Oct 31, 2013

Friday 11.01.13

To There and Stack (and Back Again)
In 4 person teams...
16 total rounds for time:
    20 m Overhead lunge (varying weights)
    20 m Bear crawl
    (Teammates take turns transporting a variety of objects (240 total lb) on a 20m course)
Meanwhile, the other 3 athletes perform:
    Max reps Burpee Box Jumps (continuous, 1 rep at a time)
Perform 4 jumping lunges as a team ANY time a weight hits the ground!

See WOD notes for details on execution, penalties, and scoring.

Post team time (minus # of BBJ) to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard Friday Team WOD start time of 0600, warm up prior and be ready for a WOD brief around 0550)

OK, stay with me!  Going to describe it here, but we will fully explain/demo at the WOD brief in the AM.  We will set up a number of lanes running from the Wallball area to the GHDs, with an assortment of weights stacked at the start point. The general idea is that members of a 4 person team take turns grabbing a single item and overhead lunging with it down to the turnaround point.  Once there, stack it (neatly), bear crawl back, and swap out with a partner.

"Resting" teammates will cycle through Burpee Box Jumps one athlete at a time, remaining in the push-up position in between. Each BBJ takes 1 second off the team's final time for the event (so keep count!).

Once all of the objects are stacked by the GHDs, the team retrieves them in the same manner (bear crawl down, OH lunge back) until everything is returned and stacked at the start point.

Each lane will have 1 of each (240 lb, 8 items total -- 2 objects per person):
  • Bumper plates: 45 - 35 - 25 - 15 - 10
  • Kettlebells:  55 - 35  (5 person teams, double up on KB/DB for 10 total items) 
  • Medicine Ball:  20#
PENALTIES / TRANSITIONS - any time an item from the weight stack hits the ground (ANY TIME) the entire team must do 4 jumping lunges before returning to work -- includes during movement or restacking.

When you're done, thank Scott for all his hard work programming this past month.  No strength WOD today, work some skills and mobility drills.  Get ready for everything Susan's going to throw at you in November!


Ellen Det said...

Just Stop - And 8 Other Things Your Trainer Wishes to Tell You breakingmuscle.com

Copy paste the following:


I saw this article and thought of the crossfit coaches. Day in and day out ...you try to encourage us "newbies", only to get retorts and complaints in return...

after reading the article I will...

1. attempt this crazy cave man diet...(or at least eat more vegetables)

2. stop complaining when I see yet another muscle up or gymnastic type WOD....

3. and finally I will try to show up more often...not just on days that I think I can "kill" the WOD.

crossfit newbie

IronJake78 said...

Wow whoever wrote that article is absolutely full of themselves. I couldn't count the amount of times it was either implied or explicitly stated that the author's way was right and everything else was wrong. Felt like I was reading YouTube comments...


This was a complicated WOD, my hats off to Scott and crew for figuring it out.

Did 3/5s of Thursdays WOD.

After mutated Michael on Wednesday I didn't need another 30 minute WOD this week. Did 3 rounds and my time was 18:12. It was tough, but my run was much faster. However to compensate my box jumps were hella' slow.

Hope everyone had a good Halloween!


Scott S said...

Great committment and attitude Ellen! Luckily IMCF is not full of trainers that yell at you or think they could ever send you packing. We all have our GOATs that we suck at, but I'm trying to make them my new favorite movement and work on them. You'll have plenty of company!

Good showing this morning. Love the packed house of motivated athletes...although, you right-on-the-dot 6am'ers keep us on our toes to fit you in and explain things!! Please note that the times posted are "start" times and everyone should be in early to warm-up prior and be there for WOD explaination. As we move into a heavy focus on Oly lifting, this will be even more important so trainers can have time to circulate and help everyone exercise safely.

The WOD turned out easler than I'd hoped, althought still a good workout. Or maybe it was just the team of man-imals I was with, who kept pushing the pace!! Thanks for the good push this moring Jared, Charles, Ken and Brian. Great team to WOD with!

Worked on MU afterwards with a bunch of the morning regulars. Nice to have that time to work together on skills.

Dan R. said...

Thanks Scott for a great month of programming. I've felt pretty beat up the last 4 Fridays. Actually, big thanks to all who put in the time to program the workouts.

Jimmy Chen said...

Echoing Scott's comment above, I would hope that, by now, our IMCF community gives off an inclusive vibe. I've yet to see anyone act "high and mighty" and hopefully won't during my time here.

Also, much kudos to Scott for this month's programming! Looking forward to Susan's turn in the chute starting next week.

Ross said...


I spent the morning out hunting, and convinced my wife to do a workout with me over lunch. That should be considered a PR for the day, I have not convinced her to get into CF yet and she doesn't like to go to the gym WITH me. I think this was her first ever "WOD."

We did a short METCON
200 m Run
100 Jumping Jacks
200 m Run
75 Air Squats
200 m Run
50 ABMAT Situps
200 m Run

Time 7:26 - 32 sec better than Oct 2012 when i did it.

Jenn did it in 12:00

I also did some strict pull-ups 4x10
Bar MU 4 x 5
Snatch and OHS work @ 135
pistol progressions.