Oct 16, 2013

Thursday 10.17.13

Main WOD
100 Double Unders
50 Inverted Burpees
40 GHD Sit-ups
30 DL (225/155)
20 OHS (95/65)
10 Muscle-ups

Skill/Accessory work
3 rounds, not for time:
Max effort handstand holds
10 Toes to Bar

Post Main WOD time to comments and whiteboard.

Optional Strength WOD
Back Squat 3-3-3 (75% of 1RM)

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to "3, 2, 1...Go" at these times)

Main WOD. This is an example of a CF 'Chipper.' One round of six exercises. Just keep working through them, or 'chipping' away. Try to force yourself into a steady pace, just below the redline of your internal engine. Push hard enough to keep going, but not so hard you have to take big rest breaks. Force yourself to do a count down anytime you take a rest break, limit it to 10 seconds / 5 seconds max and commit to getting back to work.
  • Execution.  Best done in HEATs. Start a group and wait a few minutes then start another group. Just set up enough bars for 3-4 men's weights and 1-2 women's weights, and people will make their way to them. If there's a bottleneck somewhere, likely GHDs, athletes can skip ahead and then come back, but best done in order.
  • Substitutions/scaling.  Standard 3 singles = 1 Double under, and 3 CTB pull-ups + 3 Dips = 1 Muscle-up. Scale weight to something you can 'touch and go' for DLs and do repeats for OHS. AbMat situps can be subbed for GHD SU.
Accessory work/Skill practice. The hand stand holds will help you build the strength for hand stand push-ups and develop your balance so you can get into position better and will translate to many more CF exercises. Don't skip these, get with a group and time it. Between sets do the 10 toes to bar and then take a breather.

Optional Strength WOD. The Overhead Squats will be more taxing for your shoulders and core than your legs so don't be afraid of Back Squats. Do a quick build-up to ready yourself for the weight, then execute good, deep squats at 75% for all 3 sets of 3 reps. This is where you make your money for increasing your CF Total. If 75% is too much to execute reps with good form and depth, then do the 3 sets at a weight where you can get the proper depth and still keep good form.

Training Videos.


      Allan Jackman said...

      Inverted burpee standards:
      Hands touch ground above shoulders, then feet on wall, opened hips, arms locked?
      No need to stand up prior to inverting on the wall.

      If there's no objection, this is what I'll go with.

      Scott S said...

      No issue, right on the money.

      Lesson learned from last month. Position your mat, if you use one, far enough away from the wall where when you come up to your feet, you have enough room away from the wall to reach out and place your hands and then kick up onto the wall. Not so close that you have to step back.

      If that doesn't make sense, just trust me and place the matts a good 4 feet away from the wall, not right up against it.

      Sam Friend said...

      25:28 (tried some ring MUs, failed and did Bar MUs)

      I figured out your plan, Scott. You've been watching me and decided to put all the things I'm bad at in one WOD. Good plan, but joke's on you...!!.... I'm bad at a lot more than that!!

      Allan Jackman said...

      20:26 Rx

      Followed by 1:00, :40 of handstand holds, then :20 (per arm) of one hand handstand holds (Roger's idea).

      Noah said...

      Wrapping up two weeks TDY in Vilseck. Makes me miss our Bubble. The following is a brief rundown of the Vilseck Fitness Center.

      40+ spin bikes used once a day...check.
      Rows and rows of ellipticals, stairclimbers and treadmills...check.
      200 sf of floor space dedicated to a climbing wall that no one seems to use...check.
      Wall to wall mirrors...check.
      Disco ball complete with multi-colored light source...check.
      Dozens of weight machines...check.
      Huge painting on the wall that states "Fitness starts here"...check.
      Signs everywhere stating "no throwing medicine balls against the wall"...check.
      Anything that resembles free weights or bumper plates or room to even use those...red hot negative.

      Rose Barracks is in desperate need of some CGSC grad fresh out of IMCF to come here and light a functional fitness fire.

      Jodie Kunkel said...

      29:13, Rx'd, Single unders, and jumping muscles ups. I prefer inverted burpees over regular ones any day.

