Oct 13, 2013

Columbus Day Weekend Notes

Whole bunch of stuff going on (with lots of opportunities to update your workout t-shirt collection).  Here's a partial rundown on some short- and mid-term events, starting with next week:
  • Columbus Day WOD.  As has become somewhat of a tradition round here, we will be celebrating the holiday on Monday with Absolute Body & Mind and a Hero WOD. Be at the Bubble when it opens at 0800 for a WOD brief and warmup, start at about 0820.  Details in Sunday's post.
  • Beep Test.  The following day (Tuesday), we will be doing the Beep Test as part of the IMCF WOD. Rich will be over in Harney West (the b-ball court) from 0530-0730. Try to bring basketball shoes, Chucks, or any other kind of shoes with non-marking soles (Vibram is good). Big squishy running shoes are not ideal because they don't offer great traction and support for all the stop and go movement and tend to mark up the court.
Looking out a few weeks:
  • Barbells for Boobs (B4B).  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Join us Friday morning, October 25 for the IMCF Barbells For Boobs Team WOD. In addition to our normal fun workout, the event also provides an opportunity to fundraise on behalf of the B4B organization, with 100% of net proceeds collected benefiting the 501(c)3 non-profit breast cancer organization. B4B's mission is to provide funding for qualified low income & uninsured women and men who need screening and/or diagnostic procedures in the prevention of breast cancer. Go to barbellsforboobs.org, click on "Get Involved" and become a fundraiser (if you raise $80...free t-shirt!). From there, join the Iron Major CrossFit team so we can work together for this great organization. You can also follow this link straight to the IMCF page. 

    Sweet shirt, huh? Sign up now!
  • Veteran's Day.  Heads up, IMCF is planning to participate in the WOD for Warriors event on November 11. Learn more about the "Armistice" WOD here, and while you're at it sign up for Team RWB here (and get a free t-shirt).  Stay tuned for more details on the local event soon.  If you get signed up and donate before 1 Nov, guess what...free t-shirt.
  • Iron Major CrossFit Challenge.  Speaking of t-shirts, get signed up for the IMCF Challenge on 16 Nov! We've got an awesome event planned, and your registration ($15) includes the limited edition IMCF Challenge shirt depicted at right. Check the original post for more info...or, we'll make it easy for you:

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