Oct 29, 2013

Congrats, New Trainers!

In case you missed it on Main Site, here's the group photo from this weekend's L1 Trainer Course.

Congrats to the IMCF regulars in attendance (you passed the test, right?!?) including Jodie, Josh, Rob, Sam, Jimmy, Jay and Ad.  Also, congrats to the other members of the Leavenworth functional fitness community that attended: Meg, Tiffany, Jess, and Patrick...did I miss anyone?  And thanks to everyone that helped with preparations for the event.

For all trainers, new and experienced, this article is a must read: "The CrossFit L1 Cert Doesn't Make You a Coach." As a combatives instructor once told me: "now you know enough to get your ass kicked in a barfight." HQ has armed you with the basics, now it's on you to develop your skills as a trainer.  Become a student of the game and seek out opportunities to hone your craft!


Jimmy Chen said...

Great article! Already have it saved onto my Favorites to read later tonight.

Paraphrasing Aristotle, true knowledge is when you know that you know nothing. Basically, the moment we think we know it all, then we've stopped learning.

Here's to a lifetime of learning!

Josh Lawler said...

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to attend this course! It really ignited a new passion to an old flame, and I would be willing to pass on my experience there to anyone willing to listen.


Great training... Looking forward to next IMCF On Ramp!

IronJake78 said...

I love that article, and completely agree with it, but boy, a nice kick in the teeth for folks that shelled out 800 to 1000 bones to be level 1 certified.

If it is meaningless and experience is all that counts - why bother?

Russ Ames said...

Congratulations to all!

Jess said...

Good introductory course and provided me insight into improving my technique and gave a direction to help others improve theirs as well. The article was great and is completely in line with my train of thought on the L1 cert.

Ad Godinez said...

Andy, thanks for the post. I hope I passed, even if I didn't, I'd like to share the three things that made I learned during the L1 trainer course:

1. Virtuosity. I never thought about it in the way the trainers introduced it, or the way Mark practices it. Every movement, as close to perfect as possible. Practice during the warm up and look for those spots that need more work, more mobility, or more practice.

2. Coaching cues. Wow. There were at least a dozen new ways of explaining midline stability. Even picked up this website: http://samleahey.com/science-of-coaching-cues/

3. Consideration. The trainers finished up by explaining consideration for others and where they are on the fitness continuum. He shared that we should think about how long it took us to change our approach from simple barbell curls to the crossfit approach to fitness.

So, yeah, I really appreciate the award. I hope to serve IMCF, Coach Swami, Coach Meg Smith, and Coach Andy (and the rest of you I don't know well, yet). Worth every penny and drop of sweat.