      Ross said...


      Noah, ha if the army really cared about fitness the APFT would have been scrapped 20years ago... Its not about fitness, its all about having numbers to report on a slide.

      Main WOD went well, I guessed between 15 and 20 min and ended up with a time of 17:53. Inverted burpees slowed my down took me twice as long ad I had programmed in my head broke the 50 into 10 then 5s for the rest of the sets to get yo my 50. Used ABMAT and bar MU due to gym limitations. Only almost ran over one gym worker as she rounded the corner and I was in mid backwards role and could stop on the inverted burpees. Rest of the exercises went well for me or better than expected.

      Afterwards did BS 3x @ 135, 185, 225, 275, 285, 285, 285

      handstand holds for 1 min, 40 sec, 40 sec with the TTB in between.

      Scott S said...

      Army Strong Noah!! I love all the gyms with climbing walls, but you have to have a certified belayer there (gym employee, not you) that works 1-2 times a week at some random time. So, yeah, unless unit scheduled, never used.

      Awful WOD. Not only was it miserable watching the 545 crew suffer through it, it was worse to have a smaller 630 crew and watch Susan drift away and finish while still working....

      I SUCK AT OHS. Held an OK pace and was through DL's in 15 mins and change, with 2 sets of 15. 7 minutes later barely through 10 reps of OHS at 95#....kept dropping on the second rep almost every attempt, had to drop to 75 to finish off, then could barely string 3 MU together, once, and had so many misses....

      Sam my friend, I saw you rocking it, just be glad you didn't watch my pathetic attempt. I was like that lame hard working horse on a farm that you don't want to take out back and put out of it's misery, but you know it's the right thing to do before it hurts itself more...

      I commit to 10 OHS's anytime anyone in the bubble wants to punish me, I've got to build those up, no more avoiding them. # 1 GOAT to tackle now.

      Susan Friend said...

      19:08 with a Bar Muscle Up Sub

      I have HUGE respect for anyone who completed this WOD with ring muscle ups. After doing 50 handstands in the inverted burpees and 20 OHS, my shoulders were too smoked to push out even one ring MU.

      This was a great WOD. It contained just enough reps that I was hating life during the WOD, but not so many that I couldn't complete it. It also reminded me that I've got to work on my ring MU. Ignoring them is not making them go away!

      Adam Thompson said...

      19:06 Rx

      Inverted burpees were much more taxing and time consuming than I thought. Great chipper though.

      275# BS

      Adam Thompson said...

      If any of you care, there is a really good CrossFit YouTube series that Barbell Shrugged puts on.

      Anyway, they broke down the how strong the BOTTOM 3% of regional competitors from 2013

      height: 5'9"
      weight: 184
      C&J: 285
      snatch: 228
      deadlift: 465
      back squat: 400
      unbroken pullups: 55

      CrossFit has come a long when those are the bottom 3% numbers. I am sharing this just to give crazy respect for people like Jake and others that compete at this level.

      Roger Wang said...

      33:50 HAD to scale OHS!

      BS 195/215/240

      Impressive job Allan on single arm hand stands! Also, can't believe you are coming in on your week off, that's dedication!

      Andy said...

      Must procure disco ball for Bubble...disco-disco, good-good.

      A good day on the road to recovery. Box squats to 3 x 225. Then, modified WOD for gimps keeping the spirit as best I could.

      20 Abmat SU
      15 DL (225)
      10 OHS (95)
      5 Ring MU

      14:51. Lungs were absolutely burning, which was odd without a M component. Slow transitions, but all felt good.

      Interesting numbers, Adam. I am obviously too tall to make regionals. Take away that 1" and I'm sure all the rest of the numbers would fall in line.

      scottnkelly9901 said...

      IMCF Hohenfels:

      Friday 18 Oct

      Back Squat (1RM ~300lb)
      3-3-3 @ 225lb

      subbed ABMAT ILO GHD (we don't have one)
      scaled DL to 205lb
      scaled OHS to 75lb
      scaled 1-5 MU w/green band and bar; 6-10 subbed 3:1 pull-ups and dips