Oct 6, 2013

Monday 10.07.13

WARNO - SWIM WOD TOMORROW! Bring your suits, goggles, and floaties...

Main WOD
Clean and Jerk 1-1-1-1-1

Skill/Accessory work
3 x 10 (not for time):
Chest To Bar Pull-ups
Ring Dips

Post loads to comments and whiteboard.

Optional METCON
"Death by Clean and Jerk"
With a continuously running clock, perform:
1 Clean & Jerk (135/95) in the first 1 min
2 Clean & Jerks (135/95) in the second 1 min
3 Clean & Jerks (135/95) in the third 1 min
Continue for as long as you are able (10:00 cap)

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to "3, 2, 1...Go" at these times)

Main WOD. Compare C&J to 08.05.13. Today is a focused Strength day. This is the MAIN WOD, not optional strength like you saw last week. If you only do one WOD, take your time and do a thorough warm-up, like the Burgener warm-up in the video below, then build up weight progressively for your Clean and Jerks. Goal is to go heavy across all 5 singles. Ideally, if you are comfortable with your 1RM, you would do at least the last 2 at 85-90%. If you do not have a 1RM, then if you feel good, today is a day to establish that 1RM. Or just do heavy C&J where you feel comfortable.

Execution suggestion - Not everyone needs a bar for the Main WOD, group up with 4-5 people and progress together. Even if people have differing abilities, the group can stack and re-stack weights quickly keeping everyone moving while still getting plenty of rest between attempts.

Optional Metabolic Conditioning (METCON). This is a progressive EMOM (every minute on the minute). You do 1 C&J the first minute, rest until the next. Do 2 C&J the second minute, rest, 3 C&J the third minute, rest...UTC for 10 minutes or until you can no longer complete the number for that minute. Most people will find themselves unable to complete more than 7-8 C&J inside a minute. If that happens just rest for the remainder of the minute, then practice 3-4 every minute until the 10 minutes elapses. Yes, the video shows a former CF Games champion going to 14, however for us mere mortals 10 minutes is more than enough strain on the system.

Accessory work/Skill practice. We have bar muscle-ups later this week. The intent on the Accessory work is to practice getting the big kip to get your chest to the bar, and dip deep enough to touch biceps to the rings -- not the volume of pull-ups and dips. In other words, if you do not have CTB, then practice with a trainer until you work that kip to gain height, not just rep out pull-ups. If you cannot stabilize in the bottom of the ring dip, work with a trainer to gain stability at the bottom.

Training Videos.
    • Burgener Warm-up - perfect workout-specific warmup for any bar work, and a great way to practice components of the snatch any day.
    • Clean and Jerk in Slo-Mo - kick-ass video of Chad Vaughn helps to see the full extension on the clean.
    • Death by C&J - Love this video...


      Jimmy Chen said...

      As much as I dislike strength days, I know it's a necessary part of an athlete's overall development.

      Days like this make me feel like a sick kid that has to take some bitter medicine.

      Alright, let's do this!! *gulp*

      ROBERT KINNEY said...

      I like the new font... Classy!

      Allan Jackman said...

      Large group this morning. The C&J was new to a few people this morning... thanks to Jake for assisting.


      Skipped the skill to let hands heal some more (thanks Mary).

      Completed 7 minutes of the death by C&J (each minute began with 1 Sqt C&J).

      Scott S said...

      Disappointing day. Felt great on Cleans last week, thought I could have PR'd, but held back knowing this was coming this week. But just not feeling it today.

      Ended the C&J at 225 with 2 failed attempts prior. Can do more, but just couldn't bring it together. Paralysis by Analysis, think I was thinking about it all too much.

      Allan's challenge of a Squat Clean for each first rep during 'Death by' was a great idea..... Made it into round 7, but not completed. Did 3 each minute till 10.

      Played with CTB and Dips after.

      Ross said...


      Started this morning with a 3.5 mile ability group run with the cadets.

      Hit the C&J all excited, but it didn't go as well as I was hoping. Cleans were so so for me today, the jerks just never got there felt terrible and slow all day. Missed my old PR failed on it twice.

      C&J 1x @ 135,155, 175, 185, 205, 225, 235, 245(f), 245(f), 225.

      Went on to the EMOTM. Made it all the way through rd 8, failed to complete rd 9. rested a min then did a minute of slow concentrated C&J, made 6 more.

      Andy said...

      Half-assed it today. C&J to 185 and then I started missing cleans at 205. Decided to do a few more singles at 135 and live to fight another day. APFT tomorrow, and shoulder didn't feel good.

      In the meantime, going to see a doc today so my "excuses" hold more weight with Susan:)

      Sorry for the classy font, Rob. I jacked up the post! Brace yourself for a return to unfashionable Arial.

      Jimmy Chen said...

      135 max for the C&J. In retrospect, I came a long way since two months ago, where I could barely press 95 lbs.

      scottnkelly9901 said...

      IMCF Hohenfels:

      Clean & Jerk (1RM ~200lb)
      1-1-1-1-1 @ 185/185/185/195*/185

      "Death by C&J" @ 135lb
      6rds + 4/4/3/4

      3x10 CTB Pull-ups/Dips

      *Although I completed the rep, form was...bad. Dropped the weight to protect myself

      Susan Friend said...


      Made it through round 8 on Death by C&J, but missed round 9 by 1 rep. I finished up the remaining 11 C&J, finishing at 11:24.

      For those of you who are planning to skip tomorrow, I encourage you to reconsider your decision. You are more likely to save yourself with your swimming skills than your MU skills.

      If you are afraid about looking ridiculous, come anyway. None of us are avid swimmers. If we were, we'd be at the pool swimming laps in the morning, not at the Bubble. Let's give the regulars something to gawk at and make the lifeguards earn their pay.

      See you poolside tomorrow!

      SuperiorJake78 said...

      Today in Olympic Iron

      Was going to Squat today, then I saw the WOD was C&J's. I like C&J's.

      Warmed up using the bar and 135 then:
      185, 200, 220, 225(PR)

      Didn't do rep 5 because I was content with the personal record.

      Still pressing out at the top of the jerks though. Think I will start incorporating more jerk work into the routine, because that's the only part that is holding me back. I totally blame my press strength, I just default to it when the weight gets heavy despite how silly that sounds.


      Adam Thompson said...

      Worked up to 255 with the C&J.

      9+8 on death by C&J.