Oct 9, 2013

Thursday 10.10.13

Main WOD
With a single DB or KB (53/35), for time:
30 Double Unders
20 Push Press
30 Double Unders
20 Power Clean
30 Double Unders
20 Thruster
30 Double Unders
20 Snatch

Skill/Accessory Work
3 alternating sets of:
Handstand hold (1:00 / :40 / :20)
L-Sit hold on parallettes (:30 / :20 / :10)

Post Main WOD time to comments and whiteboard.

Optional Strength Work
Turkish Get-ups 5 x 2 (Ascending to 55/35)

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to "3, 2, 1...Go" at these times)

Main WOD.  This WOD will be very taxing on your shoulders and upper body. Each set of DB/KB exercises is done with 1 arm, 10 reps each arm, for a TOTAL of 20 reps. Fatigue in your shoulders should force you to leverage your hips and use proper technique to move the weight. Get a good dip, drive for the Push Press. Get a good pull and extension for the PCLNs. Use the drive from the squat for the Thruster, and good pull and extension for the Power Snatches. You can use either a dumbbell or a kettlebell, but make sure you know how to catch the KB without bruising yourself.

Yes, we did Barbell Snatches yesterday. Remember the technique and do not let yourself bend over completely to pull the DB and put strain on your back. Force your chest up, and open your hips to move the weight. Ideally, you are fatigued so you have to use good technique to move the weight....its like there's a method to the madness.

Optional Strength WOD.  Best done prior to the Main WOD. This is an easy 10 reps, but a good build-up and warm-up for the WOD and especially your shoulders. The 5 x 2 would mean one TGU with each arm, ascending in weight. Example for ascending sets with KB/DBs - 20, 35, 44, 50, 53/55.

Accessory work/Skill practice.  The holds are taxing, but not much movement required (the WOD took care of that). Best done in partners or groups. One group get into HS hold, the other in an L-sit on parallettes. The L-sit will end prior but can watch the clock for the HS. Then switch and L-sitters become HS holders. Then switch and go to next descending time. Take time to rest between timed sets.

***WARNO - tomorrow's Team WOD will go down at the Bubble, normal start time of 0600.***
See you there!

Training Videos.
  • Some vids on technique for the 1-arm DB work: Clean and Push Press (it's a two-fer! notice the power clean to get the DB up to do the PP), DB Thruster, and DB Snatch.
  • If you have trouble maintaining an L-sit, work your progressions...core strength will follow.


Ross said...


Running low on time this morning due to some other tasks only did main WOD.

Goal was sub 5:00 through rd two I thought I was on track then in rd three I tripped up on DU and lost time on the thrusters also with a couple of no reps for depth ended up with a time of:
5:46 used a 55 lb dumbbell vice kettlebell.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Turkish Get-ups
2-2-2-2-2 @ 30/35/40/50/55
*first four sets w/ KBs
**2x reps each side per set

scaled w/ 50lb KB (heaviest KB on Hohenfels that I know of)

5-minute (cumulative) handstand

Scott S said...

Still a very respectable time Ross!

Felt sore and tired this morning, but got motivated walking in at the end of the 545 class, looked like people worked hard and did a good job. Challenge from Carlos to beat his time, plus being beside Jared gave me a good push.

6:50 Rx (used 53# KB for PCLNs and PSNTCH and 50# DB for PP and Thruster)

Got the second set of DU complete, 1st one slight trip up getting started, 3rd and 4th had a few trip ups. RX jump rope still has it's magic pixie dust on it.

TGU prior up to 70# (just to try it)

HS holds / L sits after the WOD with a big group this morning. Lot more fun, need to do the skill and accessory together like that more. I'll give the shout out to Rob for doing most of the 20 sec HS hold on one arm, pretty bad-ass I must admit.

Andy said...

6:32 (scaled, 35 DB). Went low, a little wary of stabilizing overhead with ol' righty. Kudos to those that went Rx, 35 still got heavy. DU were real choppy today, Dustin I think you broke my rope. Definitely your fault.

Light TGU before, skill work after -- L-sits on the rings.

SuperiorJake78 said...

Iron was heavy today.

Sleep and recovery were issues.

Back Squat

Form was all screwy and the weight was crushing me today. Note to self sleep more!!

Jared said...

7:11 this morning. Started with the 53KB but dropped to 44KB for thrusters and snatch. Warmed up with TGU from 30# to 53#, did not want to crush my skull with the 70#. Did the handstand / l-sit work though my l-sits were very poor. Kudos to Rob for the one armed. Worked slow press to handstand with Scott and Rob, great fun.

Jimmy Chen said...

5'53" (I think) when all's said and done. Of course, this was done with a 26-pound KB, so much kudos to those who're able to do this Rx'd.

Lastly, a big "thank you" to Jared for the Turkish get-up pointers. It's a LOT harder than it seems!

Allan Jackman said...

8:19 with 53lb KB.

Adam Thompson said...

7:32 Rx

Need to practice the l sits much more often. Those were pretty terrible to say the least.

Good OWD this mmorning.

Kevin Moyer said...

9:42 w/26lbs KB. Gotta get my timing down for the DUs (don't think I can take too many more lashings across the ankles)