Sep 9, 2013

Tuesday 09.10.13

4 RFT of:

Farmer’s Walk 25 yds (110/70)*
5 Thrusters

*110/70 is total weight, so have 55# or 35# in each hand.

Post time to the whiteboard and to comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to "3, 2, 1...Go" at these times)

Simplest explanation of this WOD: Grab something heavy in each hand and take it for a brisk stroll. Then take those heavy somethings and get them over your head five times. A more complex version is: Grab two 1.5 pood kettlebells (53), hold them in your hands like you are holding milk pails, walk or run them 25 yards, without putting them down do five thrusters. Repeat three more times. This is a classic grip strength test.

Thrusters without a single fixed object overhead (i.e. an oly bar) are more difficult and require more stability in your frame so scale weight as necessary in order to preserve good mechanics.

Kettlebells will quickly become scarce for the morning groups, so grab dumbbells if necessary.  Should be short and sweet so be ready to cycle groups through one after another.

This would be a good WOD for the grass outside the Bubble.  For reference, the length of the Bubble is 40 yds, so two cones just short of the ends of the Bubble will get you close to 25 yds.

Consider some skill work afterwards, pick a goat and beat it up for 15 minutes.

Training Videos.
    Video is some motivation from Canada’s Strongest Man 2010.  Somebody really wants Scott to "keep going".


Sam Friend said...

2:45 Rx
It doesn't matter how quickly you do the first 3 rounds, if you can't get the kettle bells off your shoulders in the last round. That was fast, but challenging.

SuperiorJake78 said...

Today in Iron


Oh boy 150lbs was tough for that many, I wanted 8 reps too. Looks like I'm still floating around 185. Might have to readjust to continue to progess.

WOD used 53lbs kettlebells and it was ll good until round 3. They would not move off my shoulders!!! To my complete dismay, apparently Charles lapped me during that round. Curses...

Got 3:10.


Noah said...

Used 44# KB for 2:28. Wasn't sure I could go 20 thrusters at 55# without having to set them down.

Toyed around with more box jumps, hand stands and presses also.

Ross said...


Worked some HSPU
Then light snatched 3x5 @ 95 and 3x10 OHS @95
15 Bar MU

Then WOD
RX@ 1:56

Finished with Snatches 3x5@135
OHS 3x10@ 135
15 bar MU

Andy said...

Weighted Pullups, 3 x 45-60-70-70-70. Struggled for full ROM on last rep of 70 sets.

DL 3 x 275-325-275-275-275. Did not feel good at all, dialed way back from what I was shooting for. Think someone turned up the gravity today.

Anyone interested in joining me tomorrow from 1430-1530 on the flag run?

Jared said...

2:13 with 50# dumbbells. Grip and shoulder smoker. Had to set them down at the start of round 4. THEN - did Susan's challenge mystery WOD. Big mistake (not really). I liked the format but need to add a time component to keep the team moving. 50 KBS straight to 50 WBS was a serious shoulder smoker. Still sweating.

Allan Jackman said...

2:40 Rx

This would have an evil twist if there was a 5 burpee penalty for letting the KB touch the ground.

Scott S said...

1:52 Rx (55# KBs)

Ran, speed walked between to ideally save my grip. Rounds 3-4 felt like I was an old lady doing the serious speedwalk swing my hips! I like the format, and good to have time to work on other stuff with a short, not extremely taxing METCON.

Then we did BSQTs. Felt werid today, I'm with Andy, dial back on gravity in the bubble please. Wanted 5 x 2 all heavy, built up to 295 really deep, but just wasn't feeling the doubles. Did 3 x 275, 275, 1 x 295, 295, 295.

Then WB's for 1 min, 40 sec, 20 sec sets with Charles and Jodie. Focused on perfect form and no rest during the set. Between sets did 10 x K2E, with time to talk during rest. Susan and Jared look miserable, so we avoided them.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

5x5 @ 135lb

2:58 as Rx'd


Susan Friend said...

1:48 Rx

Then did Adversaries with Lance, Jared, Ryan, Steve, and Rob. Adversaries is a Team WOD that pits partners against each other.

Partner A: 500m row
Partner B: Hang Power Clean (115/75)

Partner A: 50 Box Jumps
Partner B: KBS (55/45)

Partner A: 50 Wall Balls
Partner B: Burpees

Score was total of "B" repetitions. By the end of Round 3, I was cheering for my teammate to finish his wall balls so that I could stop doing burpees! It was a fun WOD that left everyone on the ground gasping for air.

I vote that the 545 and 630 groups go head to head in an Adversaries WOD one morning. Allan, this type of punishment would be right up your alley.

Andy, running with a flag does not sound fun. The point of the run is to sacrifice, though, so I guess it doesn't have to be fun. I'll pitch in for a little bit.

Dan R. said...

1:50 with #44. Dropped the weight a little because my right shoulder has a little pain when I lift weight over my head. Worked shoulder mobility before and after WOD.

Afterward BS 3x5 @215
DL 3x5 @225