Sep 23, 2013

Tuesday 09.24.13

Two more coach's clinics this week, both Tues and Thurs at 0600 in the Bubble.  All are welcome; the target audience is the coaches who will help with the On Ramp this Saturday.

CrossFit Total
A Great Day for Iron!
1 RM of: Back Squat

Post individual weights and your total to comments and the whiteboard.

Coach's Notes. (No group start times for today, partner up with one or more folks, focus on mechanics and motivation and hit a PR.)

Compare to 04.11.13.
Been here longer than that?  Then compare to 12.17.12.
Been here even longer than that?  Then compare to 08.24.12.
Okay, so you're old school then, huh?  Then compare to 08.03.09.  Then go see your Branch Manager for orders because you need to PCS!

Compare to the CF Total Chart that is available online here or there is a copy of it taped to the wall locker by the Bubble door.

Here is a PDF file from the CrossFit journal explaining this workout in detail and how to approach it.  

Is that really the whole workout? Yes. The intent is to achieve a 1 Rep Max on those lifts. This should be approached as a maximum effort workout or even a powerlifting meet. Warm up to within 50lbs or so of your opening weight, then get your opener. Your second rep should be either your current max or close, and your third should be a logical and achievable step up, if you have more in you, by all means give it a try but remember maximum effort attempts are risky. If you achieved a PR the juice may not be worth the squeeze to try to bump it up another 10 pounds!


Russ Ames said...

Anybody want to make this up at 545 Wednesday with me?? just reply to blog.

Good clinic this AM...fixed my OH Squat, for now....

Jodie Kunkel said...

CF Total: 565. Not happy about where I finished with Back squats (225). Press was no surprise (75). I'm ok with deadlifts (265). I guess I just need to lift more...Beast mode!

Jimmy Chen said...

Believe it or not, it's actually my first time doing a total. Back squat (235), press (115 - pitiful), and deadlift (255) came out to be 605.

Allan Jackman said...

730 (245, 135 & 350)

Late to the clinic due to morning peeps completing the CF Total. Theme of the morning at the clinic, active shoulders. Good explanation Andy.

Finished off with 12 muscle ups, focusing on the kip.

Ross said...


Started with BJ Work, did a series of 10@30, 5@34, 5@36, 10 @38" then set up 20, 24, 30 in a row and did 10 (5 ea direction) successive rounds through all three of them as rapidly as I could.

Then did some HSPU work and 5 bar MU.

CF Total -
Well it was a mixed bag today...

Compared to April - Squats went up by 10 lbs, press went down by 10 lbs and DL stayed the same

Squat - 375 (+10)
Press - 195 (-10)
DL - 425 (+0)

Total = 995. (same total as April).

Was really hoping to break the 1000 mark today, thought I had it after the BS, but Press just had no juice this morning, even @195, I caught myself cheating the first rep so I redid it twice @ that weight. DL disappointed me the most, I PR'd @445 little over a month ago and thought I could hit it again especially when 425 came off the floor really easily, maybe should have stepped through 435 but didn't and went to 445, could barely even move it first attempt, second attempt got about half way up and just lost it. so I settled for my 425....

Ended with some forward roles, HSPU work, and a good stretch.

Scott S said...

I was going to post, but just noticed I'd be after Ross...@*@&#&#*#*#.

Damn, good job Ross!!

Jodie, take some pride in those numbers. You're lifting as much as some guys new to CF and way more than alot of females! Good job this morning, small tweaks and trust me you're going to raise your PRs!

Scott S said...

Ok, I'm over it.

Last total was Dec.

BSQT - 365 (PR + 10)
SPress - 155 (same)
DL - 405 (same)

Had more in me for DL. Felt way better than last year, but I was rushing due to time and made the jump from 315 to 405 thinking I could get it and then go for a new PR. Horrible form, everything I coach the group not to do, but after I started didn't want to put it down. It came up much easier than last year, but I felt the bad form in my back. Not injured, but wasn't gonna lift anymore.

Jared said...

160 press (+5)
275 squat (+10)
300 DL (+5)
735 (+20)

Went up across the board. Thanks to Kevin, Susan and Russ for the push.

Andy said...

Short on time, and still walking on eggshells with my wing. Did a partial:

BS 325
PR na
DL 355

BS was a new 1RM (not just total) for me. Interesting, since I haven't been squatting a whole bunch. Ran out of time and tried too big a jump on DL, failed 375.

Small but productive clinic this AM. We dug in on the squat series and drilled down on some specific teaching points. Will follow a similar format Thurs, perhaps on lifts from the ground.

Noah said...

Well I have not been getting under a bar nearly as much as I should in the last two months and these numbers reflect that.

BS 225 (-20)
PR 125 (+5)
DL 305 (-10)

Now I have a goal for the next two months. Simple enough.

Kevin Moyer said...

New max!

BS: 165lbs
PR: 100lbs
DL: 225lbs

Keep this up and maybe I can join the rest of the cool kids.

Russ Ames said...

BS: 285
SP: 135 (-10)
DL: 345

No change since APR 13