Oct 17, 2013

Friday 10.18.13

Team WOD
In 2-person teams, 10 rounds for time:
Rotating 4-position bar holds (95/65)
     (Hang, Front Rack, Overhead, Back Rack)
Pacing work:
     ~30m DB Farmer's carry (100/70 total)
     5 Box jump overs (24/20)
     ~30m DB Farmer's carry (100/70 total)
     5 Wallball shots (20/14)

*Do 3 Burpees any time you put the bar on the ground.  INCLUDES changeover and penalties for resting.

Skill/Accessory work
3 rounds, not for time:
     20 Pistols (10 each leg)
     L-Sits holds: 30 sec, 20 sec, 10 sec
Practice Ring Muscle-ups if you have time (foreshadowing...)

Post Main WOD time to comments and whiteboard.

Coach's Notes. (standard Friday Team WOD start time of 0600, warm up and be ready to form teams, set up, and do a WOD brief at 0550)

Looks complicated when you write it up, but pretty straightforward.  At "Go", Partner A picks up the bar and rotates through the bar hold positions, changing every 15 seconds.  Meanwhile, Partner B does 3 Burpees then starts pacing work: farmer carry to boxes, puts DB/KB down, does box jump overs...farmer carry back, does wallballs, then relieves bar-holding partner.  Partner A does 3 Burpees then completes the pacing work.

That's 1 round...9 more to go!  (1 round = each person completes Bar hold and Pacing work)

Bar Holds explanation -- the bar (95/65) must be off the ground at all times, scale as needed. Move the bar through all positions back and forth: 1) execute a DL to the hang, 2) clean to the front rack, 3) push-press to OH, 4) lower onto your back and then return to 3) overhead, 2) front rack, 1) hang. Position must change every 15 seconds...just watch the clock and change on every :00, :15, :30, and :45. The group holding the bars will be on different holds at different times, when you change out just start from the ground and watch the clock. Every time the bar hits the ground you must do 3 Burpees, INCLUDING when you change out and as a penalty for resting.

Accessory work/Skill practice.  If you have pistols, help those who do not by training on more than one scaling option. If you do not have pistols, try at least 3 different scaling options.
  • Sitting back onto a box
  • Standing on a box with other leg able to dip down off the box for balance
  • Using an assistance band hitched to the pull-up rig for balance
  • Placing a weight under your heel (wear your lifting shoes!)
  • Using the Wall for balance
  • Using a partner to assist pulling you up with minimal assistance
  • Do weighted pistols holding a 5-10 lb plate (may not make sense, but helps with the stability aspect by acting as a counterbalance)

Training Videos.
  • Quick demo on the Box Jump overs in the pacing work.
  • For the skill work on Pistols, start with the CF Journal video by Adrian Bozeman on "Training the Pistol".  Very thorough (8:00) demo of execution and progressions.  If you're new to pistols, they won't be pretty...like this demo of a "sit down" on to a box.  Keep working, it'll come.  Soon you'll be a pistol ninja like this dude.


Jared said...

what if I pass the bar to partner without touching ground? Three burpees?

Andy said...

Always someone looking for a loophole:) I thought the same, will get the official ruling from Scott in the AM!

Susan Friend said...


I was very lucky to have Dan as my partner. That man moves FAST. This was an arduous team WOD. I was winded and ready for a rest by round 2! Great WOD.

A big thanks to Andy for letting me use his wrist wraps. I wouldn't have survived the OH hold without them.

Ross said...


Had a fun friday of putting cadets through Team events. We did three team events.

First was an IMCF Event from a few weeks back.

In 2 person Buddy Teams,
10 minute AMRAP of:
25 meter Bear Crawl
Bottom to Bottom Squats

Second was a Team Workout from CF Journal 14 Oct 2003 -Team Workouts

Medicine-ball Throw: This competition is performed with a twentypound Dynamax Medicine-ball. Two teams of five each line up on a field of at least 100 yards length. Fifteen races are held alternating the races between “least throws to goal” and “first to goal”. In the “least throws” competition, a team member throws the ball downfield, and a second picks it up at the spot of landing and throws it again downfield where a third team member throws to a fourth. Each player moves downfield to the forward most position after throwing the ball. No changing of the order or skipping of turn is allowed.
Winning the “least throws” race is done by throwing the ball across the goal line in the least number of throws. In the case of a tie, the first team to put the ball across the line wins.
The “first to goal” race is performed in identical fashion except that the win comes from getting the ball across the line before the other team. In the case of a tie, the fewest throws wins.
There is no attempt made to catch the medicine ball and it is always spotted from the point of landing not the point to which it rolls. No more than thirty seconds can be taken between each of the fifteen races. When one team gets its ball across the goal the losing team must collect its ball and run to the finish line. The finish line becomes the next race’s starting line – within 30 seconds the race is on again. We did only 10 rds.

