Oct 10, 2013

Friday 10.11.13

"Chasing Pukie"
In 4-person teams, 3 rounds for time:
20 GHD sit-ups
20 Box jumps (24/20)
20 Burpees
20 Pull-ups
20 Ring dips

Post team time to comments and whiteboard.

Skill/Accessory Work
Practice rowing sprint form.

Optional Strength WOD
Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5 (to 80% of 1RM)

Coach's Notes. (standard Team WOD start time of 0600, warm up and be ready for WOD brief and to form teams at 0550)

Team WOD.  Teams will start at the GHDs and proceed through all 5 stations in the order specified (chipper style).  Only one team member can work at a station at any time, and may only proceed to the next station when the person in front of them clears the station. The only time you rest is if you catch up to the teammate in front of you. In other words, the whole idea is to keep the pressure on your teammates to cycle through the stations as quickly as possible...strategize accordingly. The clock stops when all team members have completed 3 full rounds and the last athlete finishes dips.  Example, if it helps:
Athlete A will start on GHDs.  Athlete B follows A, but cannot start until the GHD's are cleared and Athlete A moves to Box Jumps. And so on, same with C and D.  Athlete D will not start until all 3 members of the team are out on the stations. Athlete A will finish their 3 rounds first. Time stops when Athlete D completes their 3rd round of dips.
Optional Strength WOD.  DL 5 x 5 ascending to 80% of 1RM. Take some time and work good form with heavy deadlifts.  Deadlifting is good for you!  Never miss a chance to deadlift.

Accessory work/Skill practice.  Practice rowing efficiency. We're planning on some row sprint time trials in the not-so-distant future, which are important benchmarks.  Focus on maintaining a steady pace of full, long strokes, getting the most out of every pull.

Training Videos.


      ROBERT KINNEY said...

      Anna Marie is my muse from north of the border! She knows what rowing is all aboot...

      Andy said...

      ARGH! Bad post, Friday start time is 0600 as always.

      Roger Wang said...

      26:00 Rx with John, Jay, and Dan
      Great job to everyone for completing a tough WOD!

      Jimmy Chen said...

      Yeah, you know it's bad when Jared catches me "panhandling" on the steps in front of the bubble. :-)

      Either way, I didn't catch Pukie today. He came close, though!

      Great job to Matt, Dustin, and Jared!

      Sam Friend said...

      I'm a believer!
      I took my first PT test today since I started CrossFit in January. I haven't run longer than a normal WOD run (400m) since then. I was pacing off another guy going about my normal pace for the first 3 laps. However, I was feeling good, so decided to pick up the pace and left my pacer in the dust. I still felt great, so sprinted the last lap. I beat my normal time by more than 30 secs.
      The big take away for me... CrossFit's idea of anaerobic conditioning increasing aerobic capacity is correct. Also, I was amazed by the recovery time. Normally, I feel the effects of runs long after, even after training for runs for months. Today, I felt like I could do another workout within 5 mins after finishing the PT test.
      The CrossFit method works!

      Scott S said...

      Nice job Sam! Good stuff. Similar story of my personal journey with committing to CF programming in 2008.

      Good times at the Team WOD. It was a grinder of work that felt like it wouldn't end! Until I was on the GHDs and Charles came up behind me and said 'No pressure, times up when you're done!' Nothing like a final sprint for the last 4 stations!

      Think we came in around 26 and change.

      DLs after, 4 x 5 - 225, 245, 275, 295. Time (and motivation) ran out, so didn't do a final set at 80%. But, focused hard on the hamstring tension and forcing the knees back, shins vertical, from Marks coaching clinic a few weeks back. Felt really good on the initial pull off the ground, better than usual. Good cues and clinic Mark, thanks. Look forward to seeing where it takes me! And how about Jodie, she was easily pulling 225 up!

      Russ Ames said...

      I am going to run though this at the bubble at 1200.

      Also, if anyone is looking to make this up, or any other WOD from the week, I will be at Bubble 0800 Saturday.

      Ross said...

      MCF SD DET

      Gave the cadets a little IMCF Flavor today and used your Golden Hour Team workout from a while back. Tweaked it a little bit, but it was well received and alot of fun.

      All team finished in under 30 min without the time credits - it just got to be too much math after that...
      After PT I worked some mobility, and light snatches.. not much else.

      Just for review for those that didn't see it when IMCF posted before.
      You are a member of a 5-member pathfinder team that just jumped into enemy territory. On the jump, one of your team-members was wounded and is in need of MEDEVAC. Your original mission was to mark a drop zone for an large scale airborne operation, but now, you have to mark an LZ for a UH60.

      Your wounded buddy is a bar with 135/ 95 lbs of weight (this is your fifth team member so its actually a team of four + this guy.

      Your medical kit with IV- 20/ 14 med ball

      Your radio equipment is a 53/35 lb kettle bell

      It has been 30 minutes since your buddy got wounded. You need to move your comrade to a hide site (800m) and work to stabilize him, while you work to call for MEDEVAC. Divide your team into two pairs; one pair carries your buddy and one pair carries the commo and medical equipment. You can switch which pair carries what and you can gently set your buddy down if necessary; there are only two rules- the medical equipment containing an IV bag MUST stay higher than the patient, and you can't DROP your buddy..so if you put your patient on your shoulders, someone is carrying the aid bag overhead!!!!! If you drop your buddy or if the aid bag goes below the patient, your team will have to do CPR on your buddy(25 push-ups each)

      At the hide site, your team needs to take turns pulling security (Push-ups, air squats), establishing comms (KBS), stabilizing the patient (MBC).

      The team would conduct 4 rounds of one minute per exercise (total 16 minutes) for reps of:

      -KBS (each rep equals 2 seconds)

      -MBC (each rep equals 2 seconds)

      -Air Squats (each rep counts for 2 second)

      -Push-ups (each rep counts for 2 second)

      Once your patient is stable get moving to the LZ!! (800m)

      (Change here but I had them do the 4 mins of work when they got to the LZ also so they got two rounds of it in - so it would have thrown the time credits way off.)

      Since it has been 30 minutes since he was wounded, you have less than 30 minutes to get him on the aircraft. Your time is calculated as total time, minus the reps completed (see scale above). Your total time MUST be less than 30 minutes to keep it under the GOLDEN HOUR!

      Allan Jackman said...

      APFT this morning, lesson learned - wear watch during run.

      scottnkelly9901 said...

      IMCF Hohenfels:

      Deadlift (1RM ~365lb)
      5-5-5-5-5 @ 225/245/265/285/305

      scaled/subbed w/ ABMAT sit-ups and bar dips


      Russ Ames said...

      17:30 solo at track, since bubb closed at 1700.
      Sit-up, bleacher jump, burpee, pull-up, bar dips....3x rft

      Andy said...

      Hated to miss Team WOD today, on the METCON DL for a bit with a bad ankle. Between all my frailties, pretty soon the only thing I'm going to be able to do is R-legged pistols.

      Press 5x3 today to 125. Got my deadlifts in early yesterday, 5x3 to 335.

      EJ Gust said...

      22:42 Rx'd
      The ring dips were rough!