Sep 10, 2013

Wednesday 09.11.13

15 minute AMRAP of:
     3  Forward Rolls
     6  Deadlifts at 75% of your 1RM
     200m dash!

Rest until recovered (NMT 3 minutes)

Then, 3 Super Sets of:
     5    Glute-Ham Raises
    10   Glute-Ham Developer Sit Ups

Post rounds to the whiteboard and to comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to "3, 2, 1...Go" at these times)

This should be a dizzy good time. Mats are in high demand; a technique is to change up the starting exercise to get constant through-put on the mats. If you have never done a forward roll under pressure, you may want to follow the advice on the video and do them from a kneeling position!

Operational definition of “Super Set”: Do a single set of exercise A (GHR), then do a single set of exercise B (GHD s/u), then A, then B until complete with all sets. No time limit or duration. These are quality reps; take as much rest as needed to be able to pull off the set.

The first video below is a Jiu Jitsu demonstration of Ukemi, the forward roll. This is another way to do the roll that is more conducive to performing them on concrete, unlike the classic gymnastics head roll. It gives an excellent explanation and walk-through on the importance of learning to roll correctly and I believe you’ll come to realize this type is truly a more functional roll.

Training Videos.


Jimmy Chen said...

Ukemi's!!! Ahh, that brings back memories. Great to see something different in tomorrow's WOD. Can't wait!

Allan Jackman said...

8 rds + 9 reps at 270lbs

GHRs are now my favorite movement.

Very good teamwork this morning to get everyone through the WOD

Sam Friend said...

Pukie the Clown was in my peripheral vision all morning. Why were you upside down half the time?

Ross said...


Started the morning with a 4 mile "last man up run" then 3x10 dips, 3x15 GHD Situps, and 10 TGU @1.5 pood

Then tackled the WOD, did DL @ 335 which is 75% of my 1RM, but man it felt way heavier today....
6rds +3 forward rolls... had a goal of 8 rds, but just couldn't move the DLs fast enough had to break up 4 of the sets, just seemed heavy to me today.... Oh well good smoker, liked the rolls... The globo-gym crowd that usually looks at me with curiosity and disdain really had funny looks on their faces today...

Susan Friend said...

Nice work, Ross from SD. You're a brave man to do forward rolls in a globo-gym!

I arrived late and didn't get in on the WOD. Did some Oly work, including Snatches and Jerks. I also felt very conspicuous this morning. Probably all in my head.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Short on time today...

WOD Part 1
5 rds + rolls + DL + 100m
DL @ 275lb

Meghan Smith said...

Ran with the flag with Team RWB for the moving memorial. They're running until 2000 if you want to support. Link up at the parking lot to the left of the post movie theater or find them running around the golf course and in front of Infantry Barracks.

Jump ropes shipped via UPS ground estimated delivery is Monday. 20% what your handles cost online + $1 for shipping.

Scott S said...

Good push, weird to go from roll over to a heavy lift while still feeling like my head is spinning.

8 rds plus out the door on the 200 with almost 40 seconds left. Andy said the clock had stopped about 10 seconds before I came in.

So I'll call it 8rds + 100m, DLs @ 275#. All DL but the last set unbroken, last round 3 and 3.

75% of my 1RM, which would have been about 305 for last years PR, was just not doable. I would have had to break up the reps and slowed down the rounds. Good on you Ross and anyone else who did an actual 75%.

Need to do GHR more often, something I have definitely left out of my extra work, felt it. Glad that was planned in for follow up.

Matt B. said...

8x200m at the track today, with 1:2 rest. First 7x were between :34 and :37 seconds. Last one was :40 and felt like it. Cold shower to cool down.

Andy said...

Did 10:00 at a light 225. 5 rds + 9 + 100m. Fun, definitely couldn't have pushed hard at 75% on DL.

monroe said...

Snatch: 140x10, one miss at number 9
Clean pulls 205x3x3
Push press 135x3x3
Back squat 225x3x10

Dan R. said...

8 rounds with #225. Not 75% of max but #225 felt heavy enough for workout.