Oct 24, 2013


Hope to see you all at the B4B WOD in the AM!  We're doing "Helen Meets Grace" at the normal 0600 IMCF Team WOD time, and Results will be doing the same workout at 0900.  If you miss the early WOD, try to make it in at 0900!  Without much fanfare or publicity, the IMCF team has pledged/raised $630 for Barbells for Boobs and Mammograms in Action. Halfway to our goal of $1,500!  Please consider making a contribution, either through our affiliate page or with a cash donation tomorrow.

Tomorrow afternoon is also our final prep for the L1 Course and Seminar Staff visit this weekend.  We'd greatly appreciate your help giving the place one last scrub.  A bunch of tasks to knock out (wipedown of equipment, setup tables & chairs, sweep and mop, etc...).  If you can, stop in between 1500-1730 and chip in.  We'd be most grateful.

Heads up for Monday -- early group, will need your assistance returning platforms and other stuff back to their normal homes.  

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Meghan Smith said...

Results is doing the WOD at 10, vice 9, due to the parades at the schools today.