Sep 16, 2013

Tuesday 09.17.13

Remember the Coach's Clinic this morning at 0600 in the Bubble.  Bring something to take notes with.  You'll want to write down some of Mark's gems like "Snappy hips are happy hips!"

4 RFT of:
400m run
10  Muscle Ups
Rest 5 minutes, then...
Practice Double Unders (you know they're not going away!)

Post time to comments and the whiteboard.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to "3, 2, 1...Go" at these times)
40 MUs coupled with a metabolic demand is beyond many athlete's capacity.  Use progressions/subs as needed.  A reasonable substitution is 3 pull ups and 3 dips per muscle up. This should be plenty of motivation for you to learn how to do this exercise.  Get with a coach and go over the progression.   If you can do 10 dead hang pull ups and 10 dips, then you have the strength to do a muscle up, the technique just needs to be refined.  If you have the MU, provide some tips for those who are working towards it; you never know what tip or key phrase will finally help them 'get it'.

Training Videos.
  • Maximus Lewin, the man, the myth, the legend showing the kipping muscle up.
  • Same as yesterday's post, Carl Paoli and Laurie Galassi have plenty of good gouge out there on the MU as well.


Jimmy Chen said...

40 muscle ups?? Man, just when I got the hang of doing my first one (no pun intended) this morning...

Alright, let's put what I learned to the test tomorrow. Can't wait!

Meghan Smith said...

I'll be in around 0530/40 to WOD and hand out ordered ropes. Please plan to pay first! Cost is 20% off what your handles were online plus $1 towards shipping. I have an invoice if you aren't sure.

Roger Wang said...

I did my first ring muscle up this morning! Big thanks to Allan, Susan, Mark and anyone else that helped me to get it! Hopefully I can do tomorrow's wod Rx!

Ross said...

Great job to Jimmy and Roger on getting their first MUs on Monday...

40 after a run - damn, HELLO TUESDAY...

Ross said...


warm up with some BJ, 10@30", 5@34", 5@36", 5@38" then some

HSPU work still have work to do on this one can get usually 3 RX before I come off the wall and have to reset.

WOD, slow and steady was my motto today. Was able to get 40 out of 41 MU attempts. Did bar MU since don't have a great place to hang tings that is high enough for a full kipping MU.

400m Rum
10 Bar MU
Time- 15:35

DU- ran cumulative time to 100 reps you can see my shoulders / coordination just fizzle.
60~ 29 sec
80~ 54 sec
100 ~2:45

Rested 2min more did 40 DU- 16 sec.

Ended with
3x10 OHS @135
and 10 HSPU

Scott S said...

Pretty pumped to say Rx'd on this one. Although, taking all day not so excited about.

31:27 (or something there about)

Had to go to false grip for final 2 on 3rd round and final 4 on 4th round. Tore my palm open doing regular grip.

Best part of this morning was the group interaction and support around the rings. While the times MIGHT have been a bit faster if we weren't in line waiting and cheering for each persons attempt, the support and cheering made it worth it.

Joined in the coaches clinic late for the remainder of time. No DU, because Meg teased us and left!! I need my Rx rope with magic dust, (or I'm gonna have to steal Robs)

Great job to John P, smoking it. Congrats to Rob W, determined and pushing the MU, couldn't tell that you just got your first one yesterday, looked good. Allan, dude, you are strong, doing MU with no kip. Get that kip down and you'd go all day!

Jimmy Chen said...

It was a *very* wet run this morning! Didn't help my grip with those MUs, so I had to scale it down to 5's instead of 10's.

After 25'66", I was just glad I was able to knock out 20 MUs after just getting the hang of it yesterday!

Allan Jackman said...

33:ish (not Rx, round 3 was bar muscle-ups for 8 reps and 6/6 for the final 2 MUs)

Definitely need to work on developing a kip on muscle-ups.

Noah said...

25:00ish due to a watch stop, almost Rx'd but had to 'hop' in to two of the MUs as my arms were just smoked. Thought my hands would come thru alright but tore the heel of my palm on the last two reps.

Nice job to all who got thru the reps, scaling or not.

SuperiorJake78 said...

20:39 had to do it this afternoon.

That was just as hard as I thought it would be.


Jodie Kunkel said...

The rain this morning made it too good to get out of bed this morning, so I caught up this afternoon. Went to the track and used the bars for muscle-ups. I started off with fighting 10 bar muscle-ups with a band on the middle bar. Once I got to fatigue, I went to the short bar and finished the last 3 rounds jumping into the last half of the muscle-up. I'm still shaking from the workout. My overall time was 18:46. Still have a long way to go before I can do a free standing muscle-up. See you all in the morning.

Meghan - how much do I owe you? If you are in the gym tomorrow I'll trade you funds for goods. :)

Andy said...


DL 3 x 295-315-335-325-325
EMOM: HPC 3 x 135, 15 Pushups. Made it to 6 rds before busting time.
ME L-Sit x 3, 29-20-15s

Nice work on all the MU!