Oct 22, 2013

Hero WOD Challenge (21-25 Oct 13)

(See previous post for IMCF WOD)

3 rounds for time:
22 Pull-ups
10 Deadlift (1.5 x bodyweight)
21 Clean & jerk (.75 x bodyweight)
11 Bench press (bodyweight)
500m Row

SFC Kristoffer Domeij was killed on 22 October 2011 in Afghanistan's Kandahar province when the assault force he accompanied triggered an unseen roadside bomb. He was married with two young daughters.  Killed alongside Domeij were 1LT Ashley White, 24, a Cultural Support Team member, and fellow Ranger PFC Christopher A. Horns, 20.

Post time and loads to comments and whiteboard. 

Coach's Notes. 

This WOD was created in honor of SFC Kristoffer Domeij, coworker and friend of one of our own IMCF athletes.  He was the 2/75 Ranger Battalion Fire Support NCO and on his 14th deployment when he was killed.  SFC Domeij was "one hell of an NCO and man," and we honor his memory with one hell of a WOD.

Equipment requirements and personalized loads make this a difficult WOD to program for a large group.  The intent of the challenge is for you to work it in sometime over the course of the week -- separate lunch or PM session, or if desired sub for the main WOD. That said, be smart about how you work it in, especially if you are following the additional skill and strength IMCF programming.  (UPDATE - See comments for planned WODs this week to help you find a time).  The BW basis should self-scale, but any way you cut it this WOD has you moving a lot of weight.  Scale rep scheme or reduce loads further as needed.

Encourage you to coordinate small group start times in comments...it's a bear of a WOD and you will benefit from a push by some training partners.  Post results here throughout the week.

Training Videos.
  • "Proper Bench Technique" - Shane Sweatt and Laura Phelps-Sweatt of Westside barbell run through the right way to bench.  Worth a watch, since we tend to program and perform this exercise so infrequently...


Allan Jackman said...

some ridiculousness


Scott S said...

SPOILER ALERT!! I'm gonna post the weeks WODs for those that want to coordinate or plan around them.

Tues - 2.25 mile run followed by Heavy DL ladder.

Wed - "Jackie" Short, Intense benchmark 'Girl' WOD, Row, Thruster, Pull-up. Strength FSQTs.

Thurs - 5rds OH Lunge/R dips. Strength TGU.

Fri - B4B

If I were to plan it, I'd say Tues or Wed afternoon best days to add it in.

I'm gonna shoot for Tues at 1300 if there are any other sadists out there willing.

Allan Jackman said...
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Jodie Kunkel said...

A great way to start off a birthday by celebrating a hero.

49:29 (145, 75, 85).

What a kicker. Deadlifts didn't feel good after max effort the day before.

Dustin Blair said...

40:55 (215, 115, 145)

Thanks for showing your support. Kris was a great man and a friend.

Dan R. said...

39:02. (#265DL, #135C&J, #155BP)
Broke C&J's into a bunch of sets of 3.

scotidomeij said...

Thank you for honoring my son. Scoti Domeij