Oct 23, 2013

Thursday 10.24.13

Main WOD
5 RFT:
30 ft Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25 plate)
15 Ring Dips

Skill/Accessory work
3 alternating sets, not for time:
Max reps Box Jumps (24/20) - (1 min, 40 sec, 20 sec)
10 Toes to Rings

Post Main WOD time to comments and whiteboard.

Optional Strength WOD
5 x 4 Turkish Get-ups (2 per arm), ascending weights

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to "3, 2, 1...Go" at these times)

Main WOD.  This is a CrossFit Football WOD. It's harder than it looks (it's a great feeling getting bushwacked by a simple looking WOD). The lunges are done while moving forward, Crossfit standard = back knee touches the ground, feet come together or on the same line, stand up completely, then make next step, all while holding the weight plate overhead with locked arms.

Execution - you can either mark out a full 30 feet, or 15 feet to go back and forth near the rig.

Optional Strength WOD.  You can either switch each rep or do 2 at a time per arm. Rest as needed between sets, but do all 4 reps in each set together.  Try to add weight every round, using a combo of KB/DB.

Accessory work/Skill practice.  These sets are max effort of PERFECT reps. Best done with partners to watch, count and keep time. Practice here will pay off when these exercises come up in later WODs. Rest and recover as needed between sets. The focus is on the effort inside the set time.

Between sets do the Toes to Rings. Much like Toes to Bar, but requires a different kind of kip since you're not pushing/pulling on a static bar.

Training Videos.
  • Thorough discussion/demo of the Overhead Walking Lunge from Paradiso CF.  If you're going to wear jeans...wear your husky jeans, not your skinny jeans (rrrrip...)
  • Walk through of TGU execution from KB Guru Jeff Martone.


Allan Jackman said...

9:44 Rx
Ring dips...

Followed by the skill
box jumps 1:00-21/:40-16/:20/11
3x10 toes to rings

TGU ladder
I think the weights were 24-35-44-53-70

Ross said...


Took a day of leave yesterday to hangL out with the fam since kids had a day off from school, ended up taking the kids hunting most the day and missed the gym yesterday.

Made up Jackie this morning RX @ 6:53 over 30 sec off my time in May. Rested 10 min then did today's WOD RX@ 7:00. Ring dips on last round ended up being sets of 2 and 3 but I got through it, Was too tired and short on time to hit skill or strength work.

Jared said...

where was everyone this morning? Thursday rest day?

Started with TGU - big mistake. worked up to the 70# KB but could not finish with my right arm. That destroyed my shoulders.

10:34 for the WOD - ring dips were a near total loss. had to resort to jumping, band assisted, off the box to complete.

Scott S said...

Hey all - Ok to justify(excuse) myself for the last 2 mornings, incase anyone noticed or cared (I know you do Jared). My wife had early lectures and I took over kid duty. Figured it's rare that we active duty get to pay that back, so I've been being good house husband.

Little bit of a gym rat today with sometime. Made up yesterday and today.

Started with TGU 4 each of 35, 40(DB), 44, 55 and 70 (once each arm, almost crushed forehead on both)

5RFT OH lng / Rdip - 7:33 Rx (seems fast, even though Rdip are a strength and went unbroken first 2 rounds, with big sets of kipping dips for the rest and lunges went well, I'm questioning my time, and yes I'm sure it was 5rds)

10 min break
"Jackie" 9:27 Rx - Followed a lot of fellow CF advice. Mark's - start slow and taper. Rob's for Rowing, held at 26-27 S/M, 1st 500 low-mid 40's, 2nd mid 50's, ended Row at 3:47. Jared's plan of break up descending sets for THR - 25, 15, 10. And Adams 80/80 then 100/20 rule (I dig all of it). Also finally got sets of butterfly in, not pretty but repeats for sets.

Then FSQT 3 x 3 - 225, 245, 255.

IronJake78 said...

It was a bit dead in da' bubble this morning.


Bench Press

Assistance Work
Bench Press

Will Do Front Squats or Full Cleans when I get home today. Same rep scheme, 5 pounds lighter.


Matt B. said...

Went for a repeat of 13.1 Burpee/Snatch ladder. Scored 108 in the spring, with about 10+ failed snatch reps at 135#. Scored 113 today. +5 snatch and only one failed attempt while rushing to get one more in. Last 3 were ugly though!

Jodie Kunkel said...

Started with Turkish Get-ups @ 15, 20, 26, 30 (dumbbell), 35 (almost crushed my head so did one good on both sides).

7:41 with bands on the ring dips.