Oct 14, 2013

Tuesday 10.15.13

Main WOD
"Beep Test"
20m Shuttle runs (continuous with progressive intensity)

rest 5-10 minutes, then...
Row 500 m TT

Skill/Accessory work
Box jumps (24/20): max reps in 1 min, 40 sec, 20 sec
10 Knees to elbows between BJ efforts

Post beep test results and row time to comments and whiteboard.

Optional Strength WOD
Deadlift 3-3-3 (75% of 1RM)

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to "3, 2, 1...Go" at these times)

NOTE -- A lot of lateral, stop-and-go type movement.  Bring the right shoes -- b-ball or court shoes, chucks, or some kind of minimalist shoe with a vibram sole.  Traditional running shoes are OK but not ideal, and tend to mark up the floors.

Main WOD.  Compare to 02.28.13. The Beep Test (aka multi-stage fitness test) is one of the most widely used endurance fitness tests in the world. It is used by many HS, collegiate, and professional Strength and Conditioning trainers, the Australian military, US Army Ranger Regiment to name a few. The test involves a series of continuous 20 meter shuttle runs that get progressively more difficult to complete on time. We'll have a representative hosting the test in the Basketball court in Harney gym from 0530-0730. Find Rich -- he will give an a intro to the test and how it is scored, work groups through a short warm up, then administer the test. Total workout time is about 15 minutes. Your results provide an interesting, good metric for your cardiovascular endurance and can be used to estimate your VO2 max. For more info, check out this site and the demo video below.

After the Beep Test take 5-10 minutes to recover as you wander back to the Bubble, then do a 500 meter row sprint for time or time trial (TT). This is an all-out effort and a useful benchmark. Recommend setting the C2 Rower to count down 500m (not just pulling until you reach 500) so you can get an accurate time. Set the 'Custom workout,' row to a 'Single Distance,' then set it to 500 meters. Time will stop when you complete the 500 meters.

Accessory work/Skill practice.  These are max effort sets of PERFECT box jumps, with full hip extension and control on top of the box.  Best done with partners to watch, count and keep time. Practice here will pay off when these exercises come up in later WODs. Rest and recover as needed between sets. The focus is on the effort inside the set time. Follow each BJ set with 10 K2E (or do max unbroken K2E if you're feeling it).

Optional Strength WOD.  The last 2 weeks we've done 5 x 5's ascending up to a specific weight. Now you will do a build-up to 75% (3-5 sets), but do all 3 'working' sets of 3 reps AT THE SAME WEIGHT. The 3 sets will take a little longer, as you need to make sure you get some rest between sets so you are able to lift the weight. Best done in groups of similar ability, so you can change the weights between people as part of your rest time. If you are attempting to build strength, make sure you are not just guesstimating your weights, record and keep track of your workout weights. 

Training Videos.
  • "Beep Test Protocol" - explains the conduct of the test. Enjoy the accent...the test is particularly popular in European/Australian military/fire/police organizations, and many soccer and rugby teams use it as a basic conditioning test.
  • "The Rowing Sprint Start" - good overview of "a way" to get that flywheel moving.


Allan Jackman said...

8 rounds (or levels) + 1 step

Row 500m

I know it said stay at the same weight, but I was feeling good this morning and the weight felt "light"

3x10 KTEs

Jodie Kunkel said...

Beep test at 6+7, Row at 1:59.1, DL 5x3 @ 205. Deadlifts really did feel lighter than yesterday's 175.


Beep test : 8+7
Row : 1:30.7

Beep test was miserable. Rowing was somehow worse...

Great workouts today.

Scott S said...

Improvement from last year.

Beep test 8 + 4 (first missed beep), 8 + 8(missed second and stopped).

Spoke to Rick after to clarify scoring, really depends. Different scoring out there. I'll go with the 8+8 as it sounds better....

Row 1:35.6 (I think, slightly oxygen deprived so hard to remember) Seconds slower than a 2 yr old PR, and only made todays because Rob yelled at me for my last 150m when I was about to slow down, thanks man, needed it.

Today was the day of Dan and Rob though. Dan super smoked the Beep test, barely tapping out into the 11's!! and he didn't know if he missed one, to rest there until the next, likely could have gotten 2-3 more in, nice job Dan!

Rob on the rower. Killed it! I'm sure he'll be on later to mark it exactly.

Will make up DL and skill work later, Bad idea to do the beep test again, just for extra work. I think if you really go all out, then practicing some shuttles is ok, but taking the test again is alittle too much on the hamstrings. Should have just did the rest of the work.

Susan Friend said...

Beep Test at 7+2 (rested 1 interval)

Row at 1:55

I performed the Box Jump/Knees to Elbow skill work, focusing on rebounding off the floor instead of pausing and reloading. I'd never committed to this technique until today when Allan pointed out that it required less work. I'm all about getting results with less work!

Ross said...


Took the long weekend and worked on some overdue tasks yesterday.. But I did get a functional workout this weekend, I drug my 10 y.o. son's first deer out of the woods, about a mile drag, good thing mentor hunting in SD is only for anter-less deer and he wasn't slaying some big B&C buck.

Since I don't have a set up for the beep test, I made up "The Seven" from yesterday. OK this is one you need someone to chase or at least cheer for you, not the whole globo gym just staring like WTF... I would classify as not my best effort, had trouble with pacing. I would knock out a set of whatever and then have to suck wind before I could step up to my next exercise. Was able to RX the weights all the way through (used a 75 lb dumbbell vice kettle bell). HSPU were a different story, hit failure in round 5, so rds 5-7 I would do 4 or 5 RX and then finish with the bands, just seemed no matter how long I rested I couldn't get the last couple but then would come back on next rd and get 4 again - who knows - mental mush at that point.

The Seven - 44:20.

Andy said...

Blub test in the pool. 50 yd pull buoy sprints on the 2:00 mark until form broke down. Made it through 6, times from :52 - 1:07.

SuperiorJake78 said...

Iron Works,

Back Off week


Then went and did the beep test. Got 8 rounds, same as last time, only now I'm new and improved - 8 rounds with a 350 plus pound squat. One would almost say I'm superior to the old me ;-)


Roger Wang said...

That was one bleep of a warm up! LOL Enoyed doing something different. Made Level 10.
Did the box jumps and KTE, which hanging from the bar for a minute was much tougher than bringing knees up!
DL 225-265-295
Didn't have any energy left to do the rowing!

Jimmy Chen said...

Made it to 5-6, I think. For a first-timer, that sucked a lot, but it was very humbling - definitely gave me something to work on. Hope to break 10 someday so that I can properly get "warmed up."

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Deadlift (1RM ~365lb)
3x3 @ 295lb

Completed 25 rounds in the 30 minutes; after yesterday's chipper/Hero WOD, I faded fast.

Ring push-ups (TRX)

Kevin Moyer said...

1st Rd - 8.2; 2d Rd -6.5; 3d Rd - 6.2; Row TT 2:03