Sep 25, 2013

Thursday 09.26.13

Nasty Girls
3 RFT of:
   50 Squats
     7 Muscle Ups
   10 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)

UPDATE - scratch the previously posted push press work.  Recommend some light skill or core strengthening work,then invest 10 mins or so in a thorough stretching and mashing of the legs.  We've done a lot of squats this week...and we're not done.

Post time to comments and the whiteboard.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to "3, 2, 1...Go" at these times)

Compare to 02.06.13.  Nasty Girls is an outstanding classic workout from the early days of CrossFit. Don’t be scared.  Standard subs on MU (3:1 dips/pullups) and scale as needed on the HPC.

REMINDER -- Coach's Clinic is on at 0600.  Plan on a talk through of the lifts from the ground, with drill downs on some movement-specific principles and cues.

Training Videos.
  • This awesome Nasty Girls video is not sped up, that’s real time.  Okay, so several no reps in there but remember this was several years ago before movement standards were as ubiquitous as today.
  • Two vids from K-Star here and here that show a variety of ways to "unglue those sticks."  Spend 10 mins working your legs and hips to improve mobility and performance and aid in recovery.  


Allan Jackman said...

Ok, I don't get it.

12 July 2012 - 11:10
6 February 2013 - 18:27
26 September 2013 - 19:09

Earlier this year, I was recovering from my back acting up, but today should not have been a slower time.

SuperiorJake78 said...

Today only had time for Iron...

Which sucks, this is one of my favorites, I'll have to try to knock this out later.


Hard and strong.

Had some TRX issues this morning I saw, nothing like a bunch of grumpy SGMs at 0600.


Ross said...


Nasty Girls - 9:40 using bar MU since I don't have a great place to hang rings high enough to do MU on them. Felt exhausted on this, bit looking at last times I feel good especially. Since this is the first time I did MU all the way through.
092613- 9:40 w/ bar MU
020613- 13:57 subbing PU and Dips 3:1
082212- 16:46 again subbing PU and dips

Dan R. said...

14:37 @ #115 with 3:1 sub on MU's.

Andy said...

9:47 today with a major sub of BATFs (big-ass tire flips) for MU. Probably got over on that one, but happy to work in a movement that doesn't get programmed often.

Apologies on the TRX SNAFU. That is the sort of thing that we normally deconflict through Harney/MWR, and for some reason the coordination fell through. Thanks to all for being flexible and finding a way to work around each other. Sometimes wires get crossed. At the end of the day, we're all in there trying to get faster and stronger regardless of our approach.

Allan -- you're going the wrong way! In all seriousness, put some thought into it. What held you up today? How's the rest of your training log (and benchmarks) trending? Everything ebbs and flows, and not every day is a PR, but your overall trends should be moving in a positive direction. Might make for a good discussion on the programming forum if you are interested.

Scott S said...

I think the SGM's actually helped me out today. As they were all gathered around the rig, and I was lone dude on the end doing MU I was pretty determined not to drop off the rings!

14:29 Rx

1st set of MU unbroken and felt awesome, 2nd set 4 and 3, then 3rd set 3, 2, 2. Which is still a huge improvement from my last one.

Allan, I think it's just the cumulation of the week. CFT, plus hvy PP and squats yesterday, and it's the 4th WOD of the week, we're all alittle taxed (at least I know I am). I personally wanted to go faster on my HPCLNs as thats usually my bread and butter, but was feeling the week and had to just sort of slug it out. Plus, personal opinion and food for discussion but you are still doing real strict MU's with false grip, which is great for first learning, but very difficult to get a good big kip in, since the arms usually stay bent even though we know we're supposed to straighten out. You do most of your MU real strict, which means you're strong as shit, but not getting any kip or relief for your upper body, especially grip. I turned a corner when I went from false grip to regular grip on the rings with a big kip. I just worked with a pal of mine who didn't really have MU but had real good CTB with a big kip, and we skipped false grip and went straight to regular grip and he's having success. I took my cue from the video "Crossfit Efficiency Tips: Muscle-ups with Chris Spealler."

Food for thought, and as Andy said good discussion points. As Andy can attest I love getting into these discussions and discovering those trends and working to improve my many goats.

Noah said...

Ugh, this one always hurts. But got thru it Rx'd...15:10. About 90 secs slower than last time but I attribute that to being the only dude in the gym (so no push from anyone) and I swear 96.5 FM went 15 minutes without playing a single song. They just jabbered on about nothing the entire time. Nothing worse than hearing morning DJs discuss Hollywood gossip ad nauseum.

Jared said...

19:20 but subbed 2:1 MU from the floor. Probably used my legs too much but wanted to focus on the transition vs just doing PU and DIPS.

EJ Gust said...
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