Oct 29, 2013

IMCF Challenge Update

You're not too sexy for THIS shirt.
OK, PROCRASTINATORS!  Tomorrow is your LAST DAY to sign up for the Iron Major CrossFit Challenge and receive a t-shirt with registration. You can still register all the way up to game day, but there will still be a $15 registration fee and you'll miss out on the rockin' t-shirt.  A quick review of the basics below:
  • WHO:  All members of the Ft Leavenworth Community.
  • WHAT:  IMCF Challenge competition.
  • WHEN:  Saturday, 16 Nov 13 (0800 to 1500).
  • WHERE:  The Bubble, of course.
  • WHY:  Test your skills, experience the unique atmosphere of friendly competition, and spend time with others who share your passion.
Rx and Open divisions are available, more details available on the registration site.  Do it!  Click through the link below.


Allan Jackman said...

I'm in.

Scott S said...

I already signed up too.

Encourage all to participate, don't think of it as a competition and let that scare you off. It's the same as the morning group WODs together, just with official judging/scoring and a few events together.

Like participating in a 5k or half-marathon, 99% of us know we're not competing for top spots, just joining in to do it....and get a T-shirt.

Supporting this will mean we can have more events like this in the future, possibly with other boxes or open to the public.

Adam Thompson said...

Signed up yesterday. Looking forward to get back and doing some competitions.


Already signed up, but the question is... Do I need to special order a shirt with "Champion" on the back, or was that already pre-printed on mine.

Just a thought.

IronJake78 said...

So today I'm putting around post and what do I see on the electric banner out by the commissary but an advertisement for CrossFit kids and the IMCF Challenge.

Impressive! Did we bribe someone in the MWR?

Jess said...

I'm in ccketin565