Oct 7, 2013

Tuesday 10.08.13

10 rounds for time:
50 yd swim sprint (down and back in the Harney pool)
10 Hand release push-ups (HRPU)
10 Crunches

Post time to comments and whiteboard.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to "3, 2, 1...Go" at these times)

Pretty simple. Hop in, swim down and back, get out, do 10 hand release push-ups (chest on the ground, lift hands up, push back up), then do 10 crunches.  Do it all 10 times.

If desired/needed, do crunches on a kickboard to save some wear/tear on your back.

Training Videos.
  • Reebok CF One demos the HRPU.


Jimmy Chen said...

My first swim WOD! This should be interesting, as I can't freestyle to save my life, but I can sidestroke (fairly) well.

Definitely doing the kickboard thing to save my back during the crunches.

Can't wait!!

Jared said...

For those wanting a short swim clinic, I will start in the bubble with some mobility at 0600 then move to the pool. Midline stability is just as critical in the water as it is when under load. Long reach, rotate hips and shoulders, keep a short fluid kick. The kick is only to keep the legs afloat. Do not let your legs drag below your hips. Flat is good.

Allan Jackman said...

Jared, wish I read your post before this morning... swimming tips are good.

Roger Wang said...

Great WOD, haven't been swimming in a long time! Also, really enjoying the additional skill work outs.

Sadr City King said...

28:49. Beast mode's GOAT. It felt good to get into the pool thanks for the motivation (and lapping) Allan. Charles


ummm...I may not be sore from this mornings workout, but I am exhausted.

I need a nap!

Susan Friend said...

Well, that was fun. My lungs always feel larger and healthier after swimming. I got off to a bumpy start, but I soon established a breathing rhythm and figured out which side of the lane to stay in to avoid colliding with other swimmers. I didn't time the WOD, but I finished it, which was the goal.

Afterward, I did some breathing drills with Jared, Scott, Jay, and Jay's friend. Basically we just tried to swim as far as we could underwater without surfacing. Scott took the prize for the longest distance, swimming a full lap without surfacing. We then lashed together several diving vests and tried to carry them across the pool. That worked out well for Jared and Scott but nearly drowned me. All in all, it was a good time.

Ross said...


As always the open swim times here don't jive with my work / being a dad schedule so I skipped the pool and hit the gym.

Started with box jumps
just 5@30, 34, 36, 38"

Then did some HSPU work for more of a warm up.

Then hit
Isabel RX'd @135
30 Snatches - 4:30 on the clock.

The did 3 X 10 Wide arm strict pull ups, with 5 Bar MU between each set of Pull ups, then finished with an extra 5 Bar MU for a total of 20 Bar MU.

Next hit 3x10 OHS@135

Finished with
EMOTM for 10 Min
@95 lbs 1 ea
Hang Snatch

Did this a couple of weeks back with 135, dropped to 95 today because of everything else I did before hand, it was way to light. I was concentrating on good form and getting a full depth catch/squat on each of the movements and still finishing rds in about 12 sec.

either way my shoulders are smoked right now....

Jimmy Chen said...

19'32". Never had to swim fast before, so it was a good experience. Hand release push-ups were a lot more harder to do after pushing hard in the water.

Also, really appreciated Jared's clinic! I'll definitely incorporate those pointers this weekend!

Scott S said...

Good times in the pool!! Jared you are super smooth in the pool. Good tips on keeping a tight core. good times messing around with the weights and breath control drills after.

Glad to see so many jumping in and doing a swim WOD!

Forgot to time it, but held a good pace. Definitely been a while since I was in the water, used to do swim WODs at least every other week last year.

HRPU got tiring, had to break the last 3 rounds into sets. The only bad thing about the crunches was the mysterious farting sound as my love handles bounced off the wet pavement...I saw the swim instructor lady standing there looking at me and had to just give her the happy penguin 'eh' as I dove back in the water and then had massive airbubbles eventually float out of my board shorts making laugh while trying to sprint.... Overall great morning!

Jared said...

15:17 this morning. Tried to maintain a 1+30 round but fell off a few seconds in the last couple rounds. HRPU were the problem this morning.
Enjoyed the breath control exercises this morning, always enjoy playing around in the water. Need to ask the pool if we can do some drown proofing - bind wrists and ankles and bob in the deep end. More of mental exercise than a physical one, but a great exercise in control and timing.

Andy said...

APFT for breakfast, swim WOD for lunch - 19:12.

I also encountered the kickboard crunch whoopee cushion effect. Hard to swim with the giggles. Glad I missed the extracurricular swim work. You all would have gotten lifequard/CPR training.

Kevin Moyer said...

LOVE SWIMMING!!! Started with 600yds to warm up and my final time was ~17mins for the WOD. Just happy that although most (okay All) of you can beat me in Olympic lifting, I can take at least 1/3 of you in swimming. Bit awakward doing crunches and HRPU on a kickboard.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Late post

Trail Run - 4.69 mile
47:37 @ 153 bpm (0:53 recovery)

10x10 pull-ups

slow pace on the run but had to focus more on mind-foot coordination, balance, and agility.