'redline' and missing reps. The Squat Clean Thruster is an awful* exercise combining the toughest parts of the Clean with the ever gruesome Thruster. If you cannot catch the Clean in a squat, catch it and stand up to control it, THEN squat down to the bottom of a front squat and immediately explode up to execute the Thruster. At this weight you have to use momentum to move the weight, Pressing it from standing will be difficult. As you see from the video, bar facing burpees is a burpee but the jump is over the bar, you can turn sideways to the bar or perpendicular, just get down to the ground and then get over the bar...ten times. Commit to CHEST TO BAR, don't just do pull-ups. C2B require a bigger kip, and developing this will help your Muscle-ups and your regular pull-ups.

Accessory work/Skill practice.  The WB shots are a balance of a timed sprint, but focusing on PERFECT WB's. Good depth below parallel, Ball in front rack, use the momentum from the squat and hip extension to drive the ball to 10/9 ft targets. Between sets do the 10 Ring Push-ups and then take a breather. Best done with a partner for accountability and timing. Perfect practice...

Optional Strength WOD. Strict Presses are executed with NO movement from the hips or knees. Lock your lower body to the ground by getting into a good stance and 'screw' your legs into the floor by pushing down on your heels while turning the pressure out and squeezing your glutes. Press the bar from the front rack straight up, move your head out of the way of the bar until your arms are straight. Keep your elbows forward, don't let them bow out to the sides.

After you build up to your 80% of your 1RM for Strict Press, move on to the Push Press. These should feel relatively easy as the added dip and drive from your knees and explosion of your hip opening will propel the weight up. The idea here is to pre-fatigue your shoulders a bit with the strict presses first, forcing you to use good technique and momentum to drive the bar up. 

(*editor's note: awful -- as in, awfully awesome)

Training Videos.


Allan Jackman said...

10:31 Rx

WB 25/16/10

Press 95-95-105-107.5-110
Push Press 110-110-110

Crazy, Rob did belly button to bar pull-ups...

Jodie Kunkel said...

Weight: Strict Press 3X5@45, 55, 65 2X3@70. These did not feel awkward today. Push press 1X3@70

12:37 Rx'd w/ bands.

Skill: 20lbs WB 19/17/10 That first round I was not recovered after the WOD and my arms were the first to go.

Sam Friend said...

11:35 Rx
Squat clean thrusters...? Can we add any more complexity to this?... Maybe overhead lunges after the thrusters, just to make it hurt a little more?

Followed Allan on the WBs. Good fun!

Roger Wang said...

11:55 Rx
Thanks Sam for pushing me to do 135lbs for the thrusters!

Press 100/115/130
Push press 135/135/135

Scott S said...

Sam for you I was thinking overhead pistols...on a kettlebell, like the guy in the video.

10:52 Rx (CTB slowed everything down)

Strict Press prior - 75, 95, 115, 115, 115. PP 1 x 3 @ 115 (timed out to make the main WOD) Really focused on locking in the lower body and keeping the elbows in. Felt a lot better on the SP, not stronger, but less pain in the shoulder.

WBs 30 / 17 / 12 (with Jared, Susan and Jodie) Jared and I kept Games standards and no repped each other for quality. Good to have a judge next to you for these sprints, makes the quality that much better.

Ross said...


Good day overall today.

Took the cadets on the wonderful partner Burpee Broadjump workout that you all did last week or the week before. The loved it - not really but it was better than running 3 miles if you ask me... Then finished them off with some push-ups and sit-up drills, some dips and rope climbs.

Then Solo did Today's WOD - actually liked the Squat Clean Thruster - no that's a lie but I was able to do it pretty smoothly so I was happy.

WOD RX'd weight and CTB @ 7:40 I adjusted the bar facing burpees so I could stay on the lifting platform (One surface) while doing them - basically I did my burpees parrell to the bar then jumped over the bar each rep while spinning 180 degrees so on the other side of the bar I was facing the other direction - in my head it was close the to same as bar facing except without the exciting opportunity of misjudging the distance and slamming your head into the bar on the way down.

Afterwards did Strict press
3 x @ 95, 135, 145, 155, 155
then 3x3 Push Press @155.

Ran out of time for skill work.

SuperiorJake78 said...


Off-Load Week

WOD: General comments, thrusters in general are hard for me to pull off without injuring myself. I'm flexible in my shoulders, but not that flexible.

To maintain a solid rack for a front squat requires elbows being fairly high, which equates to the bar rolling out of the palms unless you are extremely flexible. To get from that compromised position directly into an overhead push press hurts my wrists and my shoulders.

For some reason the added clean made it hurt more than usual, and I ain't talking about a "feel the burn" hurt. In retrospect it would have been wiser for me to just do clean & jerks, probably faster too.

10:55 on the WOD, but I substituted the C2B with 20x push ups as I'm still ensuring I'm well practiced for my PT test.

Jared said...

11:17 as RXd this morning. The entire WOD hurt. Did press up to 125 then PP at 125.
Finished with WBS - 23,17,10 or about.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Press (1RM ~145lb)
3-3-3-3 @ 115lb
Push Press
3-3-3 @ 115lb

scaled thrusters to 115lb
*definitely felt every one of those pull-ups and push-ups from yesterday's "Chelsea" attempt

10x 120lb stone power "cleans"
3x 170lb stone deadlifts


Adam Thompson said...

7:27 Rx

Yeah 'clusters'. I remember when these were programmed for one of the open workouts.

Bar-facing burpees are always terrible. Though not as bad a rower-facing burpees.

Scott S said...

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If it's awesome you can thank me, if not we're learning together.

Andy said...

Press to 125, PP at 125

3-position cleans (clean, low hang, hi-hang): 135-155-165-175-185-195. Felt decent in boots. OK driving through my foot, but still no good in flexion (squat) or lateral movement.

Clusters...I like it.

Jimmy Chen said...

9'49". Bar-facing burpees aren't so bad as the chest to bar pull-ups.