Oct 30, 2013

Thursday 10.31.13

Main WOD
Happy Halloween!  Smash these pumpkins...

5 rounds for time:
400 meter Run
30 Box jump
30 Wall ball

Skill/Accessory work
100 Box jumps
100 Wall balls
(just kidding...)
4 alternating sets of:
   10 Strict Pull-ups / Chin-ups (palms facing you)
   10 GHD S/U

Post Main WOD time to comments and whiteboard.

Optional Strength WOD

3 x 10 Overhead Squat, progressive loads

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to "3, 2, 1...Go" at these times)


Main WOD.  Benchmark 'Girl' WOD, likely one that many haven't done before. So we'll all PR! Unless you did it on 06.27.12.Very basic CF movements, and luckily for those that have been following the skill/accessory work, you should feel confident you can keep a steady rhythm through each round, or at least split the rounds in half or 3 fast sets of 10. Pace will be key again. Don't blow out the first two rounds and then be sucking wind for the next 3!

Optional Strength WOD.  Take the time to watch and coach each other. Trainers, assist in proper depth and good overhead position. Lots of Snatch work coming soon, so don't skip this...get that work in!

Accessory work/Skill practice.  Focus on quality, strict pull-ups and chin-ups. No kipping! Between sets do deliberate, slow-going-back, explosive-coming-up GHD sit-ups.

Training Videos.


      Allan Jackman said...

      This is a longer named WOD, will be starting right at 0545.

      Allan Jackman said...

      33:57.1 Rx
      Wallballs = hate

      Followed by 3 sets of 10 strict chin-ups and 10 GHD SUs

      3x5 OHS 45-95-95

      Where was Scott this morning? DNF?

      Jacob Heppner said...


      Haha I love your picture.

      Sam Friend said...

      29:40 Rx
      Shamed into going out in the rain... I feel a cold coming on.
      No complaining about Scott not showing up once during his month... He is more committed to his programming than most (if not all). I've been impressed that he normally shows up for both morning groups to help. I got your back, Scott.

      Jimmy Chen said...

      27'58". Did well on box jumps, but bottlenecked on the wall balls. Running in the rain did make box jumps a bit dangerous, but managed to make it without crashing(!).

      Great effort by all today!

      IronJake78 said...

      Today in Iron!


      Deadlifts were strong today.


      Only 4, man and I was shooting for 6 too. For punishment I then did sets of 10 at 95 until I could no longer press it above my head.

      Sam's got a little somthing on his nose... ;-)


      Ross said...


      Good day today, ran the cadets through an IMCF workout "Pass the Mic"

      30:03 RX over 2 minutes off my last time so I was happy about that. Not so excited about how my lungs feel with this cold.

      Strict Pull-ups - 4 x 10.
      Finished did OHS 10 @ 95, 135, 155.

      Adam Thompson said...

      29:42 Rx

      Eff wallballs

      Dan R. said...

      25:50 Rx. Followed with 3x10 strict pull-ups and GHD sit ups. Somehow managed to leave the bubble with all skin still attached to my shins.

      Jodie Kunkel said...

      33:59 Rx'd in the rain. There was definitely an element of suck this morning. All I have to say is doing wall balls with a 20lb ball up to this point made the 14lb rx'd weight feel like cake (even with a bit of water in the ball).

      Susan Friend said...

      32:04 (subbed 500m row for run)

      I have huge respect for anyone who ran this morning. With the steady downpour, I was sure NO ONE would be running. I was wrong. You guys are amazing.

      Personally, I used the opportunity to improve my row, i.e. I didn't want to get my hair wet. It was a solid workout either way.

      Kevin was a Boss on this workout. He pushed hard and never let up his pace.

      Jared said...

      33:11 this morning and I can hardly stand out of my chair now. I subbed 500m row for each run and stayed under 2min for each but that cost a lot of legs later.

      Noah said...

      32:20 Rxd, two minutes slower than last summer. Would like to say I did it with Scott but he quickly left me behind in Rd 1 as he should have. I was dragging.

      Added the pullups and GHDs and the OHS afterwards.

      Scott S said...

      No way Noah, great to have you there, without a partner would have been much slower.

      I do appreciate the accountability from the morning crew, really helps to make this a real CF community that works together!! Appreciate the support from Sam even more, thanks buddy. I'll have to text you instead of Charles & Jay when I'm not gonna make the mornings since they didn't pass on that I had kid duty again this morning...

      'Kelly' 28:51 Rx. Forced myself to break up WB into sets during Rds 2 & 3, which helped me to survive round 4 and step on gas round 5. Made real money on the Box Jumps, practicing the sprints paid off with a sustainable pace.

      Chin up/ Pull-up and GHD's afterwards.

      OHS work with Noah and Susan really helped out. Felt good about it finally working through the sets with them cueing, might be 1 step closer to knocking it off my really bad goat list!

      scottnkelly9901 said...

      IMCF Hohenfels:

      "Kelly" @ 34:12
      o scaled WB w/ 18lb med ball

      Hope everyone has/had a safe and enjoyable Halloween.