Sep 11, 2013

Thursday 09.12.13

4 RFT of:
     10  Inverted Burpees
     10  Overhead Barbell Lunges (95/75)
Rest as necessary then:
     3 sets of 10 Dead Hang Pull Ups
     followed by,
     3 sets of 10 Bottom to Bottom Squats (rest between sets in the bottom position)
Post time to the whiteboard and to comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to "3, 2, 1...Go" at these times)

The barbell lunge can get dicey quick if you are not familiar with overhead squatting or snatching. If this is your first time doing anything overhead like this, scale to just the bar. Remember if you are walking and turning with the barbell do not knock anyone out. For the lunge, it is ten steps total, not ten steps on each leg.
Training Videos.
  • Courtesy of Paradiso CrossFit, a demo on the inverted burpee. A key point to remember is that you are not doing a handstand push up with these. However feel free to add that in if you are really feeling strong. 
  • Don’t make fun of her shorts – other than that Andrea gives a good demo of the lunge at 135 just in case you were feeling sorry for yourself. You can add to the balancing act by taking the weight for a stroll or do it in place as Andrea does.  
  • What is a bottom to bottom squat? Glad you asked. Our friends at Paradiso CrossFit have an answer. Note, you do not rest all the way down i.e. resting your glutes on your heels, but just below parallel.  You may see these again soon…




Sam Friend said...

10:44 Rx
Constantly varied... but why do I feel like I'm always upside down and disoriented during workouts?

Allan Jackman said...

10:22 Rx = shoulders

I've been working on strict pull-ups, still not very good at them.

Scott S said...

Interesting WOD. Weight overhead and going deep is one of my many goats. So I focused hard on the shoulder positions for the lunges, and took real deep lunges. (good advice from John P, thanks man, it helped)

7:29 Rx. Just couldn't keep with Susan and Jared, who smoked the pace!

I do think the key for the 630 group was the positioning of the mats and the concept of doing the roll back for the inverted burpees away from the wall, so that when you came to standing you were already in position for going into the Hand stand and not having to shuffle back and forth. Great advice and demo from Jared to get everyone comfortable positioning the mats.

Afterwards worked MU with Susan, Charles, Jodie and Jay. I think we can claim that Jodie got her first MU, she said it was real ugly, but a MU, especially a first is a MU non-the-less!!

Side note, Meg if you could tell me how much to pay for the Rx jump rope. I didn't look at the pricing when I picked handles, I just copied Rob. Thanks!!

Ross said...


Yes, ME LIKE!!

Wow inverted burpees a different kind of suck, but I dare say I like them better than regular burpees, although I think I might have given a blue hair a heart attack when they saw me doing them..

RX @7:33

Was able to do the strict pull-ups on the minute, for all three sets, b2b squats felt good to stretch out after the lunges..

Noah said...

So I had the gym to myself this morning (not a good thing) since I got there late, forgot to look at the programming and any associated videos before getting into the gym (not a good thing) so couldn't exactly remember what the inverted burpee entailed. I remembered a handstand in there somewhere and saw the mats out from earlier so decided it must be a forward roll in to a handstand. Not quite. Anyway, I did forward rolls in to a handstand and lunged 75#. 10:00.

Saw Jared's sick time on the board. Nice work. Ready to get back to doing back flips?

SuperiorJake78 said...



Doing that much was very taxing, more so than I had anticipated. So I held off on the METCON. I'll do it tonight at the house (great excuse to use my weights and make my neighbors nervous).


Dan R. said...

7:16 Rx. Worked on mobility before and afterward with good input from Jared. A supple leopard I am not.

Jared said...

Went 5:35 this morning. Kept catching Susan on the iBurpees but she continued to walk away from me on the lunges. Was not able to get my trailing knee to the ground every time and would likely been no-repped a few if someone was watching.

Think the B2B squat sequence needed a metcon or Tabata component, otherwise I just did 30 squats. Not sure when I was supposed to rest.

Jared said...

@ Noah - Always ready to get back to flipping

Andy said...

Mashup of today's WOD movements.

LBBS: 5x3 at 275, then 3 rds, not for time:
10 OH Lunge (95)
10 max UB deadhang PU 15/10/8

I like the OH lunges, good movement we don't do often enough. First time with weight overhead in a while, felt stable at the top, but still sketchy getting it up there.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Row 1,500m (didn't keep the time)

9:46 as Rx'd

Much needed mashing!

Jodie Kunkel said...

It is true! I got a muscle-up today with a box to help. Charles was definitely a big help with getting there. I think Scott owes Jay a case a beer...So here's to completing more and losing the box.

Andy said...

Awesome. Congrats, Jodie!