Last was a workout from the same Article.

Fallen Comrade Drill: The easiest version of this drill has the carrying athlete approaching a standing “fallen comrade” who obligingly “falls” or drapes across the back and shoulders of the carrying athlete. This workout is a race between two fiveman teams to carry their members across a field. Here is the pattern for the drill: A carries B across and B goes back for C who goes back and get D who goes back and gets E who then takes A back and then both E and A run back. When A and E have both crossed the finish line the team of five is done. This way each member has run unladen, run carrying a comrade, and been carried. First team done wins.
Seven of these races make for a great morning. No resting between races. 10 rds of this one also.

All in all a fun morning.

Afterwards I hit the gym solo did some box jumps for warm up worked from 30 up to 38" for a set of 10.

Next did some pistol work scaled sitting to a 18 in bench and back up 10 per leg.

Then did snatch work 10@ 95 lbs, followed by a set of 10 OHS @ 95 then did 10 snatches @135 followed by 3 sets of 10 OHS @135.

I finished off the morning with a EMOTM for 10 Min of the four position bar holds@ 95 lbs. Same sequence
hang, front rack, Over head, rear rack, over head front rack, hang. Held each position for 5 sec so it really was about 40 sec of work each min with a 20 sec rest. I would stabilize in position before starting the 5 sec clock. It was good had me sweating but not hard.

Jared said...

30:32 with my son Connor this morning. Great workout but can't lift my arms above my head.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Round 1 (AM)

APFT - 297
compared to 295 in June

Round 2 (PM)
Thursday's WOD

Jodie Kunkel said...

Team Solo at my parent's house on the farm today. My dad was disappointed that the farmer's carry didn't mean carrying him. Oh well.
5 rounds for time.
Started with 5 jumps over 2 5-gallon buckets full of water (more of incentive to get over with it being cold this morning).
Carried 2 5-gallon buckets full of water for 30 yards.
5x75lbs Thrusters then carried the buckets back to the start point.

3 burpees for everytime I lost water.

Total time: 8:24 + 6 burpees.

Extra: 30 walking lunges with the 75lbs.

Andy said...

And the Ross Nelson Award for Prodigious Writing goes to...Ross Nelson! :) Awesome, your cadets must either love or hate you. Way to get creative, Jodie!

Shadowed Susan/Dan today for timing and subbed a combo of plyo PU, TTB, and KB holds for the pacing work. Kind of a flop, the pacing intensity just wasn't there and I think I aggravated my wheel again. Need to stay patient and focus on some specific areas for a while...

Susan, my wrist wraps are your wrist wraps. Way to knock it out with 95, made it look easy.

Scott S said...

Great time this morning! Not just from the WOD but such a good turnout.

I think it's very cool when you bring in school age kids and get them into it, hope that he had a good time this morning Jared, I tried to give him the at-a-boy as we passed during farmers walk, but since neither of our shoulders could move and we were exhausted probably not noticeable.

Well done Jodie. Inventive, gritty real work on a farm. I'm sure your used to it, and could destroy all of us with some daily chores out there!

Dan and Susan as partners might have to be against the rules or something, way to much athleticism for one team. Watching you guys move out made me hope that you were cheating in some way, disappointing when I saw you were doing the same work as me!

I hope everyone else was hating on their partner when holding the bar in the back squat, hoping not to go back overhead again!

Worked pistols after, noticed not many hanging out for the accessory work. Received two interesting ideas for development, one from a Rob(didn't get last name) on executing the pistol by stepping into it, sending your momentum forward to help your balance, worked out for a few so something I'll work towards, then Jacob H showed me rolling off your back into the pistol, again using the momentum to rock up onto one foot and stand up. Those worked out well as well. Made me think about the inverted burpees though, and how to add misery by rolling up with a pistol, then going to the HS.....aaaahhhh, evil thoughts!

Jared said...

I appreciate the multiple accolades that people gave my son this morning. He is often intimidated by the big group workouts but the constant encouragement is one of the best qualities of our bubble community. Thanks.

Ross said...

Ha Andy I guess it doesn't matter much if they like or hate me - I am what they have for right now.. No actually, they would rather do this all day than another morning of "Army PT"

Jimmy Chen said...

31'09" (I think) with Genelle as my partner. Awesome effort from Genelle, especially the last two rounds!

I didn't know that Jared brought his son in this morning! I'll be on the lookout and ready with some words of encouragement next time. Great effort, you guys!