Oct 8, 2013

Wednesday 10.09.13

Main WOD
"Track Triplet" (2012 Games WOD)

3 rounds for time:
8 Snatch (115/75)
7 Bar muscle-ups
Run 400m

Skill/Accessory work
1 min, 40 sec, 20 sec max rep sets of:
Box Jump (24/20)
Wall Ball (20/14, 10')

Post Main WOD time to comments and whiteboard.

Optional Strength WOD
Front Squat 5 x 5 ascending up to 65% of 1RM Back Squat.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to "3, 2, 1...Go" at these times)

Main WOD. This was a WOD from the 2012 CF Games. The Snatches are power snatches,so you do not have to receive the bar in the full squat, you can catch it anywhere comfortable. In the Games athletes were required to do 'split, alternating feet' snatches, however we will just do snatches however capable. Scaling guidance:
  • Snatch.  As part of your warm-up, build-up with light snatches to feel out if 115/75 is possible for multiple reps. If not, obviously reduce to a weight at which you can easily knock out multiple reps. These should almost be 'touch and go' reps. NOT a weight you have to drop and reset, so plan accordingly. 
  • Bar muscle ups.  Like ring muscle-ups, scaling bar muscle-ups means an increase in reps for the replacement exercises. 1 Bar Muscle-up = 3 x CTB Pull-ups and 3 x Dips (static or ring if you want to up the strength work). So your total per round would be 21 CTB & Dips.   Alternate between the 2 movements to keep moving (ex/ each round, do 3 x 7 of each).
Optional Strength. Front squats 5 x 5 in ascending sets.  Last set should end at 65% of your 1 rep max for your Back Squat from the CF Total from 2 weeks ago. For a Front Squat, this will be a difficult, heavy weight, as generally athletes' front squats are significantly lower than their back squats. Focus on keeping torso up, weight on your heels, elbows high. Being comfortable in the bottom of the Front Squat will build confidence in your Squat Cleans, so don't rush...this movement is key to many lifts and WODs.
Accessory work/Skill practice. These are max effort sets of PERFECT reps. Best done with partners to watch, count and keep time. Practice here will pay off when these exercises come up in later WODs. Rest and recover as needed between sets, and work as hard as possible for each set.

Training Videos.
  • Track Triplet - Games footage...this was the shortest example, there are more but much longer.
  • Snatch - classic Coach Burgener garage video.
  • Wall Ball - good tips on efficiency and proper mechanics.


Allan Jackman said...

13:43 Rx

Congrats to Kai, Justin, and Kwame for getting their first muscle-ups on the bar this morning.

Front sqts will be this afternoon.

Sam Friend said...

17:30 (scaled snatches to 95#)

That was wonderfully horrible! I have a lovely bruise under my pecks. Are bar muscle-ups really worth it?

Congrats to John for his first... through 22nd muscle-ups today!

SuperiorJake78 said...

Significant time issues today, and really for the rest of the week into the weekend as well.

Today I have no time to return and do the METCON so my priority went to that this morning

WOD scaled to this:
3 Rounds for time of:
95lb Power Snatch x5
Push Up x20 (P.T. test coming up - good practice)
400m dash
Did it in 8:05 then just about tossed my cookies.

Good training.

Scott S said...

A few congrats all around, lots getting first BMU!!

Great job Roger- BMU without climbing into it!

And a holy crap to Rick!! 630 group runaway rockstar, smoking it in 12 min & change! All alone with no one to push him.

Goal was under 15, barely 16:34 with a push fr Susan on the final sprint, thanks. Happy to go Rx. BMU were harder than anticipated. Thanks for push fr Charles.

FSQT prior -5x5 - 135, 155, 185, 215, 235.

Skill WB / Bx jmp after with Rick, Jay & Susan.

monroe said...

Been studying a lot of shoulder physio and mobility lately, with the aim of fixing and preserving mine without surgery. Learning a lot of great stuff, and some good coaching cues along the way. Last clinic I talked about protracting the shoulders to get you in agood position for pressing, jerking, front squats. How do you cue that? "Protract" isn't exactly clear and elegant. My new favorite thought cue is "Put you shoulder blades in your back pockets." Try it. I like it better than "elbows up," because I can raise my elbows and still find my shoulders in an internally rotated crappy position that will lead to impingement. Happy lifting, and congrats to all those who got their first BMU!

Adam Thompson said...

I know that this is a bad time to talk money, but any thoughts on replacing some of the center bars on the rig with the "Speal Bar"?


Andy said...

Makeup at lunch. 12:20 with ring MU...easier on my tore up Mary hands. Trucking along until last round, had to break up into singles. Easy FS 5x5 after to 185, well below 65% but felt strong.

Adam -- we have talked about some Speal bars before. Think it was on our long-term MWR wish list. Will shoot you a note.

I like it, Mark. Good complement to "elbows up".

Ross said...


Had to do an afternoon workout
Track triplet @115, RX'd @ 12:02 Bar MU and snatches felt great rum was killing me, had a side ache by the end of the last rd.

Front squat 5 x 5 135, 185, 225, 245, 245.

Finished with some OHS 3x 12 @ 135.

Kevin Moyer said...

17:49.... definitely MUST learn muscle -ups and i gotta work on flexibility!

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

*another late post

Front Squat (back squat 1RM ~300lb)
5-5-5-5-5 @ 145/155/165/185/195

scaled snatch to 95lb
scaled MU with green band*

Clean Pull
3x5 @ 225lb

*would normally have been the blue band, but the 100x pull-ups from the day before took a toll. Even had missed reps with the green band.